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Action Comics Annual #10
I generally don't keep up with Superman comics at all, but I picked this one up because I thought it looked fun.

It was really good, fun, in fact. Pretty much bringing in the best bits of the movies, the modern age and the silver age and recreating the blockier elements of Superman (the fortress, Lex, Zod, Kryptonite).

Not very much writing that's worth writing home about other than a fairly run-of-the-mill Luthor monologue about how he will kill Superman. There is a fairly impressive dialogue between Jor-El and the Phantom Zone criminals (whose backstory is impressively laid out), much like was in Superman: The Movie.

I know I'm in a minority here, but I very much like the direction the comics are going. I'm all for having a movie tie-in for certain elements.
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I agree with you. I like where they are going too. People get mad because alot of silver age stuff is coming back, but I jst feel. If the storys are good{and I belive they have been so far}I will read them. Plus I believe there is better Writing on the books to make alot of siver age stuff cool in this age. And this is coming from someone who has not missed a Superman book in 19yrs.
The only thing that really made me mad about this issue is that Superman's Silver Age 'Trophy Room' is back in the fortress, complete with statues of all of his friends (?!?). Also, the big giant key is back in the fortress, supposedly because Superman used it for his old one.
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I filed it in the same box I put elseworlds.
As readers may know I'm a big fan of the Byrne revamp. I thought of putting up a post about this that just said: no, no, no, no, no......

I love continuity, I like an intelligent Clark Kent (non-super as a teenager) and there only being one Kryptonian left. I notice that Action has said that the location of Kandor is unknown. You wait, it'll be the Kandorian look-alike squad next Wink
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