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"Man of Steel" Action Hero Vignette Figure
Man of Steel Action Hero Vignette Figure

Superman soars into action with this dynamic new 1/9-scale vinyl figure. Featuring an accurate likeness of actor Henry Cavill, Superman strikes a dramatic pose on his diorama base. Fully colored and textured to a movie likeness, Superman requires minimal assembly for display.

New Adventures of Superman-Seasons 2 & 3 DVD
New Adventures of Superman-Seasons 2 & 3 DVD

Warner Home Video has announced that they will be releasing Seasons 2 and 3 of "The New Adventures of Superman" cartoons from Filmation on June 3, 2014.


Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
July 1: Marlon Brando, Jor-El in Superman: The Movie, dies of lung failure aged 80 in 2004.
July 4: Eva Marie Saint, Martha Kent in Superman Returns, born in Newark, New Jersey in 1924.
July 6: Writer and Artist John Byrne (Man of Steel, Superman, Action Comics) born in 1950.
July 10: Superman artist and co-creator Joe Shuster born in 1914.
July 11: Michael Rosenbaum, Lex Luthor in Smallville, born in Oceanside, N.Y in 1972.
July 17: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Lana Lang, Clark Kent's boyhood friend.
July 22: Terence Stamp, General Zod in Superman and Superman II, born in 1938.
July 25: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's sister.
July 26: Kevin Spacey, Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, born in South Orange, New Jersey in 1959.
July 26: Ilya Salkind, Superman movie producer, born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1947.
July 27: Jackson Beck, voice of Superman Radio Introduction, dies in 2004, aged 92.
July 29: Allison Mack, Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, born in Preez, Germany in 1982.
July 29: Writer Gail Simone (Action Comics) celebrates her birthday today.
July 30: Laurence Fishburne, Perry White in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Augusta, Georgia in 1961.
July 31: Dean Cain, star of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan in 1966.

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July 2, 2014: Dragon Models Announces "Man of Steel" Action Hero Vignette FigurePrint

Superman AHV Figure Dragon Models has announced the imminent release of their 1/9 scale Superman "Man of Steel" Action Hero Vignette Figure.

Superman soars into action with this dynamic new 1/9-scale vinyl figure. Featuring an accurate likeness of actor Henry Cavill, Superman strikes a dramatic pose on his diorama base. Fully colored and textured to a movie likeness, Superman requires minimal assembly for display.

Action Hero Vignette Special Features:

  • From Dragon Models
  • Based on the 2013 hit Man of Steel
  • Features an accurate likeness of actor Henry Cavill in a dramatic pose
  • Diorama base
  • Fully colored and textured

Order yours today from the Superman Homepage Online Store.

July 2, 2014: RIP Bob Hastings - Filmation's Voice of SuperboyPrint

Bob Hastings Robert "Bob" Hastings, best known to Superman fans as the voice of Superboy in the 1960s "The New Adventures of Superman" Filmation cartoons, has died, aged 89, losing his 15 year battle with prostate cancer.

    The Brooklyn-born Hastings had a long entertainment career, which began in radio at the age of 11 on such shows as The Daily Mirror Radio Gang and Adventures in King Arthurland, according to California's Burbank Leader newspaper.

    Enlisting as a B-29 navigator during World War II, Hastings once again found work in radio upon his return, serving as the voice of Archie Andrews, the main character on the airwaves version of the popular comic strip.

    The actor made the move to television in 1949, eventually landing a recurring role as a lieutenant on the classic sitcom Sergeant Bilko, starring Phil Silvers, in 1956. McHale's Navy, which ran from 1962 to '66, starred Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway and spawned two movies.

Our condolences to his family and friends.

Source: People.com

July 2, 2014: Supergirl Now Available in "Infinite Crisis" Video GamePrint

Pummel your opponents with fiery force as Supergirl!

It's time to bare your fists and bring your martial power to the lost sectors as Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl! If you need to re-familiarize yourself with her skills, or want some advice on how to play her, look no further than the Champion Unmasked article and the Better Know... Supergirl guide.

Supergirl's release also heralds a brand new costume in the store: 'Varsity' Supergirl. Sporting a blue and red varsity jacket, a trendy set of red khakis, a slightly hidden House of El T-Shirt, and her hair pulled back into a sporty pony tail, this Supergirl will run laps around her opponents.

Pick up Supergirl and 'Varsity' Supergirl in the Infinite Crisis store.

Supergirl Supergirl
Supergirl Supergirl

    Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with a robust lineup of DC Comics Champions, including Batman, Superman, Joker, Wonder Woman, and more. With the open beta, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Mecha Superman join the cast of characters that fans can choose to play.

Sign up and start playing for free today at InfiniteCrisis.com. Also head to their Facebook page for more giveaways and bonus content.

