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World's Finest #9

Batman and Superman: World's Finest #9

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 27, 1999

Cover date: December 1999

Writer: Karl Kesel
Penciller: Graham Nolan
Inker: Sal Buscema

"When It Reigns, It Pours!"

Reviewed by: George O'Connor (

Two Years Ago...


Alarms sound in STAR Labs as a black clad criminal runs through the halls.

Unfortunately for the criminal, eight supermen show up to stop him.

Fortunately for the criminal, the eight supermen are so absorbed in proving they are the true Superman that they end up beating each other up in the process.

The criminal flees.

Batman arrives, realizing that eight supermen is way too many. He quickly rules out four of the men, allowing Superboy, The Cyborg, Steel and the Eradicator to take them out before they cause any more trouble.

Meanwhile, the criminal changes into a Superman outfit, planning to stroll right out of STAR Labs without incident.

Batman changes his plans.

The criminal orders Batman to back away, waving a transmitter in the air that has the power to shut down every machine in Metropolis.

Batman backs away, but Superboy tackles him. When the criminal tries to press the button, the Cyborg stamps on his hand and the device, breaking the goon's hand and sending shrapnel into his eye.

Batman recognizes that none of these incopetents can be the true Superman. When the group asks him why he's in Metropolis, he states, "I came looking for Superman. I'll know when I find him."

"Knight's Edge"

Two Years Ago...


Superman flies into Gotham City, concerned about the new Batman's way of operation.

It is Az-Bats that tracks Supes down instead, however, but fails at tackling the Man of Steel.

The very brief skirmish ends when a gunshot is heard and Az-Bats and Supes discover a dying criminal that has been shot by a villainous crimefighter.

The dying criminal claims that his friend has been kidnapped and will be killed by the madman if Supes and Az-Bats don't do something quickly. As the man dies, Superman looks for Az-Bats, but the Dark Knight has slipped away.

In a warehouse, the insane killer confronts Az-Bats and cuts off his victim's hand before Az-Bats can spring into action. Az-Bats recklessly beats the living tar out of the villain and Superman arrives to cauterize the victim's hand with his heat vision.

Superman immediately recognizes the recklessness and lack of skill that the new Batman possesses. He leaves Gotham but feels no more relieved about Gotham's situation than he did when he arrived.

3Story - 3: ARRGGHH!! SUCH a good idea! And they ruined it with two mediocre stories. The concept was great, but they needed more room to work on the stories and develop the characters. Instead, the stories are weak, short and pointless!!

3Art - 3: Double ARRGGHH!! Graham Nolan!! What's the deal here? Why in God's name did they allow Buscema to ink Nolan?? Graham Nolan's my favorite artist and I was ecstatic to see him working with Superman and Batman again... and they put in Buscema to ink him! Why not Hanna, or let Nolan ink, or how about a first grader? They could ink better than that!!!

5Cover Art - 5: Finally! The issue wasn't a total waste!! Fantastic cover here! I love it!!!

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