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Superman/Doomsday HD DVD??
Does anyone know if this movie is coming out on HD DVD?
They said that they were thinking about it. But nothing is confirmed.
Neither Snake nor Wesker, but a perfect combination of the two.

I hope they will produce one.Sad
Looks like there is a BD.
Does anyone think this would be worth an upgrade from DVD?
I really don't see the point of getting animated movies on high definition.
I have it on both.. the HD version is better... its crisper.... however unfortunately the more i see the movie the less i like the story...
I am curious aside from the episodes of the Superman annimated series is there anything cool the 2 disk edition has that the single does not?

are you talking about the blu-ray version??? it has one extra documentary thing.. hardly worth it if you already have one version.. if you dont have the special edition version already then it would be worth it.. if all you have is the standard one with no extras
i thought the only version that had 2 discs was the normal dvd.

I'm having trouble finding the normal version, never mind a HD version lol.

Guess i'll have to go online for it...
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Steve Younis
From what I understand, Warner Bros. (like many of the movie companies) chose Blu-ray over HD DVD. I don't think Warners make HD DVDs anymore.
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