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Adventures of Superman #569

Adventures of Superman #569

July 1999

1999 Triangle No. 28

Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciller: Tom Morgan
Inker: Denis Rodier


Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

As Superman flies over head, Riot, or rather Riot's, break into STAR labs and turn off the power so that a containment field goes down. The SCU are there to clear up the mess, as 10's of creatures escape from their imprisonment.

Elsewhere, Superman rescues a woman and her daughter from the high seas. He reassures the people in their own language, much to the surprise of the girl and to the pride of the mother. He's Superman.

Having cleaned up the mess, Maggie Sawyer is informed by Inspector Henderson that he wants to put Meta-Humans on the SCU team. Maggie insists that they at least take the same tests that she did, but it's out of his hands, the Mayor wants it done.

At SCU headquarters the Metas are introduced. Freighttrain - superstrong and dense, Fireworks - energy powers, Badmouth - becomes ugly and Roo- jumps around a lot.

Lex Luthor watches Superman's heroic deeds on a large video screen. When Sackett informs Lex of his plans, he too is displeased. The SCU don't need Meta-Humans, they have The Superman Of America. Sackett suggests that the combined forces could control Superman.

In the centre of town a huge lizard STAR escapee is tearing up the town. The new Metas charge in, even though being told to wait. They don't fare to well. Their lack of training and experience shows, though Roo is able to knock the beat out with a well placed canister of knockout juice. Was the behemoth falls, Superman swoops in and catches it before anyone is squashed.

Everyone goes home ok, and learn that even though the metas have powers, they're still a person like you and me.

3Story - 3: A nice little stocking filler, but sadly not much else. I assume that Roo and the others will become regulars in the SCU. We better see them again or this issue will have been a bit pointless. With all these Meta-Humans in Metropolis now (what happened to Outburst and The SoA?) it makes you wonder if the writers are up to something. All ion all, a nice break from it all.

3Art - 3: Tom's art was better than last month's, but I can't say that there is anything that particularly stands out.

3Cover - 3: Nice to see Tom Grummett on the cover. I can't make up my mind about this cover. I like the mean and moody Supes in the background, I even like the target, but the blaster bolts... I just can't make up my mind.

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