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Action Comics #764

Action Comics #764

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 23, 2000

Cover date: April 2000

2000 Shield No. 17

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Kano
Inker: Joe Rubinstein

"Quiet After The Storm"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Elsewhere. Superman pounds the ground, his heat vision blaring.

The Kent Farm, Smallville. Clark and his father grow up watching the sunrise in their field. Present day, Clark crouches by the side of the tractor. He tells his father of what has transpired between him and Lois lately. Pa doesn't know what to say.

Downtown Smallville. Superman flies through a burning building, carrying two people with him. Bursting out into the street he deposits the citizens and heads back into the building. Peering through the wall, he spots the remaining survivor. He lifts the elderly lady in his arms and begins to exit the building as she screams for her babies. He looks back, but no one else is in the building. As the building explodes the woman collapses in his arms.

Lexcorp Tower, Metropolis. Mercy and Hope speak to a group of Lexcorp employees. They assure them that there was never a baby in the building. They all know nothing about the child, and that is how they will preserve Lena's memory. After they have all left the Amazon duo turn to see Luthor standing in front of a closed door. He tells them to open it.

Lois and Clark's Apartment, Metropolis. Clark hands Lois a small package, but she refuses it. She tells him that if he wants her, he has to think big. Lois slams the door behind her.

The Kent Farm, Smallville. Clark and his father talk about women troubles in front of the beautiful sunrise.

The Hospital, Smallville. Superman sits by the old woman's (Millie) bedside. The doctor tells him that nothing is wrong with her. Superman promises to help.

Elsewhere. Superman pounds the ground again and again.

Downtown Smallville. Clark crouches in the ashes of the destroyed building. Lana walks up behind him and tells him about Millie. Tradition in Smallville was to give her the first jar of baby food from every baby. Those were her babies.

The Kent Farm, Smallville. Clark examines the bottom of the tractor as his mother appears on the hill. He asks Ma about the hard times that she went through with Pa, and she tells him to ask his father.

Downtown Smallville. Superman kneels in the ashes of the building. His heat vision ceases and he holds up a glass welded back together from the shards in the wreckage. Moving to the hospital, Millie finally opens her eyes to find the children of Smallville each holding a re-made jar.

Lexcorp Tower, Metropolis. Mercy and Hope stand guard by the door. As Luthor emerges, the three move off into the crowd. Behind them, a welder seals the nursery shut.

Lois and Clark's Apartment, Metropolis. Superman grabs Lois and flies her across town before she can say anything. Flying into the museum, Clark and Lois land atop the Constitution (see Man of Steel Miniseries #1). The space plane is covered in burning candles. Superman gently sets Lois in the middle of the ship. Clark leans forward and hands her a present. She opens the package to find her old tape recorder. Clark wants to interview her, to try and work out their problems. Lois depresses the RECORD button and speaks into the microphone: "I need to be away from you for a while."

The Kent Farm, Smallville. Clark talks to his father about the hard times. Jonathan finally admits that he used to go behind the barn and break things. Clark thanks his father for the advice.

The Moon. A huge crater surrounds the Man of Steel. As he pants from his exertions, J'onn comes up behind him. He asks if Superman is all right, and Superman ignores the question. But then he begins to cough, and he admits that maybe he isn't okay after all.

5Story - 5: A first rate story. The first time through the switching of the scenes was a little disorienting, but the second read cleared everything up. We truly got two or three stories in one. The Clark and Lois problem gets worse (see the Up, Up and Coming section of this website for more developments in the months to come), Luthor hides all evidence of his daughter, and the story about Millie was great. Joe Kelly can definitely tell a story.

5Art - 5: We may not have Garcia anymore, but Kano is great. The art has that same feel to it. The characters look fresh and very clean and the few action shots (like the page one splash) were terrific.

5Cover Art - 5: The cover, also, was very good. It is eye catching but the coloring isn't overdone. And, of course, the art on the cover was first rate as well.

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