July 2, 2014: $65,000 "Superman III" Costume in ScreenUsed AuctionPrint

Superman III Costume A number of Superman items will go under the hammer in the 2014 Summer ScreenUsed Auction, including a screen-worn Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve in "Superman III", which is expected to fetch over $65,000.

Other items in the auction include "Superman Lives" Screen Test costume items worn by Nicolas Cage, including boots and belts.

Rare "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II" posters, as well as a "Superman III" Prop Newspaper are also listed in the auction, which will take place online on Saturday July 12 via the ScreenUsed.com website.

July 2, 2014: More Photos of Henry Cavill from Royal MarinesPrint

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, an organization which helps raise money for injured marines and their families, has posted a couple of new photos via Twitter showing Henry Cavill holding up additional T-Shirts for the Royal Marines Challenge, a grueling commando ski, sail, cycle, canoe and run over 6656km (circa 4136 miles).

Henry Cavill Supporting Royal Marines
Henry Cavill Supporting Royal Marines

Signed copies of these T-Shirt will be given away via HenryCavill.org

July 2, 2014: Superman in the Bronze Age Podcast - Episode 109Print

Superman in the Bronze Age "Superman in the Bronze Age" is a podcast hosted by Charlie Niemeyer, covering Superman's adventures from Action Comics #393 in 1970 to Action Comics #583 in 1986.

"Superman in the Bronze Age" is a proud member of the Superman Podcast Network. You may also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or the RSS Feed.

July 2, 2014: Exclusive Comic-Con 2014 Superman CollectiblesPrint

A number of toy and collectible manufacturers have announced their exclusive list of merchandise scheduled to be available at the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego this month. Here are some of the Superman collectibles we've seen announced so far...

Moebius Models has announced they will have two "Man of Steel" 12 inch (1/8 scale) statues at Comic-Con 2014 - General Zod and Superman.

These statues are limited to 250 pieces and will be slightly shorter than 12" with the base. The photos shown are production shots and the gloss will be toned down for the final product.

Each figure will come with a "Man of Steel" shopping bag that features the House of El glyph on one side, while the other side features Zod's symbol.

When you purchase the Superman statue you will find a coupon in the box that gives you the opportunity to buy a "Kryptonian Heat Vision" version that features a black-suited Superman with heat-vision eyes and arm variation (flying position rather than punching position).

Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Superman Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Superman Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Superman Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Zod Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Zod Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Zod Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Zod Statue
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Man of Steel Bag
Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Black Superman Statue

Monogram International, the makers of affordable licensed collectibles, has just announced that their fifth San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive is a 4 Piece DC Resin Paperweight Set, featuring some of the most popular DC Comics characters.

DC Paperweights

    Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Joker come together in this powerful resin paperweight set. This super hero set will look great on your desk and will hold all of your papers in place. This set is definitely a unique collectors' item for DC fans!

Each of the figures are essentially busts, atop an exclusive gold base. The 4 piece set is going to be priced at $100 and you can only buy this set in the Monogram International booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

Doomsday Mattel has unveiled an image of their SDCC 2014 DCU Classic Doomsday action figure.

    One of the most demanded figures in the DCU Classics Signature Series finally arrives! This massive maniac had the ultimate face-off with Superman in the best-selling issue #75, and now, in his first-ever appearance as "prison suit" Doomsday, he joins our DC Universe Classics line. Standing at over 9" tall with 16 points of articulation (16!), the Kryptonian killer arrives in his prisoner suit. (How in the world did he fit all of his spikes and bones inside that suit? Some mysteries may never be solved.) Doomsday comes in a custom window box that pays homage to the cover of DC Comics Superman: The Man of Steel #18 (November, 1992), the issue where he made his first full appearance.

Doomsday will be available as part of the June 24 pre-sale, as well as at the convention. It will be offered online via MattyCollector.com after the convention.

White Lantern Superman Meanwhile, Funko has announced their White Lantern Superman SDCC Exclusive POP Vinyl figure.

White Lantern Superman SDCC Exclusive POP Vinyl is a Fugitive Toys exclusive, and also comes as a Glow in the Dark variant.

July 2, 2014: Shopping - Paperweights and BustsPrint

July 1, 2014: Filming for "Batman v Superman" Taking Place at Camp MetamoraPrint

Back in January we reported on the news that filming for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was set to take place at a location on the former Camp Metamora property off Caley Road near Flint, Michigan. Today MLive.com confirms that filming is about to begin at that location with trucks and trailers having moved in earlier this week.

Earlier this year the film's crew constructed a house on the property near Otsikita Lake at the vacant camp grounds owned by the Girl Scouts.

Trucks Move In to Former Metamora Camp Grounds
Filming at Former Metamora Camp Grounds
Trucks Move In to Former Metamora Camp Grounds
Trailer Moves in to Former Metamora Camp Grounds

    Several large trucks from companies, including Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Haddad's, Crown City Pictures, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Midwest Lighting & Grip and Detroit Power & Light, could be seen at the site on Sunday, June 29.

