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Man of Tomorrow #14

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #14

1999 Triangle No. 29

Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciller: Paul Ryan
Inker: Denis Janke

"Conspiracy of one+one+one+one+one..."

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Riot and his many other selves break into a building, only to be headed off by a man called Dealer. They had arranged to buy something off of him, but instead try to steal it. The head for Lex Corp instead.

At LexCom, Lex is throwing a party. The Riots use the distraction to break in and steal a time/phase integrator. Hearing the alarm they set off, Superman rushes to the scene, only to have the Riots use the device and go intangible. Superman begins to chase after them but they all evade him.

Back at LexCom, more Riots are causing havoc at the party. They throw some party goers over the side of the towerblock to that Superman has to rescue them. Back at the party, Riot talks to one of the guests and calls him Uncle Hal, and for some reason he blames himself for something. Whilst Superman tries to take care of the Riots, Lois talks to Uncle Hal.

Years before Riot used to be a normal boy. He was very busy and had to do so many things that he couldn't cope. He took an invention of his uncles that made he able to replicate himself. Soon the boy was able to do it himself, but with it came the disfiguration.

Meanwhile, all the Riots begin to group together so they can use the Integrator. The new meta-human wing of the SCU is sent into stop, Riot but Superman stops them. They are using the Integrator to join together again and sleep. Eventually Supes is able to persuade the SCU metas to stop. Riot completes the process and sleeps, then Superman takes him to Strykers Island.

2Story - 2: There was a bit more to the story than what I wrote above, but I couldn't be bothered to waste my time on it. The only good thing about this book was the end, and I don't mean it had a good ending. I suppose it was a bit interesting finding out about the background to Riot, but quite frankly he is one of the worse villains ever. I felt no sympathy for him.

2Art - 2: Paul Ryan!!! Yuk!!!!! Nuff said.

3Cover - 3: This was the only good thing about this issue, and even this wasn't that good. I like the image, but of course Supes would have be trapped like that by a mere dweeb like Riot.

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