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Man of Steel #93

Superman: The Man of Steel #93

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 18, 1999

Cover Date: October 1999

1999 Triangle No. 39

Writer: Mark Schultz
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Tom Nguyen

"The Sea Beast of Metropolis!"

Reviewed by: Josh Gehling (

A young boy and girl stumble upon a monster in the sewer (who had escaped from STAR labs a few years ago), the monster had found some jewels in the harbor and gives them to the children. The boy's father finds the jewels and goes to visit Nekton (the monster) in hopes of getting more. The man convinces Nekton to get more jewels (by stealing) so that he can "support the children." Superman traces the jewel-heist into the underground and finds Nekton and the children. He feels sorry for Nekton and does not return him to STAR labs and he tells the father to clean up his act.

3Story - 3: : This story was pretty lame and seemed like all the other "filler" stories that have been coming out within the last month. Not a very enjoyable read, although it wasn't terrible...

3Art - 3: Ugh! Usually, I love Doug Mahnke's art but this issue seemed very rushed... I hope this isn't his new style.

4Cover - 4: The cover was definitely the best part of the issue but it was a little too dark for me. An overall average issue. (Let me express my sincerest apologies for this absolutely pathetic review... it's way overdue and I just don't have the time...)

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