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Now you can show the world that you are a fan of the No. 1 Superman site in the world! For only $17.99 you can wear this shirt with pride and help get the word out about our super community here. (More colors and designs available)

Superman: Earth One Vol. 3
Superman: Earth One Vol. 3

The follow-up to the NEW YORK TIMES #1 bestselling graphic novels SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 1 and 2 is here! Written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Ardian Syaf, SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 3 follows a young Clark Kent as he continues his journey toward becoming the World's Greatest Super Hero.


Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
May 1: Glenn Ford, Jonathan Kent in Superman: The Movie, born in Sainte-Christine, Quebec, Canada in 1916.
May 3: Jackie Cooper, Perry White in the Superman films, dies in 2011, aged 88.
May 5: Henry Cavill, Superman in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1983.
May 8: Salome Jens, Martha Kent in the Superboy TV series, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1935.
May 11: Gerard Christopher, the second actor to play the lead role in the Superboy TV series, born in New York City, New York in 1959.
May 13: Writer Marv Wolfman (The Adventures of Superman) born in 1946.
May 21: Joan Alexander, best known as Lois Lane from the 1940s Superman Radio Series, dies in 2009, aged 94.
May 23: Artist Win Mortimer (Action Comics, Supergirl) born in 1919.
May 27: Richard Schiff, Emil Hamilton in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Bethesda, Maryland in 1955.

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May 20, 2015: New "Infinite Crisis" Costume - Regeneration Matrix SupermanPrint

Regeneration Matrix Superman Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced a new costume for 'Regeneration Matrix' Superman in the "Infinite Crisis" free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game.

    No one dies today. It's time to rise up as 'Regeneration Matrix' Superman and rule the arena!

    During a destructive battle throughout Coast City between Superman and Doomsday, both Champions fell to their death. But not even death can keep the last son of Krypton down! After being transported to the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix in the Fortress of Solitude, Superman was revived with new strength... and a new look!

    Don't be fooled by the appearance of his shiny new suit, this is definitely still the Man of Steel! This costume features a sleek black outfit trimmed with silver accents for the signature 'Regeneration Matrix' look. With a new hairstyle to boot, this brawny Bruiser sure knows how to make a mullet look mean!

    Want to learn more about playing as Superman? Make sure you check out his Champion Unmasked article and go Behind the Voice with Troy Baker to learn what it's like to become this indestructible Superhero. The time is now, Protectors. Grab this costume from the Infinite Crisis Store today for 650 Crisis Coins and show your Kryptonian might as 'Regeneration Matrix' Superman!

"Infinite Crisis" is the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with a robust lineup of DC Comics Champions, including Batman, Superman, Joker, Wonder Woman, and more.

Sign up and start playing for free today at InfiniteCrisis.com. Also head to their Facebook page for more giveaways and bonus content.

May 20, 2015: New Expansion Packs for LEGO Dimensions... Including Superman!Print

LEGO Dimensions LEGO Dimensions Adds More Iconic Characters from DC Comics, Back to the Future and LEGO Ninjago with New Expansion Packs!

In a new video featuring actor Christopher Lloyd reprising his famous role as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today gameplay featuring even more beloved characters coming to LEGO Dimensions, the upcoming entertainment experience that merges physical LEGO brick building with interactive console gameplay. In addition to LEGO Batman, LEGO Gandalf and Wyldstyle, the three minifigure heroes used to start the experience, LEGO Dimensions will allow gamers to customise their experience post-launch and throughout the first half of 2016 with additional packs from the previously announced brands, including: DC Comics Team Pack featuring LEGO Joker and LEGO Harley Quinn minifigures, three additional DC Comics Fun Packs featuring LEGO Superman, LEGO Aquaman and LEGO Bane minifigures, Back to the Future Fun Pack with LEGO Doc Brown minifigure and two additional LEGO Ninjago Fun Packs with Sensei Wu and Lloyd minifigures.

These highly collectible Team Packs and Fun Packs will provide new buildable characters, vehicles, tools and gadgets, as well as special in-game abilities. All expansion packs provide gamers the opportunity to use everything interchangeably, anywhere throughout the game, in any world with any character - there are no limitations.

Players can bring up to seven characters, vehicles and weapons into the LEGO Dimensions game all at once by placing them on the LEGO Toy Pad to create extreme gameplay cross-overs, such as LEGO Superman piloting the LEGO DeLorean Time Machine through Hill Valley or LEGO Doc Brown fighting alongside LEGO Bane in New Ninjago City.

Future expansion pack purchases will continue to work with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, even in the spring of next year. No compatibility chart necessary.

Additional well-known brands and expansion packs joining the adventure for 2015 and 2016 will be announced in the coming months.

Launching September 28, 2015, LEGO Dimensions, will be available for Xbox One, the all-in one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 computer entertainment systems and Wii U system from Nintendo.

Superman will be available in the Fun Pack available in 2016.

Follow LEGO Dimensions at Facebook, Twitter (@LEGODimensions), Instagram (@LEGODimensions), and Tumblr.

