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Superman #152

Superman #152

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 3, 1999

Cover date: January 2000

2000 Triangle No. 1

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Mike McKone
Inker: Marlo Alquiza

"Deadline U.S.A."

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Superman delivers a blow to Mongul's head, and the monster falls to the ground. Mongul grabs a boulder and hurls it at the airborne Superman, taunting him and his weaknesses. Superman melts the rock with his heat vision, sending flaming chunks flying back at Mongul. Mongul's chest weapons flares to life and hits the Man of Steel across the face. Mongul questions Superman's tactics, why he only uses one power at a time when fighting. He threatens that if he doesn't start fighting, the whole earth will end up like Coast City did. The battle reverses immediately. Superman freezes Mongul's head with his super-breath as he delivers a solid punch across his jaw. He follows up with heat vision to the head and a devastating kick to the chest. A flurry of super-speed punches brings the alien to his knees. Superman rears back to start another assault, but Mongul stops it. Superman's fists screech to a halt inches from Mongul. Mongul gets up, blood dripping from his mouth, and congratulates Superman on using his rage. Superman is more concerned that he almost killed him. They fly out of the Grand Canyon.

Flashback to when Mongul had first crashed to earth. Superman helps the alien from his impact crater. As he listens to Mongul's request for help, Jimmy and Lois question his sanity in listening to the creature. Superman, understands their concern, but is more concerned with the gathering crowd. Mongul and Superman disappear in a blur of red, blue, and yellow.

The pair lands on the roof of the still-under-construction Lexcorp Tower. Superman asks why Mongul needs his help. Mongul tells him that he did not come to earth under his own power. He was literally thrown across the solar system, and Warworld has been destroyed. Superman doesn't believe it, so he flies into space to take a look. While he is away, Luthor emerges from the building. He informs Mongul that he is trespassing and that he must leave now. Mongul turns to him:
"Leave. Or I will tear out your intestines and strangle you with them."
Luthor calmly responds: "Evil is as evil does. Be brief. I have more important things to do with my day."

Out in space Superman hovers above the Watchtower. His eyes focus on distant stars and he sees a bright spot that was once a planet.

Back in Metropolis, Clark paces around the apartment (literally AROUND the apartment, hovering on the ceiling). He wonders about the power of a being that could throw Mongul to earth, and thinks about using all of his strength. He tells Lois of when he was a child and he hit a bully with all of his strength. He isn't able to use all of his strength any longer. Superman has instinctively pulled his punches for so long, because he is afraid of killing someone. Lois moves in to kiss him, Clark still standing on the ceiling.

Lois finds Jimmy at the Daily Planet looking at one of his pictures of Superman helping Mongul up. He indicates Superman's finger, still wearing Clark's wedding ring. Jimmy tells Lois that he could edit the ring out in a few seconds, but Lois just tells him to do what he thinks is right. After she leaves Jimmy leans over the computer. When he leans back the ring is gone.

Superman and Mongul train beneath the sea. Hurling punches at each other, the two wrestle as Aquaman appears astride a giant seahorse. He asks if Superman needs help taking care of Mongul. Superman explains his mission, but says there is something that Arthur could do.

The next morning Jimmy and Lois examine the front page of the Planet, bearing Jimmy's ring-less picture. Suddenly a yell from Perry's office brings the photographer running. Perry asks him why they have a story about Mongul, while they missed the biggest story of the year. Perry holds up a copy of the Metropolis Star. Emblazoned on the front page is Jimmy's original unedited photo. Above it a headline screams, "Who is Mrs. Superman?"

5Story - 5: Two for Two. Jeph Loeb scores again with a terrific story. It is great to see Superman become more powerful, and actually using his powers more effectively. The Lois and Jimmy interaction was great, and we got another good flashback sequence. I love the idea of Clark's weaknesses being psychological in nature. I can't wait the month until we get to see Kal head up into space.

5Art - 5: McKone is an awesome artist. He almost makes me wish that McGuiness wouldn't make him leave. Superman looks perfect and all of his powers are dynamic and exciting.

3Cover Art - 3: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Almost another perfect issue, but the cover sucks! The poses are fine, but the art is no good. Why couldn't McKone do the cover? Ah well, at least it was a good story.

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