    Lee Anne Muldoon, listed on IMDB.com as a unit publicist for Batman v Superman, could not be reached for comment Sunday via a phone number and email provided at the site.

    [Local resident Brian] Barker said movie officials told him prior to the current activity that they'd be filming in February, but he doesn't think that happened.

    "As of now I don't think they've filmed. I think the winter was too bad," he said.

    He received a letter dated June 26 from Crown City Pictures letting him and other residents know that there would be an increase in traffic June 28 and 29 for an "equipment test," the company would be performing.

Check out the full report, which includes more photos, at MLive.com.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #12Print

Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #12

Mild Mannered Reviews - Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #12

Released Digitally: June 28, 2014

"Casualties of War"

Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inker: Julian Hugonnard-Bert
Cover: Jheremy Raapack

Reviewed by: T.A. Ewart (aka liheibao)

    There was a great panel in NYC that this reviewer was privileged to take part in recently. It introduced a discussion on the trend of inverting characters from one position to another i.e. changing a hero to a villain and vice versa. Marvel's work with Norman Osborn was a template of sorts for the villain becoming the hero, one that has now been applied to Lex Luthor, and the Superior Spider-Man works for any hero who is swung to the opposite end of the pendulum. The overarching question, of course, is why. Why do inversions of the heroes appeal to comic readers, and why can't heroes do what their twisted counterparts do? The reason is found on a few fronts, the foremost among them being that comic readers in general have seen most of what's coming at them these days, and it's unimaginative in its lack of originality. New heroes aren't created, instead, readers are given 12 different Batman books to choose from. Batman, who embraced antihero status some time ago, allow writers to write a complex and realistic character, based on the fact that his morality is fluid in comparison to other DC Comics heroes. Most of the DC superheroes cannot follow Batman's lead, but Injustice solves that pesky problem two-fold: 1) It's an alternative universe where things can be different. 2) The most moral of their lot loses his core by issue 4.

Click here to read the complete review of Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #12.

July 1, 2014: Rare "Superman II" Niagara Falls Photos Posted OnlinePrint

Superman II Never-before-seen photos from the Niagara Falls sequence from "Superman II", filmed in September 1979, have been posted online by a fan whose sister-in-law (who was 2 at the time) and her parents were extras during the scene where the young boy falls over the railing.

July 1, 2014: "Injustice: Gods Among Us" Year Three AnnouncedPrint

Injustice: Year Two - Chapter #11 DC Comics has announced that not only with the best-selling digital-first series "Injustice: Gods Amongs" return to a weekly release schedule, but it will also be renewed for a third year.

    'Year Two' Annual Due Out in October, Immediately Followed by Launch of 'Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three'

    We are pleased to announce that INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR TWO returns to a weekly digital release schedule beginning today and running through the end of September. DC Comics' bestselling Digital First title is written by Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo and others, based on the popular videogame from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

    The month of October will bring much excitement for the fans of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US when the YEAR TWO Annual will be distributed in print and available same-day-digital on October 1. Written by Tom Taylor and Marguerite Bennett with art by Jheremy Raapack and Dave Yardin, the annual tells two untold tales. The first features Hal Jordan and Sinestro, and the other focuses on the resistance in Gotham City where Commissioner Gordon and Barbara work together for the first time. Anything can happen in this world and the annual is no exception.

    In addition to the annual, the next phase of the INJUSTICE saga will begin with the release of the first digital chapter of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR THREE on September 30. Bi-weekly print issues will include two Digital First chapters each, starting October 8. Welcoming John Constantine to the storyline, YEAR THREE will have no shortage of magic. Tom Taylor will continue to write the story with art by the likes of Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller, Tom Derenick, among others. The first two covers are from Neil Googe and Trevor McCarthy, respectively.

Look for a new "Injustice: Year Two" digital chapter every Tuesday.

July 1, 2014: Win a Supergirl or Blue Beetle Statue in an "Infinite Crisis" ContestPrint

Supergirl Supergirl fans have a chance to win a Supergirl statue in the "Infinite Crisis" battle between Blue Beetle and Kara Zor-El.

    With these two titans facing off, who will you fight for Protectors? Will you ally with Supergirl and aid her as she pummels through Jaime? Or will you ally yourself with the Blue Beetle, and use your technological advantages to triumph over one of the last Kryptonians alive?

    Vote today and you'll be placed in a random drawing to win either a Supergirl or a Blue Beetle statue. Just vote on one of the choices below and enter your email address. When the contest is over, we'll contact you via email if you've won. So keep an eye on your email!

Voting ends at 11.59pm EDT on Monday, July 7. Vote now via Facebook!