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What is your favorite Justice League Story?
I think DC greatest heroes all together in the Justice League has had some great stories in the past. One of my favorite is Justice League #5 - 1987. Batman and Guy Gardner have an altercation it was a lot of fun. Kevin Maguire's art work was great.
There is no reason with Superman and Wonder Woman and Batman and all the others that future stories should not be as good. So what is your Favorite story.
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I like justice league anime show. but I haven't read its comic...
i liked the story that is one of the upcoming basis for one of the annimated movies tower of babel. another fun one was from the 80ies series i believe it was annual 2. part of it deal with a justice league bbq. a funny moment in the storyline had batman driving by and i think it was the joker chasing after saying something like save me my not so dark knight.
Having read every Justice League story from 1960-1984, and a lot of the stories since then, my personal favorite is JLA #104, "The Shaggy Man Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out." Not a particularly deep or noteworthy story, but I've always liked the way it was written, particularly in its treatment of Superman and Green Lantern as the heavy hitters on the team.
My favourite Justice League story isn't part of any continuity. It's the Elseworlds story The Nail.
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My favorite JLA stories are their team-ups with the JSA, my favorite being JLA #171-172, the murder mystery where Mr. Terrific is killed.
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