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Adventures of Superman #578

Adventures of Superman #578

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 8, 2000

Cover date: May 2000

2000 Shield No. 19

Writer: J. M. DeMatteis
Penciller: Pablo Raimondi
Inker: Jose Marzan Jr.

"Getting Away From It All"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Somewhere a humanoid being struggles amidst lava and flames.

Atop a mountain, Superman tells Superboy, Supergirl, and Steel that he needs them to watch Metropolis for a while; he will be away. As Superman streaks away into the distance the trio of heroes try to figure out what is wrong with him, and Steel can tell that he is hurting.

Flying into their apartment, Clark greets Lois. She icily returns his greeting. He stares at her for a moment, and then starts to ask what is wrong with them lately. Lois tries to convince Clark that things will get better if they give them time. Clark refuses to accept this. He tells Lois that they need some time alone, as he looks toward the sky.

In the Watchtower, Superman asks for a crash course in flying J'onn's spaceship. Between Oreos J'onn instructs Superman how to fly it. The couple boards the craft and flies into the void.

In Lexcorp Tower, a group of the most powerful men in Metropolis argue with Luthor and his new policies. He allows them to go on, and then calls his bodyguards. The two Amazon women hammer the table, fracturing the table down the middle. The men stand speechless, and then one of the men steps forward to offer an apology.

Out in space, Superman takes the craft into the atmosphere of Sanctus Twelve. Zooming across the landscape, Lois is caught speechless by the beauty of the planet. Landing, Superman helps Lois from the cockpit. She still ignores is touches, as the two walk into the sunset.

The next morning, Superman and Lois walk among the trees when they see a group of winged creatures flying through the sky. Superman admires their beauty, but Lois is more realistic. Atop a floating rock, Superman asks what he can do for her. She asks to be left alone. Superman finally looses it, and yells at Lois to tell him what the problem is. Lois backs away, frightened. Superman realizes that she is afraid of him, and flies away.

As Superman sits atop a mountain, the fiery creature draws near the surface. A loud explosion suddenly alerts superman. He flies to rescue Lois, from the hideous creature menacing her. The two exchange blows until Superman finds himself at the feet of the winged creatures. They touch him and suddenly he understands. He flies back to Lois to find the creature dead. He explains to her that the creatures descend into the ground to get rid of their impurities, and Lois and Clark somehow awoke this one before he was fully grown. Suddenly, a golden spark appears and the creature is reborn as one of the winged ones. He tells Lois that his love for her brought it back to life. He tells her that their love will conquer all. Lois tells him that life isn't so perfect, and demands that he take her home.

3Story - 3: I really wasn't sure where to rate this story. On one hand, I feel that it had some solid storytelling skills and the concept was solid. However, after last week's Superman, this issue just doesn't fit. Last issue we see Lois blowing off Superman and making a late night call with Lex. Now she is back in the apartment as if nothing happened. Even worse, she is a weakling, not the strong woman we know her to be.

3Art - 3: The first picture of Superman was absolutely horrible, but the art somewhat improved over the course of the issue. He is nowhere near good, but by the end some of it was tolerable, and his landscapes were awesome.

3Cover Art - 3: Might as well be consistent. The art on the cover is nothing spectacular, but it wasn't horrible. And the poses seemed to work.

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