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Day of Judgment #4

November 1999

Writer: Geoff Smith
Pencillers: Matt Smith and Chris Jones
Inker: Steve Mitchell

"The End of The World as We Know It"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

All over the world, deamons attack every city. In a city in the US Sentinel kneels over the shattered remains of Hal Jordan. Everything is looking grim. Asmodel/Spectre sealed up The Phantom Strangers mouth so he could not tell of his knowledge. Their only hope is that a group led by Captain Marvel can recover The Spear of Destiny from space. Suddenly the shards of Hal Jordan refom and he is alive once more. Dr Fate has arrived with the JSA and "healed" him.

High above, Asmodel/Spectre sends down the final plague on earth, Pestilence. A huge cloud of mosquito like things fly towards the heroes. Hal's ring creates some fighter jets to take care of the airborne menace. Soon Hal reasises that he cannot do this alone, but as Sentinal points out, he doesn't have to.

A new member joins the team, Ragman, a so called urban legend. The magic users of the DCU and Ragman join forces and forces and give Hal the power that he needs. He uses it to re-create The Green Lantern Corps.

In low orbit, Captain Marvel is having his own problems. When Starfire took the Spear (see issue 3) she could not controil it's "will" and she becomes controlled by it and it's power. STRIPE knocks her own and Marvels takes the Spear.

In hell, Superman is shot by the deamon Nebrios while the rest of the team begin to get things ready to restart the flames of hell. Faust produces some bones, which grow into Blue Devil who fights Nebrios.

On the surface, Hal and the GL's attack Asmodel/Spectre whist Marvel returns with The Spear.

Back in hell Blue Devil and Firestorm finish of Nebrios. Suddenly something strange happens to Faust he regains his soul. When the heroes try to relight hell it doesn't work. Suddenly Faust kills The Enchantress. He loses his soul again, but it was for a good cause. An evil act had to be commited so the fires would relight.

On the surface, the daemons begin to be dragged back into hell and the hellfire is ripped from Asmodel/Spectre's body. Superman's team arrive on the surface. Captain Marvel gets The Spear and stabs Asmodel. During his weak moment Hal enters The Spectre.

As the heroes think it's all over, Superman punches Batman and Green Lantern. Superman(?) will have The Spectre for himself (?) and he will have the power.

4Story - 4: This was fantastic. I really enjoyed reading this. This is the cross over to end crossovers. Well, that's enough ranting. What's good? Well I liked the way the teams were split up and the story hopped between them, though it worked better in issue three. I loved the bit with Faust having to kill The Enchantress. If Supes had been himself it would have been intersting to see how he would have reacted. That brings me to my next point. Who is Superman? My favoured guess is Neron, but I don't know why.

3Art - 3: The art was much the same as usual. Shame someone had to do the breakdowns. Where they behind schedule? Nice and bright and colourful.

3Cover - 3: Not a spectacular cover, but I quite like it's simplicity.

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