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Superman Homepage Ringer T-Shirt
Superman Homepage RingerT-Shirt

Now you can show the world that you are a fan of the No. 1 Superman site in the world! For only $17.99 you can wear this shirt with pride and help get the word out about our super community here. (More colors and designs available)

Superman Homepage Ringer T-Shirt
Superman Homepage RingerT-Shirt

Now you can show the world that you are a fan of the No. 1 Superman site in the world! For only $17.99 you can wear this shirt with pride and help get the word out about our super community here. (More colors and designs available)


Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
April 1: Annette O'Toole, Lana Lang in Superman III and Martha Kent in Smallville, born in Houston, TX in 1954.
April 1: Sam Huntington, Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, born in Peterborough, New Hampshire in 1982.
April 1: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Imp from the 5th dimension.
April 2: Christopher Meloni, Colonel Nathan Hardy in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Washington, District of Columbia in 1961.
April 3: Marlon Brando, Jor-El in Superman: The Movie, born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1924.
April 5: Man of Steel premieres on HBO in the USA at 9.00pm ET/PT.
April 7: Russell Crowe, Jor-El in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1964.
April 8: Jack O'Halloran, Non in Superman: The Movie and Superman II, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1943.
April 8: John Schneider, Jonathan Kent in Smallville, born in Mount Kisco, NY in 1960.
April 13: MTV Movie Awards will air on MTV in the USA, with Man of Steel star Henry Cavill nominated for Best Hero.
April 14: John Shea, Lex Luthor in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV series, born in 1949.
April 14: Mark Pillow, Nuclear Man in Superman IV, born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England in 1959.
April 16: Joan Alexander, best known as Lois Lane from the 1940s Superman Radio Series, born in Louise Abras in St. Paul, Minneapolis in 1915.
April 18: Action Comics #1, Superman's debut comic book, was released on this day in 1938 (although some argue it was actually May 3).
April 22: Cassidy Freeman, Tess Mercer in the Smallville TV series, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1982.
April 23: Kal Penn, Stanford in Superman Returns, born in Montclair, New Jersey in 1977.
April 24: Stacy Haiduk, Lana Lang in the Superboy TV series, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1968.
April 26: Tom Welling, Clark Kent in Smallville, born in New York, NY in 1977.
April 29: Sam Jones III, Pete Ross in Smallville, born in Boston, MA in 1983.
April 29: Lane Smith, Perry White in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV series, born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1936.

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A Bereaved Father

April 7, 2013: Justice League Showbag at Sydney Royal Easter ShowPrint

Justice League Showbag The annual Sydney Royal Easter Show is on in Sydney, Australia from April 10-23 at the Sydney Olympic Park.

The Easter Show is Australia's largest annual event, an iconic showcase of Australian culture, heritage and excellence. It combines innovation, heritage, education and entertainment. Every year the Sydney Royal Easter Show attracts around a million visitors.

One of the main attractions of the Easter Show are the Showbags, fun-filled bags for little kids and big kids alike.

In 2014 there is just one Justice League Showbag available, which includes Superman merchandise.

Price: $16.50
Showbag Contents:
1 X Justice League Cube Keychain $2.95
1 X Justice League 6.5" Gumball Machine $2.95
1 X Justice League Mini Playing cards $1.95
1 X 36" Justice League Inflatable Hammer $3.00
1 X Justice League 2" Kickball $1.95
PLUS - Your Choice of the Following: $12.95
1 X Batman Dress Up
Or 1 x Superman Dress Up
Or 1 x Wonder Woman Dress Up
Total Retail Value: $25.75

April 7, 2014: Superman on TV - April 7-13Print

Superman on TV Below are the Superman related TV shows and movies scheduled for the week ahead in the USA and Australia. Anyone in other regions of the world who would like to contribute is more than welcome to add their listings in the comments section below.

United States of America

Episodes of "Smallville" air on TNT in the U.S. on weekday mornings. This week's episodes are Monday - 6.00am "Noir". Tuesday - 5.00am "Prototype", 6.00am "Phantom"; Wednesday - 5.00am "Bizarro", 6.00am "Kara"; Thursday - 5.00am "Fierce", 6.00am "Cure"; Friday - 5.00am "Action", 6.00am "Lara".

