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JLA #39

JLA #39

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 26, 2000

Cover date: March 2000

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell

"World War Three: Part Four"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

A battered Aztek is seated in the JLA embassy, surrounded by numerous other superheroes, as he seems to be describing Mageddon. From outside, Green Lantern lands The Martian Manhunter's spaceship near onlookers. With the loss of his ring, GL requests help for some "upper atmosphere work".

In the Ghost Zone, the General blasts Superman, Martian Manhunter and Sturmer down a corridor. From behind, Orion hits the General with an Astro-Force blast which has no effect. J'onn J'onzz quickly tosses his burning cape aside to avoid the flames. The General continues to pummel Orion until he signals Sturmer to attack. Sturmer charges at the General and forces him out the airlock but goes out himself and is unable to turn back. Orion calls out for Sturmer and watches them both hurl out of sight.

Batman strolls through Martian Manhunter's Martian Supercarrier, which is an 18-mile wide telepathically guided spaceship. Through a telepathic link, Batman receives a download of instructions on how to control the massive spaceship.

Back in the Ghost Zone, Superman and Orion decide to use the Boom Tube to travel to the inside of Mageddon while J'onn will take it back to earth.

In the Ghost Zone's Crooked House, Prometheus lies on the ground and Huntress lifts her crossbow to the side of his head. As she is about to fire, the door bursts open and Batman enters. Huntress tries to explain herself but Batman tells her that he doesn't need killers in the JLA and revokes her membership. With that, he orders Huntress to bring Prometheus to the ship and exits.

Superman and Orion burst through the Boom Tube heading towards the inner workings of Maggedon and Batman meets up with J'onn as they prepare to return to earth.

In New York City, the Queen Bee sits atop her throne inside her large hive. As she shouts "Long live the Queen" Steel interrupts with a surprise. He was never hypnotized after all, his suit's immune systems had protected him from the hypno-pollen and he had been trying to figure out what needed to be destroyed to stop the Queen Bee. With that said, he throws his hammer at a large piece of machinery in the center of the hive. Wonder Woman, Big Barda and Plastic Man take off their disguises and help Steel fend off the Queen Bee's fleet.

In Gotham City, Oracle is closely studying the Mother Box when it starts bonding with the other technology. It goes into Oracle's head and she is able to use Digital Telepathy.

A large group of Superheroes blast through Metropolis where the skies are filled with fighter planes and helicopters. Oracle sends a telepathic message warning them that this is World War Three.

In space, high above earth, other Superheroes are trying to destroy the Queen Bee's ship. With no power ring, Green Lantern is forced to use J'onn's spaceship. Oracle has a telepathic link with Green Lantern and tells him to look for Mageddon. As he looks upward he sees an enormous object in the sky and a flash of energy appears outside his ship.

5Story - 5: This was a great story. I especially liked it when Batman kicked Huntress out of the JLA. A lot of action and a lot of Superheroes.

4Art - 4: A typical Howard Porter issue. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but still good art.

3Cover Art - 3: Hmm, nothing at all interesting about this cover. I think they could have chosen something a bit better to put on the cover.

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