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Day of Judgement #3

Cover Date: Nov 99

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 15, 1999

"Choosing Sides"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman

Azmodel (still in the body of the Spectre) continues to ravage the Earth. Hordes of his demons attack the heroes who desperately defend Madame Xanadu, whose crystal still contains the power of the Spectre. Azmodel, however, still has enough power to disfigure the Phantom Stranger, preventing him from aiding in the battle.

In space, Marvel and company search for the Spear of Destiny, but as soon as they locate it they are attacked by three dead Cosmonaughts reanimated by Azmodel's power.

Meanwhile, Alan Scott and the rest of the heroes in Purgatory plead their case to Hal Jordan, who agrees to help. He summons his power and becomes Green Lantern again. As they prepare to leave, hordes of angels appear to block their way.

Zatana's team in hell, is not faring any better. Plunged into the now-icy waters of the Styx, each hero is treated to his or her own person nightmare. Faust manages to pull them out, having no soul to be corrupted by the water.

Back in New York, Katana is briefly, but Dr. Occult steps in (morphing into a woman called Rose) to continue to defend Madame Zanadu.

On his own mission, Starman locates Dr. Fate in Salem.

Back in Purgatory, the heroes and the angels clash. Zauriel prepares to cut an exit to earth, but an angel extinguishes his sword. The unjudged heroes that populate Purgatory attack the angels, giving Zauriel time to re-ignite his sword on Supergirl's wings. Zauriel slashes open a portal and the heroes escape.

Faust's team finally arrives at the City of Dis, location of Hell's Fire Pits. They procede inside where they come face to face with the demon Nebiros.

On Earth, Madame Zanadu finally surrenders the Power of the Spectre, claiming that she has seen the future.

In space, Starfire obtains the Spear of Destiny, but is overcome by its power.

Azmodel reclaims the power of the Spectre just as Hal Jordan and the heroes return from Purgatory. Batman argues that Jordan in not worthy, but Hal attacks Azmodel, eager to end the threat. Azmodel smiles at his feeble attack and transforms the former Green Lantern into stained glass, shattering him and the hopes of the heroes.

3Story - 3: Again, a good story. It's kind of refreshing to have a crossover event that isn't just the JLA plus an occasion member or two. This story has highlighted the lesser know characters in the DCU, and even though I don't know a lot about many of them, I am still enjoying the story. However, I am disappointed that the whole point of this series is to bring back Hal Jordan. If it were this easy to bring people back from the dead, why isn't Zauriel going for Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Jason Todd, and other heroes who have died. Hal should stay dead, this defeats the significance of his death in "Final Night".

2Art - 2: That's it, I can no longer tolerate this art. It's not even deserving of an average any more. The art lacks detail, depth, and any type of resemblance to the heroes we know and love. Everything that isn't the focus of a panel is blury, and the backgrounds have almost no detail. I don't know why DC would ever give their annual crossover to such a horrible artist.

3Cover - 3: Again, the art drags it way down. At first glance though, it is eye catching and the heroes in the foreground look almost good. Of course, if you examine Supergirl or Mr. Miracle you can see why I hate this art. SG looks like a flat face stuck on Captain Marvel's body. The structure and boldness of it keeps it average, but just barely.

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