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Day of Judgment #1

November 1999

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Matt Smith
Inker: Steve Mitchell

"The Summoning"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

In hell the fallen angel, Asmodel, struggles against his chains, whilst, Neron, the one who tricked him laughs as the foolish angel. Neron leaves the angel to be tormented by a demon, when another, Etrigan squishes the other. The demon Etrigan has an offer for Asmodel. The Spectre, the avenging spirit, needs a new host as his old one, Jim Corrigan has died. Etrigan won't tell Asmodel why he wants him to do this, only that the angel could have his revenge. Etrigan summons The Spectre, and tricks him into cutting off one of Asmodel's wings, and therefore allowing the angel to become the new host for The Spectre.

Elsewhere on Earth, Zatanna completes her magic show for the evening. Suddenly she feels a sudden chill and an image of The Spectre flashes through her mind. She magics herself away to Dr Occult.

In New Jersey at a mental institute June Moone becomes The Enchantress. As she escapes from her cell, she comes across Gren Lantern flying high above.

Back in hell. The Spectre/Asmodel passes a small message on to Neron, and then demonstates by freezing him. The rest of hell will follow. The Spectre then leads the dammed souls to Earth. GL and The Enchantress have a minor disagreement, when the ground opens beneath them and the demons spew forth.

In Boston, Zatanna meets up with Dr Occult. The end is coming to the Earth. The sky is red, holy water is boiling, and statues are crying. In St Louis, Zatanna collects Deadman.

At the JLA watchtower, the team listen into Green Lantern's report, and J'onn calls in the reservists. The heroes begin to fight the demons of hell.

Meanwhile, Zatanna continues to gather other magic users, the son of Felix Faust, Madame Xanadu, but the Phantom Stranger finds her.

The JLA and JSA move in on The Spectre and his demons. Zauriel recognises that The Spectre is Asmodel and fly's in to attack. His wings are turned to stone, but luckily Mr Miracle catches him. The assembled heroes all fire their energy beams at The Spectre, but he merely stops them in their tracks. Superman is turned to salt! As The Spectre gets ready to take over the Earth he is confronted by the magic users of the DCU.

4Story - 4: If it's Superman you want, then perhaps you shouldn't buy this. He only appears in eight panels (four of which are as a salt statue) out of the 29 pages, and indeed, if I had known this wasn't going to cross-over into Superman as it doesn't (except MOT#15), I would not have bought it. HOWEVER, I am very glad that I did. I found it quite refreshing to read something different from what I usually read. My main problem was that I didn't know who The Enchantress was, but I think I've seen all the others before. So, a good start for the crossover event, lets hope it stays that way!

3Art - 3: The art was a little less satisfactory. But from what I know of the comics of the magic users of the DCU, this is the kind of art they have, so I guess it all fits, if not for Superman. Again, though I wouldn't like this on a weekly basis it is refreshing.

4Cover - 4: Ah covers. The great deceivers of the DCU. What I mean by that is that Batman, Supes and WW are on the cover but barely feature. However, that aside, it's a good composition. The sort of cover I'd like to see on JLA.

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