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Action Comics #758

Action Comics #758

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 11, 1999

Cover date: October 1999

1999 Triangle No. 38

Writer: Stuart Immonen and Mark Millar Pencillers: Stuart Immonen
Inker: Jose Marzan, Jr.

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Superman arrives at Police HQ with a mangled form of a car lifted above his head. Explaining to Turpin and Sawyer, he takes out Noose, an Intergang employee. Handing over the villain, he flies off with the car, taking it to the city dump.

Meanwhile, Boss Moxie learns that Noose has been captured and the furious crime boss smashes his hand against the table. He realizes that something has to be done about Superman and knows that the gang has seen better days. Now it is only he and Rough House that still remain.

Off at Lex Corp, Lois is picked up for a lunch with Clark (literally). Clark senses that Lois is ticked off about something and Lois explains that she's a little sick of having to wait so long all the time.

Meanwhile, Moxie meets a former associate whom he eventually convinces to be partners with him. Frank, as the man is called, demands that Rough House stay where he is as he takes Moxie down below into a secret basement where he leads Moxie to a machine that he thinks is capable of seriously injuring the Man of Steel. As he does so, robots suddenly come alive inside the shop and attack Rough House, hurling him out the window.

Meanwhile, Lois shows her dissatisfaction that she never sees Clark anymore. At this moment, he hears an alarm and as Lois yells at him, he promises her dinner from the four corners of the world.

Frank reveals his metal monster to Moxie, who looks at the gigantic killer lobster with amazement. Moxie knocks Frank out and steals the monster, immediately letting it bust out of its subterranean hideout and attack Superman who has arrived at the store. The lobster gives the Man of Steel a few jabs before Supes unleashes a water tower on the metal monster, causing it to collapse on top of Moxie.

Superman rounds up both Moxie and Rough House but never sees Frank, who tells himself that he will be the new leader of Intergang.

Back at the apartment, Lois is intentionally late to dinner to show Clark how it feels. They apologize to each other and plan to just stay home that night.

3Story - 3: Your typical Supey story with a pointless Lois and Clark fight. I guess there did have to be something redeeming about the issue, though, because I don't think it would be fair to give it a 2 rating. Oh well... maybe it was that gigantic lobster that really boosted the story potential in my mind... cuz it certainly wasn't Moxie and company. Thank God they're all in jail now... Intergang is a joke! Unfortunately, now we've got a new joker that's going to be head of Intergang. Great! Just great!

4Art - 4: Immonen's usual mix of fantastic pencilling with Marzan creating some fantastic inking here. Nothing too incredible in this issue though. I suppose there wasn't that much interesting to draw.

4Cover - 4: Superman fighting a gigantic lobster. Interesting? Yes. A good idea for a story...? Ummm... NO!

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