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Justice League: Gods and Monsters [Blu-ray]
Justice League: Gods and Monsters

In an alternative history Zod is Superman's father, Batman is a vampiric Man-Bat, and Wonder Woman is the child of Ares, God of War. When these dark heroes form an alliance, the question everyone asks is will they save the world, or rule it?
Also available on DVD.


Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
December 1: Richard Pryor, Gus Gorman in Superman III, born in Peoria, Illinois in 1940.
December 1: Joanne Siegel, wife of Jerry Siegel and the original model for Lois Lane, born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1917.
December 8: Teri Hatcher, Lois Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, born in 1964.
December 8: David Harewood, Hank Henshaw in the 2015 Supergirl TV series, born in Small Heath, Birmingham, England in 1965.
December 10: Richard Pryor, Gus Gorman in Superman III, dies of a heart attack in Encino, Los Angeles, California in 2005.
December 12: Sarah Douglas, Ursa in Superman: The Movie and Superman II, born in 1952.
December 14: Peter O'Toole, who played the role of Zaltar in 1984's Supergirl movie, dies in 2013, aged 81.
December 15: Artist Kurt Shaffenberger (Lois Lane, Superboy) born in 1920.
December 15: Helen Slater, star of the 1984Supergirl movie, born in Bethpage, New York in 1963.
December 29: John Haymes Newton, star of the 1st season of the Superboy TV series, born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1965.
December 30: Kristin Kreuk, Lana Lang on Smallville, born in Vancouver, B.C, Canada in 1982.

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Welcome! This website is devoted to DC Comics’ Superman, the first and best comic book superhero, who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This website is dedicated to giving you information on Superman in all forms of media.

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2015 SHIELD Awards


Below are the very latest events surrounding the Man of Steel! Check the "What’s New" page for a complete list of other recent items.

December 2, 2015: Shopping - Christmas with Superman!Print

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Superman!

Kurt Adler Superman Nutcracker, 10-InchSuperman 10-Light Light SetHallmark Christmas QBY7430 Itty Bitty Superman Ornament
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Hallmark Keepsake Superman Comic Book Heroes Christmas OrnamentHallmark QXI2476 Defender Of Mankind - Superman - 2014 Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentMan Of Steel - Superman 2013 Hallmark Ornament
Hallmark Keepsake Superman Ornament
Hallmark Defender of Mankind Ornament
Man of Steel Hallmark Ornament
DC Comics 6 Piece Holiday Christmas Ornament Set Featuring Clark Kent, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Cyborg - Shatterproof Plastic Ornaments Range from 2" to 2.5"Hallmark DC Comics Superman Christmas OrnamentKurt Adler Superman Lighted Glycerin Waterglobe, 87mm
DC Comics 6 Piece Holiday Christmas Ornaments
Hallmark DC Comics Superman Christmas Ornament
Kurt Adler Superman Lighted Glycerin Waterglobe
Hallmark Superman Shield Christmas OrnamentKurt Adler Superman Logo Applique Stocking, 19-InchKurt Adler Superman Applique Stocking, 19-Inch
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Superman Comic Keepsake Assortment - Paper Magic Box of 15 Christmas CardsSUPER SANTA Superman Glass Christmas Ornament Glitter AccentsKurt Adler 16" Superman Santa Hat
Superman Comic Keepsake Assortment
Paper Magic Box of 15 Christmas Cards

SUPER SANTA Superman Glass Christmas Ornament
Kurt Adler 16" Superman Santa Hat
Santa Super-Man SweatshirtDC Comics Christmas SweatshirtDC Comics Christmas Superman Cover No. 105 Adult Pull-Over Hoodie
Santa Superman Sweatshirt
DC Comics Christmas Sweatshirt
DC Comics Christmas Superman #105 Hoodie
Men's DC Comics Batman Superman Faux Christmas SweaterOfficial Superman Ugly Christmas Sweater Adult CrewneckDC Comics Christmas Superman Coal Big Boys Youth Pull-Over Hoodie
Batman/Superman Faux Christmas Sweater
$35.00 - $41.00
Official Superman Ugly Christmas Sweater
$34.99 - $39.99
Christmas Superman Coal Big Boys Hoodie
DC Comics Christmas Superman Cover No. 105 Adult Crewneck SweatshirtSuperman Men's DC Comics Christmas Hero Crewneck Sweatshirt Sweater NavyUnisex Red DC Comics Superman Fair Isle Christmas Sweater
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December 1, 2015: Details for "Supergirl" Season 1, Episode 8 "Hostile Takeover"Print

Supergirl CBS has issued an official description for the 8th episode of Season 1 of "Supergirl".

Titled "Hostile Takeover", this episode is scheduled to air on CBS in the USA on Monday, December 14 at 8.00pm ET/PT.


    "Hostile Takeover" - Kara goes toe-to-toe with Astra when her aunt challenges Kara's beliefs about her mother. Also, Cat is threatened with being removed as the CEO of CatCo after a hacker exposes her private and damaging emails, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Dec. 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The episode was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Caitlin Parrish, and directed by Karen Gaviola.

NOTE: CBS will air a repeat of the "Livewire" episode on Monday, December 21.

December 1, 2015: Your Live Superman Radio Show - Radio KAL Live!Print

Radio KAL Live! The Superman Homepage hosts a LIVE "Radio KAL" broadcast every week for Superman fans to come chat "on air" about the Man of Steel.

