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New Members, Welcome!
Welcome aboard, everyone.

As one of the admins, I'm here to help out as well as moderate the forum. So, if you have any questions please feel free to shoot them my way.

See you around the boards.
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Made of Steel
Thanks for the welcome!


"They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son."--Jor-El
Hello! My name is Robert. I have been a Superman fan for a VERY long time. I've visited thiswebsite off and on over the years. I REALLY like it! I remember a World's Finest strip from a long time a go that someone did with Microsoft Paint.

I still say Christopher Reeve is the "gold" standard for any Superman film. Curt Swan is THE Superman artist - although I Jerry Ordway is a close 2nd for me.Cool
Blue Boy Scout

Here goes nothing:

Hi, I'm Blue Boy Scout. I've been a regular reader of the site for a long time, though I've never posted before. I think it's time that all changed.

This site was a major influence on my Superman life when I was first starting to fall for him. I knew I really liked him, but I didn't really know that much about him aside from what everyone knows, and what I'd read of Jeph Loeb, John Byrne and seen of JL. I wasn't even sure why I liked him, and was a bit embarrassed since everyone was telling me I should like Batman better (not that I ever liked the things everyone else liked anyway. Wink)Reading this site and the reviews gave me a community of people who shared my love of Superman and people who could mentor me from afar on what was so great about this last son of Krypton I'd grown such a fondness for.

Anyway, thanks for everything. I look forward to becoming part of the community.

Incidentally, I read on this site once that the military named three of its new divisions after Superman, Iron Man and (I think) Spider-Man. But now I don't know where that news story is. Anybody remember it?

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Hello, my name is Daniel and I recently joined this site but I've been a Superman fan for over 35 years. I still remember when my dad took me to see Superman The Movie on the big screen when I was a child. I will never forget the experience - it was like magic!
I really enjoy this site will be on here when I find time between work and reading comic books.

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Hi, I am Richard. I have been a Superman fan since I was little kid via cartoons and the movies. I am comic book fan, mostly DC. I enjoy movies in general and just today decided to upgrade my Superman Returns to blu-ray!
Hi, Everyone. I'm John Gleckler. I go by 2184pro on YouTube.

I noticed that some of the fan films for this year's MSC are embedded here. I don't know if a request needs to be made to get them on the Homepage's homepage or how else it might work. Either way I have 3 fan films this year.

The Pitch


Really Bad Fan Film Compilation 2012

If you're interested please check them out. Also, here's the link for the Superman Celebration page on YouTube. You can check out all of the fan films for this year.


Only a few dozen more days until the next MSC. Can't wait!
Hey, I'm 16 and I've been a Superman fan since i was 2 or three. Superman is what made me start lifting weights! I always wanted to be strong like that.
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Welcome to all the newest members. Sorry about being tardy in welcoming you all as some of you joined months ago.

It's always nice to see new members.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a line.
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First I would like to say hi and welcome to all our new members.
I am Rob I discovered this site back in 2006 and its a great place for us superman fans to connect online .Steve and the admins do a fantastic job of keeping it up and running. Now my original member name was true blue way back then , to make a long story short I have a gremlin in my computer that locks me out of my hobby sites every so often I have to create a new account my current member name is tblue211. I play DC. Universe and from a comic geek perspective it's fantastic. I collect graphic novels comic book movies and own all of the seasons Smallville . I also have a small but growing collection of dc direct superman figures and few other figures. I hope to hear from you and once again welcome to the page.

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The Flying Fool
A proper introduction then.

Hello all from the Flying Fool.

I am 40 years old and still believe that a man can fly.

Been reading comics since '78, mostly Marvel with a smattering of DC thrown in. After the original Crisis, really started following the DC Universe in earnest for the next 20 years (which is why New52 hurts in a way)

Been a longtime Superman fan, grew up watching Super Friends and Adventures of Superman, loved the Chris Reeves movies, had the coloring books, the action figures, you name it. The more recent JLU cartoons were great and loved Superman:TAS (Best Theme Song Ever)

Stumbled across this wonderful site a while back, joined up, but then kinda got distracted by real life so have found my way back. Looking forward to the new movie and having a place to talk and discuss all things Kryptonian.
Superboy A4
Hi from Greece!!!

My name is Thanasis and I have always loved the character since I was a kid.

I'm a devoted fan and a Superman's comic books and figures collector.I'm really happy that I am a bember of this forum.

Well that's it for now.Cheers!!! SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
Fly boy fly.Above the sky!!!
Hello people my name's Thomas. Been a Supes fan my whole life and I'm honored to be here.
Conner Kent

My love for Superman started when I saw the movie as a kid the comics came a bit later. I've never watched Smallvile but I'm catching it on TNT when I can.I like Superman because he reminds me of what a hero should be.Smile

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Caped Wonder
Hey fellow Supe-fans. Liked Superman since childhood, growing up watching and re-watching the Christopher Reeve movies, my generation's Superman, and become a real big fan after seeing Superman Returns (several times) in theaters in 2006. Yes, I'm one of those; I LOVE Superman Returns.
Anyway, I read some of the comics and I love DC over Marvel and I'm really looking forward to seeing Man of Steel next month.
So yeah. Hello. Smile
"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."
--Christopher Reeve
Gday everyone, my name is Rob and would just like to say hello! I am currently in Metropolis from Australia, saw this, met a few people and wanted to join! So just saying hello, hope you are all very well!
Hi my name is Meran. I'm a massive fan of Christopher Reeve and his superman movies. I found out about this site by accident as I was searching for Superman stuff on google. LOL and I could not resist.
I have only just become a fan through seeing Reeve's 4 films on tv recently and I have seen Man of Steel at the cinema too. and after that I declared my self a Superman fan. I love the movies, not sure about the comics .......yet (need more time to think about that) and I hoping to get in to Smallville on tv/dvd as soon as I can.
I have two Supermen - Christopher Reeve (I'm born in the 80s I was too young to see C. Reeve on the big screen) and Henry Cavill for seeing it on the big screen.
Please have a look at the poem I wrote about Superman and dedicated to Christopher Reeve in Miscellaneous Superman Discussions and please reply.
"Don't Give Up. Don't Lose Hope. Don't Sell Out" - Christopher Reeve and Christopher Reeve is my Superman forever!

I'm Matt. I'm from Naugatuck, Connecticut
Welcome aboard al the recent new members!
Easy, miss. I've got you.

Get away from me, padre. You reek of the irrational. - Lex Luthor
Hello, rob1157 here. Happy to be a member of this awesome site. I'm a long time Supeman fan....over forty years. And this is a great time to be a fan.
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