Fans of "Lois & Clark" can watch the following episodes on The Hub in the U.S. On Saturday, April 12 at 12.00am "Meet John Doe" followed by "Lois and Clarks" at 1.00am. Then "Lethal Weapon" will air at 5.00am. Then on Sunday, April 13 at 1.00am "Tempus Fugitive" will be followed at 2.00am by "Target: Jimmy Olsen!". At 11.00pm that same night the episodes "The Phoenix" and "Top Copy" will air back to back.

The "Justice League Unlimited" episode titled "Double Date" will air in the U.S. on Saturday, April 12 at 9.30am on The CW's Vortexx programming block.

The animated movie "Justice League: Doom" will air on CineMax (MOMAX) in the U.S. on Tuesday, April 8 at 6.45am.

Robot Chicken's "DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise" will air in the U.S. on Cartoon Network at 3.00am on Monday, April 7.

The movie "Man of Steel" will air on HBO2 in the U.S. on Tuesday, April 8 at 9.00am ET and 8.00pm ET; then again on HBO on Wednesday, April 9 at 12.00pm ET and 9.00pm ET; then on HBO Zone on Friday, April 11 at 6.39pm ET; and then again HBO on Sunday, April 13 at 2.45pm ET. [Check your HBO guide for variations].

"Superman: The Movie" will air on the Sundance Channel in the U.S. on Tuesday, April 8 at 7.45pm; and then again on Wednesday, April 9 at 4.15pm.

"Superman II" will air on The Hub in the U.S. on Monday, April 7 at 8.00pm, and again on Tuesday, April 8 at 12.00am.

"Superman III" will air on The Hub in the U.S. on Saturday, April 12 at 10.00pm; and then again on Sunday, April 13 at 8.00pm.

The movie "Hollywoodland", about the life and death of George Reeves, will air on TMC in the U.S. on Wednesday, April 9 at 9.35pm; again on Thursday, April 10 at 10.00pm; again on Saturday, April 12 at 10.35am; and then again on Sunday, April 13 at 11.30pm.

George Reeves appears as Superman in the "I Love Lucy" episode titled "Lucy and Superman", which will air in the U.S. on Friday, April 11 at 6.30am on Hallmark.

NetFlix.com also has a number of Superman and Justice League TV shows and movies available to watch online.


In Australia, "Young Justice: Invasion" episodes can be seen weekdays on GO! (99) at 9.00am. This week's episodes are: Tuesday - "Before the Dawn". Wednesday - "Cornered". Thursday - "True Colors". Friday - "The Fix".

In Australia, the animated movie "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" will air on the Family Movie Channel on Wednesday, April 9 at 1.55am and 12.45pm; and again on Saturday, April 12 at 9.10am.

George Reeves appears as Superman in the "I Love Lucy" episode titled "Lucy and Superman", which will air in Australia on Thursday, April 10 at 6.30am on FOX Classics.

If there's anything I've missed please don't hesitate to let me know.

April 4, 2014: Superman Homepage "Speeding Bulletin" News VideoPrint

Speeding Bulletin Here's the "Speeding Bulletin" video report for the week March 28 - April 3, 2014.

The "Speeding Bulletin" is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman. It also includes the "Great Scott!" segment brought to you by Scotty V.

Subscribe to the "Speeding Bulletin" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

Merchandise seen in this episode:

Mild Mannered Reviews - Adventures of Superman - Chapter #49Print

Adventures of Superman #49

Mild Mannered Reviews - Adventures of Superman - Chapter #49

Released Digitally: March 31, 2014

"Ghosts of Krypton" - Part 1 of 1

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Cover Artist: Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Reviewed by: Alisa Lea Gossage

    This is a nice one shot story. And as much as I like a good Superman 'action' story, I also like that Niles uses Superman's intelligence to solve the problem. The ghost tells Kal-El that he can't 'punch' his way out of this situation. So, Superman finds another way. He remembers the wisdom of his Earth parents. The wisdom of the Kents is important to the Superman lore, and I always appreciate it when they are brought up.

    Superman's compassionate nature shines through. The Kryptonian ghost is at first a villain, but after he is defeated, he begs for mercy, and Superman is gracious enough to give mercy. Superman's purpose is to defend, not conquer.

Click here to read the complete review of Adventures of Superman - Chapter #49.

April 3, 2014: Three New Actors Cast for Superman/Batman MoviePrint

Holly Hunter Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Oscar®-winning actress Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey of "300: Rise of an Empire," and Tao Okamoto of "The Wolverine" have joined the cast of the upcoming Zack Snyder untitled Superman/Batman film. The announcement was made today by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

All three actors will play characters newly created for the film.

