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JLA: Created Equal #1

JLA: Created Equal #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 12, 2000

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Joe Rubinstein

"The Fall"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

Kyle Rayner rushes out a door and zooms off into space, flying past hawkman and hawkwoman, who are setting up thanagarian equipment. Kyle enters the JLA satellite and inside Superman is speaking to the chairman about the cosmic storm heading towards earth. Everyone waits for the cloud to pass.

Superman stands in front of the grave of Bruce Wayne. Behind are the tombstones of J'onn J'onnz, Kyle Rayner and other superheroes. Wonder Woman descends beside Superman and they both fly to the JLA satellite. Inside the satellite is filled with female metahumans, and the reason is explained. The storm that had passed earth had destroyed the world's entire male population, all except Superman who wasn't affected because of his Kryptonian physiology.

Wonder Woman descends outside the United Nations building to be greeted by the chairwoman of the United Nations delegation. Wonder Woman enters the large domed building and walks out in front of a large seated group. She makes a speech and assures everyone that the Metahumans of the world will continue to address social concerns and that the new justice League roster consists of The Flash, Supergirl, Zatanna, Powergirl, Dr. Light, Black Canary and Hawk.

Around the world, metahumans continue to fight off dangerous threats. The Justice League attacks Starro in the ocean, Huntress and Catwoman take out street thugs, The Flash rushes medical supplies across the desert and Superman fights Titano.

As Superman carries Lois across Metropolis, they speak of having a child as the Justice League isn't succeeding in their attempts to create more males on earth. The next morning, Lois presents Superman with a positive birth control test and rushes him out the door as he has work to do. Superman meets Wonder Woman on top of Mount Rushmore. He tells her that Lois is pregnant and they fly on to Themyscira, where they are met by Queen Hippolyte.

In Siberia, in the middle of nowhere, Lex Luthor resides inside a large base, encased in a armored shell that he has been forced to wear for half a year to avoid the radiation. Dr. Holdredge approaches Luthor with great news concerning the creation of a male fetus with Kryptonian hybrid DNA. But Luthor is not pleased with this news, he doesn't want the Human race to be in Superman's image but rather in his own.

Wonder Woman hovers above the ocean in front of the press as she announces the capital of the world. Themyscira, paradise island. In the Justice League Satellite, the Justice League continues to study the storm. They conclude that someone needs to chase it down and trace its path. Since it can't be Superman because he has to stay with Lois, they decide that it has to be Green Lantern. Unfortunately, the person in possesion of the GL ring is Maria Contranetti.

As Maria Contranetti relaxes on an island, the Justice League approaches her, asking for her help. But she isn't willing, and springs forward to attack them with her power ring. As they ensue in a battle, Wonder Woman finally restrains her with the golden lasso and plucks the finger from her hand. Back up in the Justice league satellite, the ring is given to Oracle and she is now able to move her legs with the help of the ring.

In Themyscira, one year after the storm, many are gathered together in front of the press. Unfortunately, an unwelcome visitor arrives. Lex Luthor, in his armored suit, lowers from the sky and down to the island below. He presents some startling information. As his studies show, Superman is the cause for the continuing radiation on earth. His ability to absorb solar radiation is also absorbing the atmospheric traces of the fall, and magnifying it so that it will ultimately lead to the death of women as well.

High above earth, Superman gives his goodbyes to the Justice League and flies off into the galaxy. Two days later, in Themyscira, Lois gives birth to her child, Adam Kent.

1Story - 1: The way the story in this book was carried was absolutely horrible. At the beginning, they talk about a storm and then all of a sudden all the males on earth are destroyed? Everything seemed very rushed, not to mention that the dialogue was extremely lame. It was like you were reading a comic book from the 50's the way they were talking. The whole story was just incredibly boring, predictable and not very believable. Since this is a two part story, this book was supposed to leave you wondering what's going to happen next. Instead, it makes you avoid wanting to buy the second book.

2Art - 2: I really didn't like this art. It was too simplistic and didn't look like much time was spent on it at all. I especially didn't like how it was colored.

2Cover Art - 2: I suppose this was an okay cover but it looks like it was slapped together. It has Superman, a pregnant Lois and a bunch of female Superheroes. What the heck is Supergirl doing?

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