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Superman #153

Superman #153

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 1, 1999

Cover date: February 2000

2000 Triangle No. 5

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Mike McKone
Inker: Marlo Alquiza

"Say Goodbye"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

In deep space, a burst of light interrupts the solitude of the stars and suddenly some of those stars are not there anymore.

In the Kent apartment Lois hangs ornaments on their Christmas tree, and hopes that her husband will get home soon. On top of the Daily Planet building, Jimmy waits for Superman. Superman arrives and lands next to Jimmy. He lifts up his hand and shows Jimmy his ring. Jimmy dismisses it as the JLA signal device, but Superman stops him. He tells Jimmy that it is a wedding ring. Jimmy asks whom he is married to, but Superman says that he has to respect her privacy. Mongul suddenly appears over the globe. Superman turns to Jimmy and tells him to find the Kents and tell them "Beef Bourguignon with ketchup."

Superman and Mongul fly away from Earth and into the void. Superman sees nothing, until a huge machine comes into view. Superman and Mongul approach Imperiex, standing on his construct. Imperiex turns to them and blasts them both with energy. Superman hurls blocks of ice at the alien, and Mongul blasts him. Imperiex shakes off the attacks and hits both of them with another blast. Superman flies in, hitting Imperiex with his heat vision at the same time as he punches Imperiex. His constant attack staggers Imperiex for but a moment. As Mongul launches another assault, Imperiex grabs him and hurls him away. Superman zooms away to stop Mongul's plunge.

Back in Metropolis, Jimmy reaches the Kents' apartment. Lois answers the door and Jimmy tells her that he has a message for her. He then relays the "Beef Bourguignon with ketchup" message. Lois smiles and thanks Jimmy. She closes the door. In Kansas families had a phrase that they could tell someone to relay that would tell their families that they were okay and that would come home soon. Clark and Lois decided that they should have a similar phrase, but Lois thought that Clark knew she was kidding when she suggested "Beef Bourguignon with ketchup".

Mongul plummets toward the sun, but Superman swoops in and saves him. Mongul tells Superman that he shouldn't have left Imperiex. His construct is almost ready, and once it is complete he will eradicate the galaxy. Superman realizes how vital the construct is to Imperiex. He flies spinning through a field of asteroids. The trail of rocks follows the speeding kryptonian into the construct. Just like a Kansas twister, the human missile and debris tear through the machine. A second explosion shatters the cosmos, but this time it is Imperiex that no longer remains.

Mongul suddenly charges into Superman. He knocks him down and blasts him with his chest blaster. He would never let Superman go unpunished for defeating his father. Superman reaches down to his boot and pulls out a silver rod. He tells Mongul that before they left he had Aquaman contact Batman. He snaps the tube in front of Mongul's eyes and the resulting flash blinds the alien. Superman jabs Mongul in his wounded ribs and punches him solidly across the jaw. He tells Mongul that he isn't weaker because he holds back; he's stronger because of it. Mongul floats dazed in space when suddenly Lobo rides up on his cycle. He tells Superman that Mongul has a bounty on him in nine galaxies. Superman smiles and lets Lobo take Mongul. The bounty hunter flies away, Mongul in tow.

Lois sits up late into the night. She gazes at a falling star and wishes for her husband. Suddenly a blur of red and blue fills her apartment. Superman takes Lois in his arms and kisses her.


A small space ship docks with a huge space station. Imperiex stomps down a long hallway. He tells of a resistance in the sol quadrant, a being called "Superman". In front of Imperiex, a huge being looms. The monster says that when he returns to the system he will know how to kill first. Imperiex falls to his knees, and pledges his allegiance to Lord Imperiex.

5Story - 5: And Loeb scores again. A great ending to a terrific story. Superman trusting Jimmy with his secret (albeit a small portion of it) was long overdue. The fights were a little short, but that shows how powerful our hero really is. And the ending with Lord Imperiex is too suspenseful.

5Art - 5: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. McKone is a GREAT artist. Unfortunately this is his last issue on Superman. We will see him soon on an issue of Adventures, however, and we're all hoping that he gets the job regularly in the future. His replacement is no slouch. Ed McGuinness is going to ROCK on Superman!

5Cover Art - 5: A little to "Image-y" for interior art, but Ian Churchill can do a cover any time he wants. Superman and Imperiex locked in battle definitely sells the book. An awesome cover for an awesome book.


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