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Action Comics #767

Action Comics #767

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 24, 2000

Cover date: July 2000

2000 Shield No. 29

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Kano
Inker: Marlo Alquiza

"Death's Door"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Deathstroke the Terminator prepares to slit La Encantadora's throat when Superman's heat vision suddenly flares to life. Distracted for a moment, Lois reaches for the radio in hopes of informing John Henry about the nanobot inside Superman. Turning around, Deathstroke brings his sword around, and plunges it into Lois Lane. Suddenly a huge noise fills his ears.

Inside Superman, Steel and the Imposter, who admits to be the Prankster, battle. Steel reaches up and grabs the armor's wrist, and crushes the carefully constructed break point. Prankster quietly gives up.

Flying around destroying growths, Superboy and Supergirl suddenly spot a huge creature, obviously the nanobot. The bot flees and the two pursue.

Outside, 'Dora awakens to find Lois lying on the ground and Deathstroke clutching his head. Inside his ear, the Atom is doing his best to knock the man down. 'Dora runs to Lois who, with a sword in her shoulder, is bleeding on the floor. Turning around, she clocks Deathstroke across the jaw and then turns to Lois. As Atom regains his normal size, he suddenly sees Superman go into cardiac arrest.

Inside the body, Steel gets the message that Superman's heart has stopped and begins to go to start it again, when the Prankster frees himself and teleports away. Elsewhere, Superboy and Supergirl chase after the robot. Superboy convinces Supergirl to teleport herself out of his body with the poisons, and leave him to kill the robot. Reluctantly, she does. Outside, she finds Lois lying on the ground dying. Quietly in the corner, Deathstroke wakes up.

Inside, Steel plants bombs all around Superman's heart in hopes of starting it again. Superboy chases the bug and fires away. Supergirl and La Encantadora combine their powers to try and save Lois from death. Superboy succeeds, Steel begins to fly out of the body, and Supergirl pulls the blade from Lois as 'Dora begins to heal her. Their time almost up, Superboy and Steel are about to enlarge inside Superman. Not knowing what else to do, Superboy points the gun at his head, ready to commit suicide to save Clark. Suddenly, Steel finds him and the two blast towards Superman's eyes. Lois wakes up, Atom defibrillates Superman's heart, and a blast of heat vision, carrying Steel and Superboy, escapes Clark's eyes and pins the secretly attacking Deathstroke to the wall. As Superboy and Steel enlarge to their normal size, Jimmy bursts into the room and takes a happy picture of the triumphant heroes, including Superman, standing tall and powerful. 4Story - 4: While it wasn't the best story, Kelly really captured the family essence of Team Superman. Seeing all of them work to save Clark was great. However, what the heck did Supergirl and 'Dora do to Lois? That makes no sense! Anyway, a great ending to a not-so-great story.

4Art - 4: Kano does great art. Everyone looks good and the pages with tons of pictures on them were very well done.

1Cover Art - 1: This is the most horrible cover I have ever seen. The art is absolutely horrible. I cannot believe that they let this be printed. Blasphemy.

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