Snyder stated, "Holly has always been one of my favorite actresses; she has immense talent and is always captivating on screen. I had an opportunity to meet her a while back and knew instantly that I had to work with her, so as we began writing the script I made sure to create a role specifically for her.

"I just had the good fortune to work with Callan on '300: Rise of an Empire' and was very impressed with his incredible talent," the director continued. "He's a fantastic actor and I'm looking forward to having the chance to work with him again. And, quite simply, Tao is a striking presence whose beauty is aptly rivaled by her amazing abilities as an actress. I'm really excited to have her joining us on this adventure."

Callan Mulvey Hunter received the Academy Award® and a Golden Globe Award for her starring role in Jane Campion's "The Piano." She also garnered Oscar® nominations for her work in "Broadcast News," "The Firm" and "Thirteen." She has starred in such films as the Coen brothers' "Raising Arizona" and "O Brother, Where Art Thou?," Steven Spielberg's "Always," Lasse Halström's "Once Around," Jodie Foster's "Home for the Holidays" and Brad Bird's animated hit "The Incredibles." Hunter was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award® when she reunited with Campion for the TV miniseries "Top of the Lake." She next appears in David Gordon Green's "Manglehorn" and in Terrence Malick's upcoming feature.

Australian-born Mulvey stars in the current box office hit "300: Rise of an Empire," produced by Snyder. He also appeared in Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty," and will next be seen in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

In addition to "The Wolverine," Okamoto also appeared in the video "The Wolverine: The Path of a Ronin," and in the Japanese television miniseries "Chi no wadachi."

Tao Okamoto Snyder's film stars Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman/Clark Kent, Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. The film also stars Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and reunites "Man of Steel" stars Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

The new film is currently being written by Chris Terrio, from a screenplay by David S. Goyer. Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder are producing, with Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Wesley Coller, David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns serving as executive producers.

The film is set to open worldwide on May 6, 2016, and is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, Batman characters created by Bob Kane, and Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston, appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment.

April 3, 2014: Soule Talks "Superman/Wonder Woman" and "Superman: Doomed"Print

Superman: Doomed #1 Writer Charles Soule spoke to ComicBookResources.com about his work on the "Superman/Wonder Woman" title, and the expectations for the upcoming "Superman: Doomed" saga set to crossover with other Superman comic book titles.

    [Superman and Wonder Woman] are two of the biggest characters in any type of fiction, being presented in a slightly different context, since there is the romance element, which hasn't really been there before. How much do you enjoy that blend of something that is so established, but in a way that people haven't seen?

    I love it. Honestly, that is one of the things that attracted me to this project in the first place, because it was a chance to do something new with characters that everything has been done with, and that does not come along very often. So I jumped on it the minute it was offered. I feel like it's a responsibility, and it's something that I spend a lot of time trying to get right. I obsess over it in a way that I don't obsess over some of the other books, but hopefully that shows in the scripts and the finished product.

    Doomsday has been a part of the book since the beginning, and things are now moving to the "Superman: Doomed" crossover. What interested you about Doomsday, and were you reading DC Comics during the original "Death of Superman" back in 1992?

    Yes, I was, and that was one of the first big crossover events that really grabbed me as a kid. As far as Doomsday now, it's been more than 20 years since that happened, so this is a chance to take that storyline and subvert people's expectations of it a little bit. It's kind of like "Superman/Wonder Woman" itself - people think it's going to be X, and we're going to do Y, Z, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 - a whole bunch of different things that they're not necessarily expecting to happen. Which is fun. It's part of the process of working on a big event like that. I'm working on it with Greg Pak and Scott Lobdell, and we've really come up with some cool stuff.

Read the entire interview at the CBR website.

April 3, 2014: Superman's New Intern - Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in ParadisePrint

Robot Chicken Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first clip from the upcoming "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise", which is set to air on Cartoon Network on April 6.

    Before the special hits the airwaves on April 6, EW's got a first look at one of the many sketches in the half-hour special. In the clip below, meet the newest employee of Metropolis' Daily Planet, who replaces Jimmy Olsen after a freak accident at the office.

April 2, 2014: DC Cancels "Superman Unchained" #8-9 For NowPrint

Superman Unchained #8 Comic book retailers for informed on Tuesday night that DC Comics would be cancelling all orders for issues #8 and #9 of "Superman Unchained", the final two issues of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's best-selling series.

