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Action Comics #755

Action Comics #755

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 5, 1999

Cover Date: July 1999

1999 Triangle No. 25

Writers: Stuart Immonen and Mark Millar
Penciller: Shawn Martinbrough
Inker: Jose Marzan, Jr.


Reviewed by: Josh Gehling (

In a crumbling building, a little girl trapped inside listens as a soft voice comforts her. The voice tells her that it is hard to see her because of the lead in the building and asks her to keep talking. She starts talking about herself then asks the voice if he is a fireman, the man responds that he's only a man who likes to help people in trouble.

To understand this sudden turn of events, we must travel back 60 seconds in time. The girl's mother pleads the officer to let her into the burning building but the officer refuses, explaining that a search team has went in and found nothing. Standing a few feet away, a young boy gets the mother's attention and tells her that he was inside playing with Olivia and a couple friends when the whole place blew up, they all escaped, but Olivia was trapped inside. Behind them, the building crumbles to the ground, but shooting away is Superman with Olivia in his arms.

Superman lands swiftly and hands the girl over to her mother. Ruining the happy moment, the building's owner comes and starts threatening to "sue the pants off Superman" if he's knocked a villain through his building. Superman turns the one-sided argument to his side but it is quickly turned back when the man mentions Superman's previous attempt to take over the Earth. Superman pays no attention to the man, asks Olivia if she's okay, and then flies away.

Luthor sits in shock while he reads an injunction declaring that the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) will no longer support the manufacturing of synthetic kryptonite. Luthor asks the two men who handed him the paper why the D.E.O. would not wish to have the proper means to neutralize Superman if he would ever try to take over the world again. They respond that it is the D.E.O.'s current position and that the Department thinks that it might have been the synthetic kryptonite that contributed to Superman's delusional state in the first place. Luthor tries to argue with the two men but he is ignored.

Meanwhile, Lucy Lane is reading a magazine in the Kents' apartment when Superman flies by the window. She rushes towards the window but sees nothing more. Clark suddenly comes in from behind. Lucy tells Clark about Superman and then asks Clark if he knows where Lois is. Clark tells her she'll be in shortly and asks about his potential nephew. Lucy tells Clark that the Ultrasound revealed it to be a girl and she's doing fine. A few moments later, Lois arrives (Lucy and Lois are going to check out Ron's job (he hasn't told her what it is yet)) and they are off. Outside, Lucy signals a cab over and they start to pull away, Clark tells the cab driver to head to West 119th street. In the cab, Clark and the driver get in an argument about Superman. The driver believes that the world doesn't want peace and then he asks Clark if he's ever thought about what would've happened if Superman had not gotten out of Dominus' control.

Clark starts to think about this, and sees Superman visiting the Necropolis which he has spawned, mankind has tried to destroy him, but in reality, they have destroyed themselves. In the city he lifts a section of a building to uncover a survivor, he offers her his help but she throws rocks at him and runs away----

Lois shakes Clark awake to tell him they've arrived. The place is in the slums and as they enter, Ron greets them and tells them about the place. It is a shelter owned by Franklin Stern, known as Fairmont House, Ron is working here. Lucy tells Ron that she's proud of him, and when Lois and Clark leave, she stays to help Ron.

As Lois and Clark walk down the sidewalk, they discuss Clark's dream. Clark trips on a stuffed animal as he talks with Lois. Olivia comes from an alley to collect her toy and tells Clark about Superman saving her. Clark asks them if they have anywhere to go and when the mother denies the question and asks for help, Clark tells her there's nothing he'd rather do, but there's a friend of his who does it better. Clark then asks them if they've ever heard about Fairmont House...

2Story - 2: : This issue contained nothing at all exciting, the originality is really waning in the Superman comics... I said I wanted one-parters, but not if they're this boring. The whole Necropolis theme appeared on two pages... two pages! The whole "Coming Issue" box has talked about Necropolis and we get a two page dream. Also, what is it with all these #*$&#@*$% in the comics? I hope these things don't turn in to real cussing, then I'll know these writers can't get much lower... I've been seeing these symbols a WHOLE LOT in JLA recently. Pretty boring stuff Immonen and Millar... what happened?

2Art - 2: This art looks very ugly, I'm not a big fan of Immonen but he's usually deserving of a "4" while this guest artist (or at least I hope he's only a guest) gets a "2."

3Cover - 3: This isn't a cover that really sticks out, but it is a cover that looks like it might tell a wonderful story inside, no such luck here.

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