Here's a recording of tonight's episode:

Our next show will be broadcast on Tuesday, December 8 at 7.30pm PST in the U.S. (click here to check what time this is at your location).

To listen in visit www.SupermanHomepage.com/live at the designated time.

During the live broadcast you can phone (714) 242-6186 or click on the Skype icon (which will be available at the above link) during the show to be a caller and chat with us live "on air".

Subscribe to "Radio KAL Live!" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

November 30, 2015: Watch the New Sneak Peek Video for "Batman v Superman"Print

A sneak peek of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was shown during the fall finale of "Gotham" tonight. The clip was also released online. Watch it below:

A new full trailer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will debut on Wednesday, December 2 at 11.35pm on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (and most likely online at the same time).

Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip
Sneak Peek Clip

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be released in theaters on March 25, 2016.

December 1, 2015: Promo Video for "Supergirl" S01E07 "Human For A Day"Print

Human for a Day CBS has released a promo video for the seventh episode of Season 1 of "Supergirl".

Titled "Human For A Day", this episode is scheduled to air on CBS in the USA on Monday, December 7 at 8.00pm ET/PT.


    "Human For a Day" - Kara and her friends must rely on their inner strength and courage when an earthquake strikes National City. Also, Alex's mistrust of Hank reaches a breaking point when the earthquake traps them in the DEO with Jemm (Charles Halford), a powerful alien escapee, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Dec. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The episode was written by Yahlin Chang and Ted Sullivan, and directed by Larry Teng.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Superman/Wonder Woman #23Print

Superman/Wonder Woman #23

Mild Mannered Reviews - Superman/Wonder Woman #23

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 25, 2015

Cover date: January 2016


Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke
Cover: Ed Benes & Pete Pantazis
Variant Cover: Karl Kerschl & Spike Brandt

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

    Not much in the way of story here. Lots of Parasite, lots of fun dialogue for him, but not much in the way of story development for Clark or Diana.

    For those that didn't like their violent attitude to the villain last issue, I'd suggest skipping to the last page because they don't dial down the aggression.

    Aside from the Vandal Savage/Angelo scene, to be honest not much happens at all to advance the story and that's disappointing having had to wait a month for what amounts to a few pages of punch, kick, drain, rinse and repeat.

Click here to read the complete review of Superman/Wonder Woman #23.

December 1, 2015: Iddo Goldberg Talks About "Supergirl's" Red TornadoPrint

Red Faced In last night's episode of "Supergirl", Kara took on the super-powered android known as Red Tornado. In an interview with ComicBookResources.com, actor Iddo Goldberg talks about playing the dual role of Red Tornado and his creator T.O. Morrow. Here's a part of the interview...

    Red Tornado also has a rather distinct appearance. What went into transforming you from man into machine? Was it an evolving process?

    Yeah, we had several specialized fittings. Everything had to be made for me, and had to be made to measure. That was an amazing experience in itself, going through all these molds of my head. Everything was specially created for the shape of my head. There were masks, costumes and repeated fittings, because everything had to be just right. Everything had to be workable, because there was a lot of action involved. Some stuff had to look good while you were standing still, but this costume had to move around a lot, because Red Tornado and Supergirl go at it pretty hard. It was quite a process, getting everything fit and get everything to be moveable.

    Was his blue cape ever in the mix?

    Not to my knowledge. Michael Grassi and Rachel Shukert, who wrote the script for "Red Faced," - I'm not sure if they, Greg, Andrew and Ali Adler had ideas about the cape. I certainly never found out about it. I would have liked to have a cape. I had a lot to work with anyway, so I was pretty satisfied.

Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

December 1, 2015: Jenna Dewan-Tatum Talks About Lucy Lane's FuturePrint

James and Lucy Jenna Dewan-Tatum talked with the ladies on a recent episode of "The Talk" on CBS, where she spoke about her character Lucy Lane and whether we'll see her become Superwoman on an upcoming episode of "Supergirl".

    Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum visits "The Talk" to discuss the hit CBS series, "Supergirl." She tells the hosts that she enjoys her empowering role as Lucy Lane, "I've become friends with Supergirl so we have a really nice relationship that begins that is unexpected and of course there's unexpected turns." When asked if her character will eventually become Superwoman she gracefully answers, "Well you're gonna have to watch!"

December 1, 2015: Additional Video Clips from "Supergirl" S01E06 "Red Faced"Print

Season 1, Episode 6 'Red Faced' Soon after last night's episode aired, CBS released three more video clips from the "Red Faced" episode of "Supergirl".

December 1, 2015: SuperTrivia QuizPrint

SuperTrivia Quiz Welcome to the Superman Homepage SuperTrivia Quiz! This is a monthly competition, updated at the beginning of every month.

There are three trivia questions. They're based on anything Superman-related, whether it be in the Comics, TV shows, Cartoons, Movies, etc...

Can you answer all three questions correctly? Click here to find out!

December 1, 2015: Superman Comics Available This WeekPrint

Action Comics #47 PreviewsWorld.com has released the list of comic books and other items on sale this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list.

On sale date: December 2, 2015 (unless otherwise stated).

The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week, with all comics also available for digital download. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

Click on the comic book name to purchase its printed edition. Or click on the Kindle icon (Kindle) or iBooks icon (iBooks) next to a comic's title to download it in digital format.

Click on the magnifying glass icon (Sneak Peek) next to a comic's title for a sneak peek at the pages within.