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The Incredible Hulk vs Superman

Writer: Roger Stern
Penciller: Steve Rude
Inker: Al Milgrom

"Double Lives"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Lois is at home watching a programme about the mysterious Hulk, when Superman flies through the open window. Superman explains how The Hulk came into being and the rest of the story explains how Superman and The Hulk met.

Years Ago...

Banner awakes from a horrid nightmare and turns into The Hulk, despite recently being able to control the changes. His friend, Rick chases after him but the hulk soon escapes.

Meanwhile at a university, Clark Kent is interviewing a scientist who was created an invention that can tell when an earthquake is going to happen. Although they don't know it they pick The Huge footsteps. Clark Quickly leaves to investigate as Superman. The Hulk is busily trashing a family barbecue when Superman arrives, and a fight begins but Superman loses him.

Back at The Planet, Clark Kent begins to investigate The Hulk, when Lois sees him doing this, she goes straight to Perry beats Clark to the rights to the story. However, Clark puts a spin on it and goes after the story from a different angle. Lois soon begins interviewing people and they all lead to Rick, Hulk's friend.

Elsewhere, Rick manages to catch up with The Hulk and return him to his Dr Banner form. Rick takes Banner back to the army base, where he meets Clark Kent for an interview and none other than Lex Luthor.

Meanwhile at a diner, Lois tries hitting on Rick Jones in order to get information about The Hulk He soon leaves.

Back at the army base, Lex' intentions are beginning to become clear.

Lois and Betty are driving through the desert when they are attacked by The Hulk. At the Army base, Clark Kent is interviewing Dr Banner!! The pair run off to do their jobs. Whilst Superman takes care of the wreaked car, Hulk finds the fake Hulk with Betty. The Hulk destroys the copy just as Superman arrives to see the Hulk standing over Betty's body. They fight. Superman quickly discovers the truth, but now The Hulk is Really upset and won't stop fighting Superman.

Meanwhile at the Army base, Lex suggests using Banners Gamma Gun to stop The hulk - His real intention is to "stop" Superman. It doesn't work and it is destroyed. Lex is caught by Superman, though Lex ends up walking away.

Later Lois ends up getting the front page

2Story - 2: Don't by this unlike you like The Hulk!!!!!!! I really didn't like this. Why? I guess I was annoyed because I thought it was going to fit into continuity, but it doesn't, and if it does I don't have a clue where. It's not even clear that it is Lois at the beginning of the comic that Superman comes home too. It was just a huge disappointment to me not at all what I expected or wanted. However, there was some good bits in it but they get swallowed by the total pointlessness of it all.

1Art - 1: Horrid, what can I say. Very nasty, can't bring myself to say anything else about it.

2Cover - 2: It looks good at first... ..

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