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Superman and Bugs Bunny #1

Superman and Bugs Bunny #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 28, 2000

Cover date: July 2000

Writer: Mark Evanier
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Tom Palmer & Mike DeCarlo

"The DC Super Heroes meet the Looney Tunes!"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Lois and Clark are wandering through Metropolis following up reports of a giant aircraft. Lois fancies a cup of coffee, but there is nothing around them except for an empty plot. A plot with a certain Mr Mxyzptlk, digging a hole, planting a coffee bean and then watering it.

In Looney land, Elmer Fudd is hunting Bugs Bunny (well what did you expect?) and Bugs goes about his usual business - tricking and fooling Fudd.

Back in Metropolis, the ground begins to shake and a huge coffee shop grows out of the ground. Mxy challenges Superman to the age old test, get him to say his name backwards. Mxy heads off to cause more trouble, and Clark gets changed.

Back in Looney land, a Do-Do (a funny grey bloke with an umbrella on his head) interrupts Fudd and Bugs and explains that he used to trick people back in a place called Wackyland. He left using a dimensional transporter and came to Looney land. Here though, the Do-Do is finding the people who he is tricking weirder than his tricks. The Do-Do explains that he wants to leave, but his invention needs a jump start. Bugs comes up with an idea - they need a copy of a Superman comic. Somehow this makes the machine work and the Do-Do disappears, whilst Bugs tricks Fudd again.

In Metropolis, Mxy is turning the city into a giant strip mall. As Clark Kent, Supes goes into a shop and buys some cakes. He asks Mxy to read out the ingredients. As he reads through all the chemicals he doesn't notice his name - backwards - is amongst them. Mxy disappears off and as he does he collides with the Do-Do. The two tricksters, end up on a strange world. Mxy discovers that the Do-Do came from a land where there are only pigs and ducks - Mxy figures this to be easy pickings. Hours later, the device is fixed and Mxy is transported to Looney Land. Here Mxy meets many Looney characters including Taz, and he can't take it and returns to the Do-Do.

The pair of tricksters stay up all night changing the device again. This time it transports all the Looney characters to the DCU. Green Lantern is the first to come into contact with them - Marvin the Martian, and Flash comes into contact with Speedy Gonzales. Plastic man is about to trap a gangster who likes cats, so he turns himself into a cat. Guess who he bumps into? Peppi Lepeu (sp?), the Skunk love machine! Batman catches The Penguin; just not his Penguin.

That's not the end of Mxy's fun. He wants to swap Superman with Elmer Fudd!!

2Story - 2: Quite frankly this was exactly what I expected, though in some ways better. I wondered how it was all going to come about, and Mr Mxy was the perfect choice. This issue is clearly setting the scene and introducing the characters. I'm sure this is very funny if you like this sort of thing, and I didn't (I hate cartoons of the Looney Tunes variety) so maybe I wasn't the best choice to review this. I'm confused why it's called Superman and Bugs Bunny as it's about the JLA and all the Looney Tunes. Only buy this if you like Looney Tunes, or you buy everything that's Superman related.

3Art - 3: The Looney Tunes look really nice. Good simple characters who are well drawn and simply coloured. The DCU pages leave a little to be desired, though there isn't anything wrong with it per se.

3Cover Art - 3: Nothing inspiring, but it serves its purpose. It has all the characters from the comic in it, and they are all in classic poses - Superman arms folded, and Bugs with a carrot.

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