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Superman #154

Superman #154

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 5, 2000

Cover date: March 2000

2000 Triangle No. 10

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Cam Smith

"Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow?"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

A worried Clark Kent rushes from the offices of The Daily Planet to search for Ma and Pa Kent, with Lois held back by Perry to work on the newspaper. Clark races around the building in search of a place where he can change into his costume, unfortunately every area is occupied. He spots a lone phone booth, and out erupts Superman.

As Superman hovers above the city he receives a blow to the back of the head by Brainiac. They ensue in a battle, with Superman's attacks having no effects on him. A swift punch from Brainiac hurtles Superman down to earth, only to be caught in the hands of an enormous Metallo. A burst of heat vision quickly releases the Man of Steel.

Down below, Lex Luthor is trying to access Lexcorp Tower with no success. He tries a manual override but is still unable to access the tower. Lex turns around after a comment made by the Nanny only to see that it was surprisingly Lena that spoke as she offers her help.

Superman continues his battle with Metallo, but Metallo quickly dispatches Superman as he reveals his Kryptonite heart. While it seems Superman doesn't have a chance against the Kryptonite, the Metal Men appear to lend him help. They aren't having any better luck, until Superman comes up with an idea. "Lead" surrounds Superman like an outer coating, to protect him from the Kryptonite. Superman bursts forward with a blow that topples Metallo to the ground.

Jon and Martha Kent are underground in a subway terminal, trying to avoid the danger above, when a gigantic subway train pulls up to the station. The large mob of people hurry inside and the train rushes down the track forcing Jonathan and Martha aboard.

Superman descends to the ground to meet Jimmy and Lois. Jimmy explains to Superman his theory that the city is being transformed into a computer and if Superman can sever the energy flow the whole thing will shut down. Superman then rushes off towards a large cable and starts to cut it with his heat vision. As he pulls it apart he is engulfed in energy. When it appears that Superman has been sucked into Brainiac, he has actually been transformed to his old form, Electric Superman!

5Story - 5: Another great issue by Loeb, with an interesting ending. Although, I thought he may have been trying to fit too much in one issue.

5Art - 5: This was Ed McGuinness' first Superman issue and the artwork was superb. I liked his work in Wildstorm's Mr Majestic and couldn't wait to see what he could do with Superman (check out page 9 and 22). The one thing I didn't like was the CGI Brainiac, it looked tacked on.

5Cover Art - 5: A great cover by McGuinness, I especially like Metropolis in the background.

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