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Superman and Bugs Bunny #4

Superman and Bugs Bunny #4

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 30, 2000

Cover date: October 2000

Writer: Mark Evanier
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Tom Palmer & Mike DeCarlo

"Cwisis on Infinate Earths"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

In Gotham City's docklands, The Duck Knight is closing in on The Toyman. Inside his hideout, the nefarious villian is annoyed that the JLA and the Looney Toons are destroying his toys, but at least no one is attacking him. He doesn't see the Duck Knight behind him hanging upside down in a window.

Back at the fight, the JLA are having real problems. Even Superman is being beaten by The Toyman's weapons. But one Toon comes up with a cunning plan. Green Arrow shoots Pepe Le Pew into The Toyman's tank, causing the villains to surrender from the stench. At another fight, the quick thinking Speedy Gonzalez with the help of Batman and Plastic Man save Green Lantern from a fall to certian death. The giant toy soldier they are fighting is far too much, that is until Bugs convinces Taz that it will make an enjoyable meal! At another fight, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onzz and Aquaman are fighting a robot dragon. Here it's Tweety Bird that saves the day. He flies into the cockpit and fiddles with a few knobs and buttons, and soon the dragon is doing the macarena. When the villainous pilots attempt to escape, Wonder Woman captures them in her lasso of truth.

At his hideout, The Toyman is furious, so furious in fact, that he doesn't see a glue covered Duck Knight approaching.

In their own hideout, The Do-Do prepares to merge the two universes, much to Mxy's annoyance. Why didn't he think of it first?

At last The Toyman sees The Duck Knight. The villain tries to bribe our hero, when the pair of them begin to disappear from existence as The Toyman gets stuck to The Duck Knight. This happens to all the DCU heroes and the Looney Toons. In the new universe, The Toyman begins to threaten The Duck Knight when the JLA and the Toons turn up. He surrenders.

Everyone can now see the Do-Do and Mr Mxy. Mxy goes to press the button to complete the merger. Bugs gets into his trickery action, and suggests that Mxy post how he did it on the internet at WWW.KLTPZYXM.COM. As soon as Mxy types it he realises he's been tricked, and disappears. However, it is not over. The Do-Do presses the red button. But nothing happens. The Do-Do reprogrammed the computer ages ago. He didn't want them to merge. The DCU seems a perfect place for him to create mayhem. Everyone returns home, except for one person...

Back in the normal Metropolis, Perry White discovers a box. He opens it to discover a... singing frog.

4Story - 4: This was the best of the four issues. It was very funny, which as usual I have not bothered to capture in my synopsis. What I really liked was the Toons getting in on the action and saving the DCU heroes. The ending was great, and Bugs was the perfect choice to trick Mxy, which he did ever so well. I wonder if we will see The Do-Do again? I originally regretted buying this series, mostly because I thought it was a one-shot and issue one was not great, so I dreaded the other three. However, it's been good fun and I'd do it again.

3Art - 3: Pretty much my usual comments. The Toons look great, the DCU characters look really bad. See comments for issues 1-3.

3Cover Art - 3: Probably the weakest of all the covers, though having said that I do like The Duck Knight heroically swinging across the cover.

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