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Man of Steel #91

Superman: The Man of Steel #91

Aug 1999

1999 Triangle No. 31

Writer: John Rozum (Mark Schultz)
Penciller: Charlie Adlard (Doug Mahnke)
Inker: Charlie Adlard (Tom Nguyen)


Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

When Lois arrives home she finds her husband at his computer in his tights. Something happened to Superman today that inspired him to write. Lois reads...

A Mr Musgrove is sitting in an office with a Dr Samenpur. The bespecled man begins to recount his tale to the woman. He used to work for Wackyland Toys. One day someone stole his idea for a game. That night, Musgrove went home to start afresh on a new game. The ultimate game. A game he would not tell anyone about. As he began to work out the particulars, he noticed that Superman flew by his window three times.

The next day, Morgan, the man to stole his last game, inquires as to what Musgrove is doing. The designer refuses to tell, but Morgan tells him that it's bound to be super. Super? Was that supposed to be some sort of clue? Was Morgan telling him that Superman was spying on him on Morgan's orders so he could steal this game too?

That night at home, Musgrove lined a small box with lead with which to hide his plans in. He even made a lead and foil lined hat in case the Man Of Steel could also read minds.

Eight months later the work was complete. Musgrove puts his secret plans into a lead lined briefcase and then takes them to a toy company. On the way, Superman uses an armed robbery as an excuse to "accidentally" open the case so he can read the plans.

Why would Superman want to read the plans? asks his therapist, Samenpur.

Musgrove's game is about stopping an alien invasion. He's designed it to "teach" children to fight off the invasion that Superman is merely a scout for. Musgrove continues with his story.

At the toy manufacturer, he is turned down. It's not modern enough. The manufacturer gives him a week, as he's off to "The Cape" for a holiday. Is that another clue? Does this man work for Superman too? As Musgrove leaves he notices from a copy of the Daily Star that Superman is going to open a children's hospital.

Outside the hospital a string of children line up holding cards spelling out Superman, except the P and M are the wrong way around. Who was welcoming Superman, Morgan. Were they all against Musgrove? HAving cut the tape and had a bug planted on him by Musgrove, Superman leaves.

Musgrove follows him, preparing to unmask him as the vile alien he is, only to discover that Superman is burning down his building!

Back in the office, Musgrove beings to rave at Dr Samenpur, when suddenly it clicks into place. Samenpur - an anagram of Superman. They ARE all against him. He leaps across the desk and pushes her out of the window. Superman catches her.

Later in Mount Hope Home, Musgrove shows the other inmates his game.

At home, Lois finishes reading the manuscript, and says that she hopes that if he is here to conquer, that he conquers her first. She sits on his lap and turns off the light.

5Story - 5: As you can probably tell by synopsis I loved this story. Why? 1 It was original (mostly), or at least in the way in that it was told. The art really helped here too. Best of all I liked the way we saw Musgrove's mind fall deeper and deeper into it's paranoia. Perhaps the bit that impressed me the most was the small details like Samenpur's name.

4Art - 4: If this is art we need to make Superman cool again, I could happily live with this. However, Adlard's rendition of Superman was rather poor.

5Cover - 5: Truly Superb!!! Superman is everywhere, in fact I only just noticed the s shield on the bollard!!!

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