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Action Comics #760

Action Comics #760

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 27, 1999

Cover date: December 1999

1999 Triangle No. 49

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: German Garcia
Inker: Joe Rubinstein

"...Never-Ending Battle..."

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

A flaming "S" lights up the Metropolis skyline, a subtle creation of Doctor Spectro. Spectro, clad in a garish rainbow-spotted jumpsuit, waits patiently atop a roof for the Metropolis Marvel. As soon as he appears, the Doctor rips open a small box containing what he thinks is Kryptonite. Superman just smiles at him and crushes the psuedo-K. Spectro begins to curse a woman, as a corny band of men dressed like clocks assault Superman with even more fake K. Superman finishes with them in a moment.

Across town, Lois stands on the roof of the Daily Planet building, talking to Perry about Clark's job in Japan. As Perry enters the building Superman rises up from the side and takes Lois in his arms. They fly across town, Clark reflecting over his fear of Kryptonite.

In Japan, Clark attends a gala when suddenly the speaker reveals a box of kryptonite. While the man speaks of his intentions to kill Superman, a woman stands in the shadows. Suddenly a giant stone dragon bursts through the wall, carrying "Ishi-Shujou, the Stone Emperor". Ishi quickly appropriates the Kryptonite from the speaker, and then is just as quickly stopped by a tap from Superman. As Ishi disappears into the mist, the woman from the shadows steps out holding the kryptonite. Clad in a tight jumpsuit, the well-endowed woman introduces herself as La Encantadora. Superman starts to tell her that the fake Kryptonite scam is dangerous, when she opens the box and Superman is brought to his knees. Superman writhes in agony, but Encantadora simply smiles and then vanishes.

Superman speeds away from Japan, hot on the trail of Encantadora. He locates her in Tijuana, accompanied by the Riddler and other costumed villains. Superman bursts through the wall and hurls the kryptonite box into orbit before Encantadora can open it. He grabs her, but is again struck with the agony of Kryptonite. The Riddler moves into hit the Man of Steel, but Superman is still invulnerable. Encantadora vanishes again, and Superman quickly subdues the remaining bad guys.

Superman continues to pursue Encantadora and her fake Kryptonite. From San Francisco, to the Arctic and Vandal Savage (who strangely still has his left eye), to Berlin and the Scavenger, and finally to Miami where Supes has to save Encantadora from Metallo. She disappears again, saying only "The desert. Africa." In the Sahara, Superman finds Ra's Al Ghul, who tells him that his prey has fled to Spain.

Superman arrives in Spain, with all of the villains Encantadora swindled in tow. She starts to run, but a blur zooms by her, taking her necklace. The real Superman then deactivates the holographic projector, courtesy of Doctor Spectro, and all of the villains disappear. Helpless, Encantadora informs Superman that the mist from her necklace lets her convince people of things, even of pain. Superman then moves to take Encantadora away, who meets him with a passionate kiss. Caught off guard, Superman can only sputter and then fly her away.

And the battle continues...

5Story - 5: On my first read, Kelly's Superman was sort of boring to me. The second time through, all of the charm and humor came through much more. I didn't go into detail here, but read through the comic and you will know what I mean. Kelly has brought his trademark humor to Superman, and all-out action as well. The villain was kind of bland though, but I still liked her.

5Art - 5: German (pronounced Herman) Garcia's art is great. Superman has that dopey, farm boy look that Tim Sale did so well last year. Lois looked sexy and the action was clean and dynamic. Plus, Garcia is one of Wizard's up-and-coming artists (along with Superman's Ed McGuiness I might add), which should draw new readers to the title.

5Cover Art - 5: Another great cover by Jimenez completes the great picture. The four different covers are great together and fit the mood of the new creative teams. Superman is big and strong, and I love the sketches of the other characters around him.

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