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Superman and Bugs Bunny #3

Superman and Bugs Bunny #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 28, 2000

Cover date: September 2000

Writer: Mark Evanier
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Tom Palmer & Mike DeCarlo

"The Duck Knight Weturns"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Chaos still reigns in the DCU, there's a bear in a diaper and Green Arrow has a singing frog. Meanwhile SuperFudd is trying to stop The Toyman's goons, but their secret weapon misses anyway because Fudd is so short.

Meanwhile, Mxy and The Do-Do fight over the fact that Do-Do merged Batman and Daffy Duck without consultation.

Meanwhile, SuperFudd turns back into normal fat boy Fudd. Bugs comes to the rescue, causing the two pilots to argue while they sneak off. The guards shoot each other, and the aircraft goes into a nose-dive. Superman gets his powers back and flies to the rescue, while Fudd and Bugs try to read the instruction manual. Superman saves the Looney Toons, but the ship crashes.

Over Gotham City, the Bat-signal glows against the clouds. Commish Gordon begins to explain the problem before he realises that The Dark Knight isn't himself. Daffy Duck swings off to the shipyards.

Back with Mxy, one of the computers explodes due to The Do-Do's sabotage. What will the result be?

Across the DCU heroes and Looney Toons disappear and reappear together on another planet. The group begins to piece together the clues and soon Mxy's name is mentioned. Suddenly they hear about some giant toy robots attacking a nearby town. The JLA begin to leave when the Toons complain. They want to help, and they are made honourary JLAers.

Meanwhile back at the shipyeards... The Duck Knight finds The Toyman's hideout.

Meanwhile, Mxy is busy trying to fix the computers when The Do-Do reveals that he isn't from Bugs' reality he's really an evil entity and he's going to merge the universes together...!

3Story - 3: Another wacky adventure, and again I have left out the jokes and just sumised the "plot". It's difficult to know what to say about this comic. As a story it pretty much sucks, but as a rip-roaring laugh it succeeds quite nicely, with some great and some corny jokes.

3Art - 3: Much the same as previous issues. Nice to look at, neither good nor bad, though the Looney Toons come out better. One thing that's been useful about this series is that it has shown me the value of a good colourist and what one actually does. The Toons are the same flat shade, where the DCU characters have shaded colours which make them seem far more 3D.

4Cover Art - 4: Easily the best cover so far, and a great parody. This stands out and demands attention. It's a shame that Daffy is hardly in the comic itself. The Duck-signal is wonderful!

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