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Superman Unchained 2015 Wall Calendar
Superman Unchained 2015 Wall Calendar

12 full-color images. Includes 4 extra planning grids for September through December of 2014, plus full pages for January through December of 2015.

Superman Homepage Ringer T-Shirt
Superman Homepage RingerT-Shirt

Now you can show the world that you are a fan of the No. 1 Superman site in the world! For only $17.99 you can wear this shirt with pride and help get the word out about our super community here. (More colors and designs available)


Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
September 1: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent's adoptive father.
September 5: George Lazenby, Jor-El in the Superboy TV series, born in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia in 1939.
September 6: Justin Whalin, Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, born in 1974.
September 6: Man of Steel screening at dusk takes place at Forest Park, City of Noblesville Parks in Indiana.
September 8: The Super Friends cartoon show makes its debut on ABC-TV in 1973.
September 10: Filmation's The New Adventures of Superman animated series premieres on CBS in 1966.
September 12: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman makes its debut on ABC-TV in 1993.
September 13: Artist Mike Grell (Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes) born in 1947.
September 15: Jackie Cooper, Perry White in the Superman films, born in 1922.
September 16: Tommy Bond, Jimmy Olsen in two serials, Superman and Atom Man vs Superman, born in Dallas, Texas in 1926.
September 16: Writer Kurt Busiek (Superman & Action Comics) born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1960.
September 16: Steve Younis, owner of the Superman Homepage, born in 1971. :)
September 17: Bryan Singer, director of Superman Returns, born in New York, NY, USA in 1965.
September 17: Writer Roger Stern (Action Comics) born in 1950.
September 18: James Marsden, Richard White in Superman Returns, born in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1973.
September 20-21: Brandon Routh is a special guest at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo.
September 22: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl.
September 22: Laura Vandervoort, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) in the TV series Smallville, born in Toronto, Canada in 1984.
September 23: Writer Peter David (Supergirl) born in 1956.
September 24: Tommy Bond, Jimmy Olsen in two serials, Superman and Atom Man vs Superman, dies in 2005, aged 79.
September 25: Christopher Reeve, star of the Superman films, born in New York, NY in 1952.
September 26: Writer Louise Simonson (Superman: The Man of Steel) born in 1946.
September 28: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Lex Luthor.

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August 26, 2014: Superman Comics Available This WeekPrint

Superman #34 PreviewsWorld.com has released the list of comic books and other items on sale this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list.

On sale date: August 27, 2014 (unless otherwise stated).

The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week, with all comics also available for digital download. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

Click on the comic book name to purchase its printed edition. Or click on the Kindle icon (Kindle) or iBooks icon (iBooks) next to a comic's title to download it in digital format.

Click on the magnifying glass icon (Sneak Peek) next to a comic's title for a sneak peek at the pages within.

August 26, 2014: "Batman v Superman" Filming at Gotham City JailPrint

As filming continues in Detroit, Michigan for "Batman v Superman", new photos have emerged of a new location in the city that is doubling as the Gotham City Jail.

The old Detroit Police building is the location of the shoot, where trailers and filming equipment have been gathering over the last few days.

Gotham City Jail
Gotham City Jail
Old Detroit Police Building used for Gotham City Jail

Photo Credit: Tim Reinman and Tim Malin

August 26, 2014: Superman and Lois Lane Take the ALS Ice Bucket ChallengePrint

Ice Bucket Challenge Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, dressed as Superman and Lois Lane, have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Film production company Cruel and Usual Films Inc. released a video on Vimeo of Cavill, wearing his Superman costume, and Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, being doused with several buckets of water for the ALS Association, a nonprofit battling Lou Gehrig's Disease.

    The challenge took place Monday at Pontiac's Michigan Motion Picture Studios at the wrap of the day's filming, according to a spokeswoman for the movie.

Donate to the ALS Association at ALSA.org.

Source: freep.com

August 26, 2014: "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" Release Dates AnnouncedPrint

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released new key art for the "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" video game, which will be available in all major retail stores in the USA/Canada on November 11, in Australia on November 12, and in the UK/Europe on November 14.

In "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham", the Caped Crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the DC Comics Universe and blasts off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth. Using the power of the Lantern Rings, Brainiac shrinks worlds to add to his twisted collection of miniature cities from across the universe. Now the greatest super heroes and the most cunning villains must unite and journey to different Lantern Worlds to collect the Lantern Rings and stop Brainiac before it's too late.

"LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and PC this spring. Pre-order "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" from our Online Store now.

August 26, 2014: Dr. Christine Schreyer's Experience Working on "Man of Steel"Print

Kryptonian In a recent interview with The Wenner-Gren Blog, Dr. Christine Schreyer, the linguistic anthropologist who helped develop the Kryptonian language used in the movie "Man of Steel", talks about the whole experience of being on a movie set, and what she learned from working in Hollywood. Here's a few excerpts from the interview...

    What was the input and feedback like from the non-anthropologists in the production?