May 20, 2015: Shopping - KryptonitePrint

May 19, 2015: DC Comics August 2015 SolicitationsPrint

Check out the DC Comics August 2015 solicitations for all the Superman-related comics and products soon to be released.

Action Comics #43
Batman/Superman #23
Superman #43
DC Bombshells #1

May 19, 2015: Pak and Kuder on Staying True to Superman Through ChangesPrint

Action Comics #41 While Superman fans have been up in arms about the upcoming changes to Superman's look, identity and powers that will beging with June issues of his main comic book titles, writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder spoke with ComicVine.com about how the story idea came together, and how, even with all the changes, they feel they're remaining true to the character. Here's part of the interview...

    COMIC VINE: What was your first reaction to the changes coming for Superman?

    AARON KUDER: Hmm, “Reaction” might not be the best word here. We developed the changes together. It’s not like we were presented with the idea/project, and told to make it happen. We logged more than a few hours on the phone, flying to various time zones, and scratching our noggins over this one...

    GREG PAK: All of the Superman book writers and editors met over a several months to hammer out the big plan here, so these changes come out of many, many hours of working and talking and pacing and thinking - and we're thrilled with how it's all coming together.

    In our last big get-together, Aaron was drawing while we were talking, so as we came up with the big ideas for the huge changes in Clark's life, the character was literally coming to life on Aaron's tablet. It was a kind of surreal experience, and I think everyone in the room felt it when we saw it - this was something new and at the same time something that felt absolutely true to the character and a perfect next step. This is a Superman we've all been dying to write. The story's real and visceral and emotional and thrilling and we hope you'll come along for the ride.

Read the complete interview at the ComicVine website.

The "Truth" storyline begins in ACTION COMICS #41 and continues in SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, BATMAN/SUPERMAN.

May 19, 2015: Greg Berlanti Talks About Making "Supergirl"Print

Greg Berlanti with Flash and Supergirl

As we reported yesterday, the current May issue of Variety features actors Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) alongside Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of both shows.

In the interview associated with this issue, we find out why Greg Berlanti wanted to being Supergirl to our TV screens and why Melissa Benoist was his first and only choice to play the part.

    "The first thing I always do is ask, 'What is the show if you took away (super) powers?'?" he says. "I only know, as a fan, what I would want to see." Thanks to his track record, Berlanti has become DC's go-to producer for its comicbook archive. Cue "Supergirl."

    A comics heroine has been long overdue - even Berlanti's nieces have been nagging him - so when DC pitched him on the concept, he was intrigued. But rather than keep the show in the vein of what had been done before, he wanted to take a proportional leap. "With what we accomplished and learned from 'The Flash,'?" he says, "if we could do that on an even larger scale, on a bigger network, what would that look like?"

    CBS, he reports, jumped at the chance. He says entertainment prexy Nina Tassler fell in love with "Supergirl" at the pitch meeting, so much so that she started to cry. "It didn't matter at that point what they were going to pay for it," he says. "That's who you want buying the show." (Despite the rumor mill, Berlanti says there was never a chance of the show moving to the CW. Plus, he adds, "We would never have been able to afford the kind of budget we have.")

    As with "The Flash," Berlanti has insisted "Supergirl" invest heavily in visual effects, and [Geoff] Johns calls the money well spent.

    "When people see the pilot, they'll be blown away by what's accomplished on television," says the DC content topper. "But Greg knows that it's not just about spectacle. It has to be about heart; it has to be about humor."

    Casting is paramount to Berlanti: He calls the show's star, Melissa Benoist, the "Annie Hall" of superheroes.

    "The most important decision you can make as a showrunner when you're doing a pilot is who's in it, and who's directing it," he says. "If we had not found her, I would have said, 'I don't want to make this.'?"

Read the entire article at the Variety website.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence: Suicide Squad #2Print

Convergence: Suicide Squad #2

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence: Suicide Squad #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 13, 2015

Cover date: July 2015

"When Kingdoms Fall" - Part Two

Writer: Frank Tieri
Penciller: Tom Mandrake
Inker: Tom Mandrake
Cover: John Paul Leon

Reviewed by: Jeremiah Boor

    Some characters have a reputation for being easy to write. The Suicide Squad fits that description. A team of 'cool' anti-heroes fighting their boss, themselves, and everyone else. But easy does not a quality book make. Each story will still need the essentials. Like motivation, build up, and economy. This book lacks all three.

    Like the last issue, there is a lot of wasted space. In twenty pages, the team crashes into the KC base, fights, and dies. The writer attempts to spice things up with traitors and twists. But the issue still reads painfully straightforward.

Click here to read the complete review of Convergence: Suicide Squad #2.

May 19, 2015: Superman Comics Available This WeekPrint

Convergence: AOS #2 PreviewsWorld.com has released the list of comic books and other items on sale this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list.

On sale date: May 20, 2015 (unless otherwise stated).

