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The Cape
Since I first got to see the George Reeves show the only the that bothers me is the cape. It hangs down to long and it isn't tucked down in his shirt like in the Kirk Alyn serials, C Reeve movies, cartoons, Superman Returns or Dean Cain's show.

I am afraid he is going to trip over it.Smile
It's not that long at all. It barely reaches his knees. I quite like the cape, actually.
I hated the cape before I started watching the show and I still hate the suit. I don't mind the cape, really anymore. It looks like a Roman Centurion cape, hanging down with power.
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I'm somewhat like Gothamite. I hated the cape before I started watching the show, now I really like it. I like the entire costume, which is where I differ
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I'm quite fond of how the cape hung on George. It was my first exposure to Superman, so that might be the reason I prefer it now, but I think it would have looked cool on Christopher and all the others as well.
I should probably re-iterate. I actually really like the suit in the B&W episodes. George looks athletic and powerful in it and even though you can tell it's grey and brown rather than blue, it looks like Superman's costume!

Whereas in the colour episodes, however the suit and its padding was created, it looks bloated and stocky and like a clown suit. George just looks uncomfortable in it all the time.
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Juan Oskar
Thinking about the cape...It may have been short so he could do his stunts. Jumping in and out of windows, etc. If it would have been the long rubbery thing in the last movie it would have been a disaster.
Juan Oskar
I've never seen any of these shows - i hope to maybe in the future though, but i've seen many clips of it, and i have to say, the cape annoys me too with how it hangs low at the back. I don't think it's too long though.

Maybe once i start to watch the show, i'll get used to the cape!
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