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Day of Judgment #2

Cover Date: Nov 99

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 8, 1999

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Matt Smith
Inker: Steve Mitchell

"Lost Souls"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman

The Sentinels of Magic stand ready to stop Asmodel's rampage. While Doctor Occult and Faust hold off the demons, Zatanna traps the power of the Spectre in Madame Xanadu's crystal. While the heroes recover, the now-powerless Asmodel and the Demon free the scene.

They come to the conclusion that in order to stop Asmodel, they need to find a new host for the spirit of Vengeance, and the obvious choice is Jim Corrigan. Zauriel informs them that their only option is to travel to the divine plane and contact Corrigan's spirit. Zauriel uses his sword on Raven's form and opens a portal to the divine gates. Meanwhile, the remaining heroes head down into hell.

At the pearly gates, Mr. Miracle unlocks the gates to heaven and they start to proceed through when an angel named Michael appears. Behind him come a number of heroes from the past: Mister Terrific, Atom, Doctor Midnight, and many more.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern and company continues down to hell.

In heaven Jim Corrigan's spirit appears through the gates. Alan Scott pleads the heroesí case, but Corrigan declines, saying that he has no more anger and that his mission is over. Corrigan's spirit fades out but Michael offers an alternative, a doorway to purgatory where those unjudged wait. The heroes fly on.

Finally, the other team arrives in Hell, its doors blasted open. Suddenly Cerberus, the hound of hell attacks them. Atom hurls himself at the creature, but the Enchantress strikes him with hundreds of icicles, subduing the hellhound.

Back on Earth, the remaining heroes continue to battle the demon onslaught. The Phantom Stranger informs Batman that the only weapon capable of stopping the Spectre is the Spear of Destiny, but the artifact is in orbit out of his reach. Batman sends Captain Marvel, Starfire, and S.T.R.I.P.E. to retrieve it.

In Purgatory, the heroes find many they know: Vigilante, Rick Flagg and others. Wonder Woman asks for their aid as one spirit steps up. Hal Jordan.

4Story - 4: I canít really put my finger on it, but this was a good story. Much better than part one in any case. The different teams of heroes fill the comic with more action. One thing did bother me though. Many golden/silver age heroes have been appearing throughout this series, which may leave quite a number of younger readers alienated. Overall though, a good read.

3Art - 3: I really donít like this art. There are a number of pictures with people's faces that either look flat or just dumb. Still, it was saved from a two because it is never confusing. You can always tell what is happening.

4Cover - 4: While I still donít like the art, the cover is dynamic and eye catching. Plus, Zatanna is given the central position, which shows the artist acknowledging that the magic-users are the real heroes in this story.

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