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Man of Steel #90

Superman: The Man of Steel #90

July 1999

1999 Triangle No. 26

Writer: Mark Schultz
Penciller: Mike Collins
Inker: Tom Nguyen

"A Girl and her Robot"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Lois Lane is about to leave LexCom headquarters when she is asked to stay behind to that Mr Luthor may speak to her. Lex soon begins to berate her about her part in the failed Superman interview (ADV 568).

Somewhere else, a Superman robot activates itself, frees itself from where it was being held and smashes it's way through a wall above Lois and Lex's head. The robot, the one specifically designed to protect Lois, scoops up the female reporter and fly's away. Lex wants the robot taken care of, after all, it did escape from his research lab.

Lex is not the only one who wants it. Superman leaps into the air and gives chase. However, when Superman tells the robot to stand down, it fails to understand the command. Rather than cause a scene or hurt Lois, Superman suggests the robot takes Lois back to her apartment. The robot is unhappy with the apartment saying it would be too hard to defend. Superman discovers that the robot came from Lex's lab, and then heads off to the remains of The Fortress.

Above the site of The Fortress there is an unusual light show. Soon Superman hears some faint activity, it turns out to be no less than Kelex's remains (Supes Kryptonian robot). Kelex begins to warn Superman that he is in danger when he is suddenly struck by a bolt of energy which transports Superman into a trace singularity, a sort of "ghost world" of The Fortress. Superman is soon attacks be "ghost" robots, and he is severely outmatched. Kelex suggests that if they find his ghost self, they might be able to get out. Superman juxtaposes Kelex over his ghostself. Now Superman has to do is move at a certain speed and he'

Superman and Kelex return to Metropolis, to find a huge crowd, including SCU waiting outside Lois' apartment, but Lois and the robot are already gone. Kelex is able to trace the robot, and does so.

When Superman catches up with them, the robot wastes no time with his attack. throwing a huge bolder. Before he can throw another, Superman melts the rock trapping the robot inside. When the robot breaks free, Kelex commands it to stand down in Kryptonian. The robot does so.

The robot had been tampered with, and so to protect itself reverted to it's default mode. With the robot under control, Superman gets it to show him where it put Lois.

Back in Metropolis, Lex gets in his Limo to find Superman already in there. Lex immediately goes in the attack, blaming the robot for the damage to his premises. Superman just tells him that the public are forgiving him for what he has done, but one day Lex will slip up, and he won't be forgiven.

3Story - 3: A nice little tale which cleverly brought together some loose ends from the whole Dominus plot, those being the robot and the remains of The Fortress. Whilst the "Ghost Fortress" seemed a bit like filling for the story (the action needed to fill the issue), the finding of Kelex was good (is he going to Live with Lois and Clark now?), but what about Kandor?

4Art - 4: The guest penciller was very pleasing to the eye, a rarity for guest artists on Superman who tend to be awful. Collins seemed to like drawing Superman in friendly poses -laughing etc.- which was great to see, makes a nice change. He actually looks happy to be with Lois!!!!

5Cover - 5: Easily the best part of the issue. The background is fantastic, and the way Superman slots nicely over the LexCom sign, is pure genius.

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