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Adventures of Superman #575

Adventures of Superman #575

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 8, 1999

Cover date: February 2000

2000 Triangle No. 6

Writer: Stuart Immonen and Mark Millar
Penciller: Yanick Paquette
Inker: Dexter Vines, Rich Faber and Jim Royal

"A Night at the Opera"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

As Superman flies over the Metropolis skyline, Lois, Lex and a worried stranger get ready for a night of culture. Lois soon gets caught up in traffic as she tries to make her way to the theatre. However, help is at hand in the form of Superman. Lifting the car up, Superman speed delivers Lois to the theatre carpark. Clark is soon changed and the pair make their way into the opera house.

Inside the lavish old building, the couple are soon greeted by Lex Luthor himself. Lex showers Lois with compliments, which she casually dismisses. Whilst Lex orders some drinks from a waiter, Lois points out that Don Giovanni is her favourite opera. Lex explains in that way that he does, that it was a coincidence. Clark steps in at this point, and congratulates Lex on his generosity of late. Giving the Planet back, letting Mr Odetts off... Is he trying to impress someone? When the drinks arrive, everyone has champagne, except for Clark who is given milk. As he drinks it, he tastes that it is odd. A quick scan with microscopic vision reveals the drink is laced with phosphate. Someone wants Clark to be going to the men's room all night.

The worried stranger, Mr Hedegard arrives and asks Mr Luthor if he wants to change his plans. Lex is very displeased at the suggestion and threatens the poor fellow.

Lex begins to move his guests inside for the performance, when Clark excuses himself. He quickly explains all to Lois. In the box, Lex continues to flirt with Lois, even in front of Clark. Clark is determined to not leave Lex alone with his wife, when an emergency catches his attention.

In the city some cars crash as huge hailstones begin to fall from the sky. Superman comes to the rescue with his heat-vision.

Back at the opera house, Lex continues to chat up Lois whilst Superman continues to avert disasters. Lex is about to have a disaster of his own. Mr Hedegard pulls a gun and fires at Lex. Luthor karate kicks the attacker and knocks him down so his bodyguards can do the rest. Clark suddenly arrives, and in his hand is a bullet.

On the way home, Lex thanks a Mr Mardon for his help and promises him a large sum of money. Lex is then dropped off at the railway station where he meets up with Mr Hedegard. Where he tells him he nearly botched the job, and that he never wants to see him again.

High above Metropolis, Superman is giving Lois a ride home. He explains that the whole evening was set up to try and impress Lois, but Lois is only impressed by a certain mild mannered reporter.

3Story - 3: Generally I quite like seeing Lex's machinations, but I didn't really enjoy this. I just didn't see the point. Maybe I'm thick. I not interested in seeing Lex hit on Lois, are they trying to inject some sex into the Super titles? However, I did quite like the way that Supes knew what was going on because of course, he's Clark Kent.

3Art - 3: Nothing special here. Paquette's Clark looks nice, but his Lois and Supes just looked like ugly old dogs. Maybe it was the inkers fault. However, I liked page two alot. I liked the way Paquette made the montage of the various people getting ready.

2Cover Art - 2: I didn't like this much. Initially it's attention grabbing, but quite frankly it's just dull.

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