Originally solicited for March and April 2014 releases respectively, DC Comics will now resolicit both issues at a later date. Issue #7 is expect to be released in mid-May.

Source: Newsarama.com

April 2, 2014: Study Shows Superman's Appeal is Weak in Gen YPrint

Superhero Study A study conducted by Australian marketing and advertising researcher B&T has discovered that Superman's appeal, while strong in consumers over 35, drops dramatically amongst younger fans.

    We spoke to Australians aged 18-54, asking them specific questions relating to superhero brands' relevance, differentiation, knowledge and esteem (four pillars of brand health). The findings were not entirely surprising but make for interesting reading. Probably the most telling finding is that, whilst Batman and Superman share the top spot amongst 35-55 year olds, Superman drops to 5th for 18-34 year olds, and Batman, one place to 2nd. It seems that, whilst Batman has continued to re-invent himself to stay relevant for new audiences (namely through the recent Dark Knight movies) Superman has been clinging onto his illustrious past.

    Wolverine is overall strongest amongst 18-34 year olds, which is perhaps not surprising given that he has featured in 7 movies in the last 14 years, all played by Australian favourite Hugh Jackman. Ironman tops the overall rankings on Relevance alone, which indicates a broad association with audiences. Given the wide success and broad appeal of the Iron Man movies, and of Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of playboy millionaire Tony Stark, this is not entirely surprising either.

    When you dig a little deeper, the data reveals that Superman remains strong amongst 35-54 year olds, particularly on Knowledge and Esteem, the pillars that determine a brand's stature, often associated with large, successful heritage brands such as Qantas or Holden. Batman is ahead of Superman on the pillars of brand strength (Relevance and Differentiation), normally associated with newer brands or brands that manage to consistently re-invent themselves for new audiences, such as Apple or Sony.

    These pillars of brand strength is where Superman falters dramatically amongst 18-34 year olds, falling to 4th in Differentiation and 6th in Relevance, behind Marvel's Wolverine, Ironman, Thor and even Captain America. This lack of relevance is clearly recognised by DC comics, who, when rebooting all its titles in 2012, did away with Superman's marriage to Lois Lane to pave the way for a new romance with Wonder Woman.†It will be interesting to see what impact these developments may have on the brand health of these superheroes once they filter through to the big screen.

Read the complete report at the B&T website.

Thanks to Doug Randolph for the lead on this story.

April 2, 2014: Super Alternate Ending for "Gravity"Print

Superman in Space In a fun little re-edit, a fan has put together an alternate ending to the award-winning film "Gravity" that Superman fans might enjoy.

    Hard to believe, but Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron ("Children of Men") originally shot an opening scene for "Gravity" that included a cameo by the Man of Steel, Superman. Too bad the brass at Warner Bros. rejected this version.

April 2, 2014: Russell Crowe Not Involved in Superman/Batman MoviePrint

Russell Crowe as Jor-El Russell Crowe told Yahoo Movies that he won't be reprising his role as Jor-El for the follow-up to "Man of Steel".

    "I don't think they're going to use me again. I think they're jumping onto a different stream."

    Referring to the first cinematic meeting between Superman and Batman in the upcoming film, he said: "You know, they're going with the different superhero worlds colliding [this time]."

This isn't really that surprising, considering Jor-El was killed, both as a person and as an artificial intelligence in "Man of Steel".

Source: Yahoo Movies

Mild Mannered Reviews - Smallville: Lantern - Chapter #3Print

Smallville: Lantern - Chapter #3

Mild Mannered Reviews - Smallville: Lantern - Chapter #3

Released Digitally: March 28, 2014

"Lantern" - Part 3

Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Penciller: Marcio Takara
Inker: Marcio Takara

Reviewed by: Matt Schorr

    This is a tough one. I like this story. I really do. And if it weren't placed at this point in Smallville's timeline, all would be well. But it is, and thus, a lower score.

    I'll start with the positives. In general, I like this introduction to the Green Lanterns, I think because it reminds me a little bit of The Last Starfighter, a beloved film gem from my childhood. Tomar Re is practically saying, "Greetings Lantern. You have been recruited by the Guardians to defend Sector 2813 against Parallax and the Manhunter armada."

    (Older visitors to this sight should recognize that one.)

Click here to read the complete review of Smallville: Lantern - Chapter #3.

April 2, 2014: Shopping - Mr. Mxyzptlk/April Fools DayPrint