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JLA #37

JLA #37

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 24, 1999

Cover date: January 2000

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell

"World War Three: Part Two"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

The Watchtower explodes silently in the vacuum. The explosive decompression hurls Huntress out into the hostile vacuum. Her life begins flashing before her eyes as Superman intercepts her path. He forces his mouth onto hers and fills her lungs with oxygen. Crashing through the window in another section of the tower, Superman deposits Huntress and flies off to confront the General. Queen Bee summons her army from deep space.

In Gotham Batman attempts to control the rioting in his city, caused by the approach of Mageddon. In her clock tower, Oracle is confronted by Prometheus. He offers her the ability to walk again, if she abandons the JLA. She politely declines his offer. Prometheus charges and hurls her through the clock face.

Superman and Steel charge the General. Superman is knocked aside, but Steel hits the General in the mouth with his hammer. The General is not fazed. Queen Bee subdues the armored Leaguer.

Prometheus infiltrates the JLA's computers, transmitting the data to Luthor. Outside, Barbara Gordon dangles on the minute hand, hanging on for dear life.

Out in space Queen Bee's army of drones approaches the moon. Huntress begins to assume command when she sees Green Lantern. Kyle, however, is not himself, he has been corrupted by the Queen Bee. Huntress talks to him, convincing him that he has the power to overcome her control. He breaks free and Huntress helps him to his feet.

Out in the void, the General slams Superman into the moon's crust.

Green Lantern and Huntress fly through the Watchtower. Green Lantern flies ahead, and comes upon Luthor. Luthor invites him in, while Queen Bee chooses New York for her hive.

Prometheus sneaks up behind Huntress and stops her with a single blow. Batman appears behind him and readies himself for their battle.

The General and Superman plummet through the war room. Superman tries to tell the General about the coming danger, but the General screams his defiance.

In the hanger, J'onn returns from space, and reactivates their telepathic link. The League's counter-offensive has begun.

Metron, Big Barda, and Wonder Woman materialize in deep space, accompanied by Orion. In front of them is a huge mass. Mageddon.

Batman and Prometheus stand in front of each other. Prometheus initiates the fight: "Let's go Batman".

5Story - 5: This is JLA storytelling at its best. Huge battles, iconic heroes, the whole works. Too bad Morrison is leaving so soon, but he is sure going out with a bang. Superman had a much bigger role in this issue than he has in the past few issues, and it is great seeing him take on the General. Great story that leaves me anticipating next month's issue.

5Art - 5: Howard Porter's usual great art. His Superman is not the best, but everyone else looks great. The battles all look exciting and Queen Bee looks so cool. Good art all around.

4Cover Art - 4: A good cover with nice art, but there were more exciting things in this issue to show on the cover. How about a picture of Superman fighting the General? It would have caught my eye more than this one.

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