    I was given much leeway to decide how I wanted the language to be developed and the person who gave me the most feedback was Kristen, the graphic designer, as we were the ones who ended up knowing the most about how the language worked since we were using it frequently. However, Alex McDowell, Production Designer, and Helen Jarvis, Art Director, were also extremely supportive of the work that Kristen and I were doing, which was nice since it led to more opportunities for the language to be used throughout the film's production.

    What did you take from the experience? Did this project influence the way you think about your scholarly work, or your work with "real" languages?

    Since my work on this project, I've been fascinated with the ideas of world building and the on-line worlds that people build and participate in. This has led me to re-look at my research with Na'vi speakers through the lens of digital ethnography. I've also had fans of Superman contact me requesting more information about how to learn the language I developed. As of now, Warner Bros., the official owners of this work, have not yet developed a learning guide for Kryptonian. Despite this, people are interested in learning the language, making me wonder, what can we do to make those interested in learning minority languages "fans" of their languages again? What can "fandoms" teach us about the enthusiasm required to help reverse language shift?

Read the entire interview at The Wenner-Gren Blog.

August 26, 2014: "Justice League" CG Animated Fan Film TrailerPrint

Justice League Widget Artificial Art has put together a CGI animated fan film titled "Justice League" that Superman fans might find interesting.

While the video is less than 3 minutes long, the creator of the animation tells me it took him about 18 months to put together.

August 26, 2014: Lois Lane Young Adult Novel Coming in JanuaryPrint

Lois Lane Fallout Author Gwenda Bond has announced that she's written a Lois Lane Young Adult novel that will be released in January. Titled "Fallout", the book will focus on a young Lois who, as a high school student, has just moved to Metropolis.

Fallout (Lois Lane)
by Gwenda Bond (Author)
Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis. An Army brat, Lois has lived all over - and seen all kinds of things. (Some of them defy explanation, like the near-disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the middle of one night.) But now her family is putting down roots in the big city, and Lois is determined to fit in. Stay quiet. Fly straight. As soon as she steps into her new high school, though, she can see it won't be that easy. A group known as the Warheads is making life miserable for another girl at school. They're messing with her mind, somehow, via the high-tech immersive videogame they all play. Not cool. Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter, Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery. But sometimes it's all a bit much. Thank goodness for her maybe-more-than-a friend, a guy she knows only by his screenname, SmallvilleGuy...
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Switch Press
(January 1, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1630790052

Gwenda Bond is the author of the young adult novels Girl on a Wire, Blackwood, and The Woken Gods. She has also written for Publishers Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, among other publications, and just might have been inspired to get a journalism degree by her childhood love of Lois Lane. She has an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and lives in a hundred-year-old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband, author Christopher Rowe, and their menagerie. Visit her online at gwendabond.com or @gwenda on Twitter.

Pre-order the book from our Online Store for its January release.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Smallville: Chaos - Chapter #12Print

Smallville: Chaos - Chapter #12

Mild Mannered Reviews - Smallville: Chaos - Chapter #12

Released Digitally: August 22, 2014

"Chaos" - Part 12

Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Artists: Agustin Padilla
Colorist: Carrie Strachan

Reviewed by: Matt Schorr

    On first reading, I didn't like this story. Every other story arc's conclusion has had... well, a conclusion. But it grew on me the second time through.

    I still have a beef with Superman's survival of Bleed Space last issue. We're again reminded in this issue that it wasn't easy, but it's still the sort of "gotcha" moment that just annoys me. It's what Dennis O'Neill would complain about. "Nope! Bleed can't kill me! I'm Superman. No nyaah!"

    But that's in the past, now. And this issue is about the future, about what comes next.

    Typically, the final chapter in a Smallville story arc leaves us with an ending of sorts. Sure, there are teases and hints of what's to come, but the closing chapter is still the closing chapter. Not so, here. This is very open-ended.

    And that's a not a bad thing.

Click here to read the complete review of Smallville: Chaos - Chapter #12.

August 26, 2014: DC Nation - DC's World's Funnest - Episodes 8 & 10Print

World's Funnest DC Entertainment has posted another two full episodes from the DC Nation "DC World's Funnest" animated shorts on their YouTube channel.

This means that all 10 episodes of "DC's World's Funnest" are now available online.

August 25, 2014: Your Live Superman Radio Show - Radio KAL Live!Print

Radio KAL Live! The Superman Homepage hosts a LIVE "Radio KAL" broadcast every week for Superman fans to come chat "on air" about the Man of Steel.

Here's what took place in tonight's show:

Popular Hobbies Internet Radio with SupermanHomepage on BlogTalkRadio

Our next show will be broadcast on Monday, September 1 at 7.30pm PDT in the U.S. (click here to check what time this is at your location).

To listen in visit www.SupermanHomepage.com/live at the designated time.

During the live broadcast you can phone (714) 242-6186 or click on the Skype icon (which will be available at the above link) during the show to be a caller and chat with us live "on air".

