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Adventures of Superman #568

Adventures of Superman #568

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 28, 1999

Cover date: June 1999

1999 Triangle No. 24

Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciller: Tom Morgan
Inker: Denis Rodier

"Lookin' Good"

Michael (George) O'Connor Reviewed by: Michael O'Connor

As Superman attempts to improve his image in front of the public, an angry Luthor attempts to figure out a way to ruin Superman's image, completely and utterly so that power will be given back to him.

While Superman does his good deeds, hoping to get on everyone's good side, he sees children playing on top of a building. The child who is dressed as Superman pushes the costumed Batman off the side of the building. Superman swoops down, saves him and takes him to the top where Supes explains that pushing friends off buildings just isn't cool. The children seem confused however, since that's what the Real Steel Deal was doing to his friends when Dominus controlled his mind.

Believing that he has convinced the children of his true intentions, Superman flies away, feeling worried that he's just not doing enough.

Meanwhile, Luthor comes up with a scheme and drags Lois into it when he suggests that Lois host an interview with Superman, giving Supes the opportunity to explain himself in front of the nation. Lois is suspicious, as is Clark when she tells him the news, but Clark doesn't get the time to think through all of it when there is a breakout at Stryker's Island.

Superman arrives on the scene, returning the prisoners to their cells, oblivious to the fact that while a breakout was occurring, a break-in was also occurring and that Metallo's skull has been stolen by Luthor's men.

As Lois gets ready for her interview and begins to see a future in it, wondering how she'd do being a television reporter, Superman continues to help out as best he can around the city, gaining the respect and attention of many, who plan on tuning in on the show.

Later that evening, Lois sees Outburst take out a couple of thugs in the Queensland area, and seems convinced that Outburst is there to either guard or be prepared for something, even though Outburst may not know about it.

As Superman prepares to be interviewed, Lois tells him her suspicion, especially after she learns that Metallo's head has been stolen. Lois suddenly realizes Luthor's plan as she explains, telling Supes that most likely Luthor wanted Supes to do the interview so that Metallo could start some destruction downtown. Superman wouldn't be there since he would be in the interview and Outburst would have to capture Metallo. Essentially, it would ruin the Man of Steel's image and trust.

Superman flies off, leaving the interview, and arriving at the airfield, where Metallo wreaks havoc. Outburst shows up, but is quickly shrugged off by Metallo. Superman pursues him, however, and tears apart his body, taking Metallo's skull and super heating it so that after he places it in the sand, a glass prison can contain Metallo's head.

Superman flies home to hear mixed reports of how his action was received by the public, but turns off the television, not really caring and knowing that he has done the right thing.

4Story - 4: It was a well-told story, and although it wasn't great, it WAS a one-part story and was fairly clever. Metallo's kind of stupid now though... I like his animated persona much better.

3Art - 3: It varied in quality, looking awful at times and looking pretty good at other times. The beginning art looked like Shuster's, which was kind of cool.

4Cover - 4: Well... it catches the attention, and although not beautiful, at least it's kind of exciting...

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