The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week, with all comics also available for digital download. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

Click on the comic book name to purchase its printed edition. Or click on the Kindle icon (Kindle) or iBooks icon (iBooks) next to a comic's title to download it in digital format.

Click on the magnifying glass icon (Sneak Peek) next to a comic's title for a sneak peek at the pages within.

May 19, 2015: "The Death of ‘Superman Lives‘: What Happened?" - Poll ResultsPrint

Poll Position In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Will you be buying the "The Death of ‘Superman Lives‘: What Happened?" documentary?

While the majority of you are interested in getting this documentary, it seems some aren't so keen. I think it'll be a must-buy for Superman fans, as it'll be interesting to see what could have been.

Here's the complete breakdown:

Yes, definitely!
Yes, definitely!
32% [26 Votes]

Yeah, maybe
Yeah, maybe
15% [12 Votes]

16% [13 Votes]

No, I don't think so
No, I don't think so
21% [17 Votes]

No, definitely not!
No, definitely not!
12% [10 Votes]

I hadn't even heard about it
I hadn't even heard about it
4% [3 Votes]

May 18, 2015: Elliot S! Maggin Joins "Radio KAL Live!" for Miracle Monday!Print

Radio KAL Live! The Superman Homepage hosts a LIVE "Radio KAL" broadcast every week for Superman fans to come chat "on air" about the Man of Steel.

Steve and Michael were joined by legendary comic book writer Elliot S! Maggin for a special Miracle Monday edition of the show. Listen back to the show now:

Check Out Pop Culture Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SupermanHomepage on BlogTalkRadio

Our next show will be broadcast on Monday, May 25 at 7.30pm PDT in the U.S. (click here to check what time this is at your location).

To listen in visit www.SupermanHomepage.com/live at the designated time.

During the live broadcast you can phone (714) 242-6186 or click on the Skype icon (which will be available at the above link) during the show to be a caller and chat with us live "on air".

Subscribe to "Radio KAL Live!" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence #6Print

Convergence #6

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 13, 2015

Cover date: July 2015

"Team Work"

Writer: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
Penciller: Ed Benes & Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Ed Benes, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, & Wayne Faucher
Main Cover: Carlo Pagulayan, and Jason Paz, with Peter Steigerwald

Reviewed by: Jeremiah Boor

    Welcome to the party, Convergence! We were ready for an earth-shattering, far-reaching affair... seven issues ago.

    Better late than never. This story finally feels like a DCU event. The skies are red, the Monitor is watching, and the "in-continuity" heroes are on the job. (Well they're standing around, but they're on the page at least).

    As refreshing as this issue is, it still feels hollow. Whoever has been helping Jeff King - Scott Lobdell this week - orchestrate the characters and plot points necessary for a company wide crossover, they have not helped him acclimate to the subtle art of comic book scripting.

Click here to read the complete review of Convergence #6.

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #2Print

Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #2

Mild Mannered Reviews - Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 13, 2015

Cover date: July 2015

"United We Stand"

Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciller: June Brigman
Inker: Roy Richardson
Cover: Walter Simonson
Variant Cover: Chip Kidd

Reviewed by: Michael J. Petty

    I really liked last issue, like a lot and it was really great to see this version of Steel once again, but this issue seemed to have too quick of an ending. I think part of it is that the Convergence minis should really be three issues in order to develop the stories a bit more, but overall this issue was still enjoyable. I really enjoyed seeing Parasite take on all the Gen 13 kids and for the most part win, but I also appreciated that the nanotech introduced with the cat last issue paid off by bringing Steel back into the game here. Quite honestly I assumed that they were going to just use the cat to face Gen 13 up until I read that Steel was paralyzed on the first page here. Overall, it was nice to see these characters one last time before Convergence ends, but I will hold onto my earlier opinion that I wish these minis were just one issue longer so that we could develop stories at a little slower pace.

Click here to read the complete review of Convergence: Superman - The Man of Steel #2.

May 18, 2015: Melissa Benoist Talks About Playing SupergirlPrint

Supergirl Variety spoke with "Supergirl" star Melissa Benoist to ask her about auditioning for Supergirl, where the show will take her, and whether she feels any pressure playing the role. Here's part of the interview...

    Do you have any ideas where the show is going creatively?

    I have a few ideas. I know generally who the big bad villain is. I know about Supergirl's relationships. The whole team has given me a lot of freedom to create her as my own.

    Do you feel any pressure?

    Of course I do, but not in a negative way. I'm not necessarily a person who works well under pressure. But in this situation, I am so excited about it. I'm not going to let myself doing anything less than what I think people will want to see.

    What does it feel like to play a superhero?

    Not like what you would expect! There are the moments you feel like a badass and you feel empowered. You feel strong and confident. But I have to say there are moments when I step back and look at the bigger picture and I'm on the set with fire and explosions and I'm in the suit and I'll have to do a doubletake and be like, "What am I doing?" This is hilarious and surreal and amazing.

Read the entire interview at Variety.com