Subscribe to "Radio KAL Live!" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #20Print

Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #20

Mild Mannered Reviews - Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #20

Released Digitally: August 18, 2014


Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inker: Julien Hugonnard-Bert & Xermanico
Cover: Jheremy Raapack with Santi Casas & David Lopez of Ikari Studio

Reviewed by: T.A. Ewart (aka liheibao)

Good issue. Taylor does these scenes well: pathos and sweet sentiment. They stand out because of the overall unevenness of Injustice, and when they are done, it reminds of the make-up of the characters that many times seems to be lost amidst the melee and slap-shock of the series. We will forgive that Commissioner Gordon comes anywhere close to taking out Cyborg, which should have never happened. We forgive the tired and trite method in which Cyborg is defeated, as he is all ways defeated in such a manner. Cyborg's greatest ability is also his greatest detriment as a character. He's all ways defeated by his cybernetics. If it's not a virus, he's just bloody pulled apart like a refrigerator door. Still, we pardon such laziness, because they allow us to have a last hurrah with Commissioner Gordon, who at his core, is a father who wants to see his daughter safe. Nothing will keep him from his task, not man, machine, on even his rapidly approaching death. A shot from Cyborg should be more than enough to stun a base-level metahuman, let alone one who is expiring with speed, but Gordon won't be denied by a little thing like that, not when Barbara's life is in the balance. The last conversation with the Batman is fitting. It is one of respect and fellowship, and the revelation that these two have served Gotham so well because they had each other as comrades. Gotham will not know how much it has lost.

Click here to read the complete review of Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #20.

August 25, 2014: Superman on TV - August 25-31Print

Superman on TV Below are the Superman related TV shows and movies scheduled for the week ahead in the USA and Australia. Anyone in other regions of the world who would like to contribute is more than welcome to add their listings in the comments section below.

United States of America

Episodes of "Smallville" air on TNT in the U.S. on some weekday mornings. This week's episodes are: Monday - 5.00am "Cyborg", 6.00am "Hypnotic"; Tuesday - 5.00am "Void", 6.00am "Fragile"; Wednesday - 5.00am "Mercy", 6.00am "Fade"; Thursday - 5.00am "Oracle", 6.00am "Vessel"; Friday - 5.00am "Zod", 6.00am "Sneeze".

The animated movie "Justice League: The New Frontier" will air in the U.S. on Encore Family on Tuesday, August 26 at 4.00am.

"Smallville" creators Al Gough and Miles Millar talk about the series on "The Writer's Room" episode scheduled to air in the U.S. on SUNDANCE on Tuesday, August 26 at 7.00am.

The movie "Hollywoodland", about the life and death of George Reeves, will air on SUNDANCE on Tuesday, August 26 at 12.15pm.

The TV series "Monumental Mysteries" explores the story of Superman vs. the KKK on the TRAVEL channel (88) on Thursday, August 28 at 2.00pm.

The movie "Man of Steel" will air on MOMAX in the U.S. on Tuesday, August 26 at 9.30am and 7.30pm; then on MAX on Sunday, August 31 at 8.30am and 7.30pm.

The movie "Superman II" will air on ION Television in the U.S. on Sunday, August 31 at 11.00am.

NetFlix.com also has a number of Superman and Justice League TV shows and movies available to watch online.


In Australia, the animated movie "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox" will air on Foxtel's Family movie channel on Wednesday, August 27 at 11.00pm; and Friday, August 29 at 6.00am.

In Australia, the animated movie "Superman Unbound" will air on Foxtel's Family movie channel on Thursday, August 19 at 12.25am.

In Australia, Anthony announces "Batman v Superman" on "The Jeselnik Offensive" which will air on the Comedy Channel on Thursday, August 28 at 9.30pm and is repeated at 3.00am and 2.35pm the next day, and on Sunday, August 31 at 10.30pm.

In Australia, Superman picks the wrong pet sitter on the "Robot Chicken" episode titled "Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba", which will air on The Comedy Channel at 12.05pm on Friday, August 29.

If there's anything I've missed please don't hesitate to let me know.

August 25, 2014: "Action Comics #1" Ebay Auction - Poll ResultsPrint

Poll Position In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked the question:

How much do you think the "Action Comics #1" comic book currently up for auction on ebay will sell for?

Five members (Richo1981, alook, dakov, Erl-El, and supertorresmo) guessed that the winning bid would end up between $3 and $3.25 million, with many predicting it would go for less, but some (19%) expected it to go for over $4 million!

Here's the complete breakdown:

Less than $2 million
Less than $2 million
14% [8 Votes]

Between $2 and $2.25 million
Between $2 and $2.25 million
14% [8 Votes]

Between $2.25 and $2.5 million
Between $2.25 and $2.5 million
9% [5 Votes]

Between $2.5 and $2.75 million
Between $2.5 and $2.75 million
11% [6 Votes]

Between $2.75 and $3 million
Between $2.75 and $3 million
18% [10 Votes]

Between $3 and $3.25 million
Between $3 and $3.25 million
9% [5 Votes]

Between $3.25 and $3.5 million
Between $3.25 and $3.5 million
2% [1 Vote]

Between $3.5 and $3.75 million
Between $3.5 and $3.75 million
2% [1 Vote]

Between $3.75 and $4 million
Between $3.75 and $4 million
4% [2 Votes]

Over $4 million
Over $4 million
19% [11 Votes]