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Superman and Savage Dragon: Metropolis

Writer: Karl Kesel
Art: Jon Bogdanove

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Superman awakens in hospital and immediately goes on the offensive. Maggie Sawyer quickly tells the Man of Steel where he is, and he puts the doctor that he grabbed down. When the SCU ask him what happened, Superman cannot tell them. he hasn't a clue how he ended up in hospital, or the events before.

Suddenly the wall to Superman's room caves in. Savage Dragon and two super villains tumble in. Superman takes out one of the villains, which Dragon uses the pedals used to start peoples hearts, to knock the other unconscious. Introductions are made and the pair of heroes discover they have something in common. They both woke without any memories. The pair head off to discover some leads.

At The Daily Planet they meet up with lois and Jimmy. The decide to get into Clark Kent's computer to see if he has any leads. However no one knows the password. After a small argument Lois and Supes leave. Dragon says that they act like a married couple.

In the store cupboard Lois and Superman make up for the time last during his unconsciousness and time in hospital. By the time they return, Jimmy has cracked the password and got into Clark's files. There have been some murders in Suicide Slum, and all the victims have had a curious mark on them. Supes and Dragon get moving. Perry sends Lois and Jimmy down to the scene.

In the Slum, Supes meets up with some old friends, the Newsboys and Bibbo. But soon get on their way. The pair head into an old subway, and dragon is attacked by some afraid squatters. Suddenly they are attacked. villain had been hiding in Supes' shadow. He villain is soon joined by two more. A fight ensues, ending with Dragon being walloped into the air and Superman following after him.

The villains catch their breathes and their leader, Killroy, arrives. He was displeased that the heroes got away but his men promised they would get them back. Killroy then kills one of the squatters, leaving the mysterious mark as he does so.

Supes and Dragon are picked up by Lois and Jimmy in a Humvee and they are attacked by a large tank-like vehicle. Superman uses his powers to fly the whole Humvee away, but Jimmy suddenly morphs into a villain and attacks. Then a Boomtube appears and they are whisked away.

When Superman and Dragon wake they are tied down by very large chains. They are on Apokolips and trapped by The Furies lead by Killroy and Fiend (whom, I assume is Dragon's nemesis). It is Killroy's plan to rule Apokolips and he will do it with the heroes help. When Dragon argues with Killroy, he new god uses his powers to remove Dragon hand. It will grow back. At this Fiend get annoyed. Only he can torture Dragon. As he tries to attack Killroy, the new god produces a device that can send Fiend back to when he came from. Killroy then blackmails the heroes into helping by telling them that Darkseid has Lois.

Suddenly they are attacked by the rest of the Furies, Parademons and Grannie Goodness' minions. With a bit of Super strength Superman's "side" beat off the attacking force. It is now that Killroy admits that he was lying. he doesn't have Lois. Superman attacks Killroy, and Fiend attacks Supes and posseses him like he did to Jimmy. "Supes" and Dragon fight, and during the fight, "Supes" grabs Killroy's device so that he can't be sent away. Some how Superman regains some control over his body and throws the device to Dragon, who activates it. Fiend is banished away.

Darkseid arrives. Killroy blames everything on Fiend, and Darkseid sends Supes and Dragon back to Earth.

3Story - 3: Although I enjoyed the comic this review was someone laborious. So much of the story felt like filling, which don't get me wrong was good, but to include in this review would have taken forever. I would say that you should only buy this if you buy everything, you like SD or you love Bog. Though entertaining and very funny in places, it's all a bit pointless as it will have repercussions, unlike say Doomsday Wars.

3Art - 3: Well it's Bog. You either love it or hate it.

2Cover - 2: I hate this sort of cover. They don't fight, well not as the picture might suggest. No style, just attention grabbing.

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