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Batman and Superman: World's Finest #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 21, 1999

Writer: Karl Kesel
Penciller: Peter Doherty
Inker: Robert Campanella

"The Imp-Possible Dream"

Michael (George) O'Connor Reviewed by: Michael O'Connor

Five years ago...

In Metropolis, the time has come for Mxyzptlk to show up again and cause havoc for the Man of Steel. As Mxy arrives in Metropolis, he runs into a lunatic from an insane asylum who panics, thinking that Mxy is Batmite.

Mxy wonders about this Batmite just as the imp shows up, offering a bet on who's the better superhero: Batman or Superman. Mxy agrees, claiming that it should be fun.

In other parts of Metropolis, it is also the day that Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meet again to commemorate the death of Harrison Gray. The two are no sooner talking in the Daily Planet when Mxy alters reality and stops time. The two imps reveal their plan to the two heroes about creating a contest where they decide who's the better hero.

The imps change the heroes into their costumes and then send them into a reality where Lois Lane has been captured and placed on top of a skyscraper. To add even more excitement, they throw in a confused Robin, the Boy Wonder.

The building is surrounded by monstrous birds which Superman fights off while Batman and Robin climb the building 60's style just like in the old television series. They are thrown off when Mxy blasts fire at them. Robin's quick wits save Batman as Lois helps Superman fend off the monstrous birds.

Batman and Superman then swing to save Lois in a scene reminiscent of the cover of Superman and Batman's first meeting in pre-Crisis continuity. (Check it out in the Pre-Crisis section)

Finally reunited, Superman, Batman, Robin and Lois Lane are suddenly tossed into a maze where they split up into groups of two. Superman and Robin head one way while Batman and Lois cover the other way.

Superman and Robin begin talking, with Robin expressing his anger at Batman for always treating him like a kid. Superman suggests that Robin take his own name and a new look, thinking that either the name "Nightwing" or "Flamebird" would be good, as he recalls the ancient Kryptonian heroes of the same name.

Superman and Robin are suddenly stopped cold when Robin falls into some quicksand and branches grab hold of Superman. Batmite sees that Robin is in danger and allows Superman to save him.

Soon, Batman and Lois find themselves in a giant typewriter, where they have to get past a ball of doom. Lois complains of Superman's over-protectiveness towards her as the two rush past the ball. Lois trips, however and as the ball descends towards her, Mxy decides to give Lois superpowers, allowing her to save herself from the ball of doom.

At this point, Batmite and Mxy quarrel over what's fair and this results in making Robin look different and giving Batman superpowers. Mxy laughs triumphantly when all four reunite, realizing the irony of the entire situation. Robin wants to be treated like an adult while Lois, on the other hand, wants to be treated like one of the boys. Batman wants to have superpowers while Superman would rather be normal.

Mxy leaves, letting the group realize that they won't be happy no matter what life they live.

Back in reality, Clark realizes that Mxy made Batmite up so as to make his game more interesting. The two shake hands as Bruce heads home.

5Story - 5: A great story! The jokes were hilarious, the references to past incarnations of Superman and Batman were clever and there was even a moral! Not many comic books can have all that in one issue! This was certainly one of the better stories of the series. My biggest complaint is that the series doesn't seem to be heading anywhere. Looking in hindsight, I'm disappointed that this is the first appearance of Robin in the series and also that starting in this issue, Supes and Bats seem to be much chummier with each other. It just seems like such a sudden change... Also... I'd like to see some sort of Joker/Luthor team-up against the heroes. Batman and Superman haven't actually been working together much. They seem separated all the time.

3Art - 3: Bleh! I don't like this much at all. It's a good style to show off Mxy and Batmite, but it doesn't make the normal heroes look very realistic. Great art in this issue would have sealed this as my favorite issue yet.

3Cover - 3: Ugly but it certainly catches your attention...

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