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Action Comics #762

Action Comics #762

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 29, 1999

Cover date: February 2000

2000 Triangle No. 9

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: German Garcia and Kano
Inker: Joe Rubinstein

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

It's Metropolis, New Year's Day 2000 and the world has stopped, and there was Superman thinking that things were bad enough on Christmas Day. Enter that wonderful story telling device - The Flashback.

Lois is busy trying to convince Clark that she doesn't want a Christmas present this year. The truth eventually comes out that it is because Clark always uses his powers to get or even make a wonderful, super gift. Clark promises that he will buy something normal from a normal shop.

Shopping proves to be a horrendous experience. All around him, people are fighting over what to buy their families. Quite frankly it's not the season to be jolly. As Clark leaves the shop, he is stopped by an old lady who recognises that he is from a small town (implying that she was too) and gives him a simple stick of candy. Then he has to leave, Superman is needed.

Lois is also finding shopping hard, but that's because she is wrestling with her conscience. Elsewhere in the shop, a startling young woman is attracting a lot of attention. Is she a film star? She walks up to Lois and joins her to look at a huge cutout of Superman, and then goes off to spend more money.

At Santa's Grotto there is a bit of a fuss, and when Clark Kent investigates he finds none other than The Demon Estragian pretending to be jolly ol' Saint Nick with a child on his knee. As The Demon begins to get angry with the boy, Superman swoops down and takes the child. Then he returns for a follow-up punch. See the two are fighting. Superman has not forgotten that last time they met, The Demon was trying to take over Earth by freezing hell. The Demon hits Superman so hard that the Man of Steel is sent crashing through the roof to disappear from view.

La Encantadora enters the scene. When she tries to use her mist on him, The Demon could be no less pleased.

Superman lands on the moon, right outside the JLA HQ. After a quick conversation with Green Lantern and Plastic Man, Superman heads back to Earth. When he gets back, The Demon is gone and Encantadora is a small child and The Demon has taken her mist. She isn't the only one who has been changed, so has everyone else in the shop, including Lois. She is attacked by a red eyed, foaming mouthed Lex Luthor.

On top of the shop building The Demon is waiting for Superman to attack him, which he does. When The Demon punches Superman, he cuts him! The Demon goes on to explain what he is doing. He is using the mist to get everyone to face their biggest fear, and make them better people for it. However, The Demon is also using all this good to help him finally defeat Jason Blood, who helps to control the demon.

Superman is helped to his feet by 'Dora, and she explains that it will be impossible to stop The Demon whilst the nacklace is filled with power. Superman decides that he therefore needs to empty it. He rockets up into the air and sucks in a large amount of the mist. Superman becomes a large Clark Kent - wholesome, bright and clean. As his farmer self, Clark spreads the seeds that he has collected from people he has helped, and these are caught by the people below who revert to their normal selves. Farmer Clark, then goes into space and exhails all of the mist in his lungs.

Back on earth, Superman explains how we need our demons inside us so we can grow and become stronger. Then The Demon is reclaimed by Jason Blood and he disappears. Superman thanks 'Dora for her help, and gives her his cape to help keep her warm. She attempts to kiss Superman, and disappears in her mists, after claiming she had lost them all.

Later Christmas is celebrated by all. Clark gives Lois an ordinary necklace, while 'Dora's son plays with his new Superman cape. The Demon plots in hell.

4Story - 4: The first time I read this I didn't get it. I guess I was reading late at night and you don't expect to have to concentrate too much on a Superman comic. You have to really read carefully what The Demon says - which I find hard and annoying, maybe that's why I missed it the first time as I did skim over his bits. Heck I might still have it wrong. I don't have a clue what the Demon's up to.

4Art - 4: This stuff is nice, most of the time. Garcia makes Superman look huge, which I like - check out page 20! He has given all the characters his own look, and Lois looks so sweet - Panel 3, Page 3.

4Cover Art - 4: Nice cover even though it doesn't happen. I really like the way the 'S' looks and the moon behind the sleigh.

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