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JLA #41

JLA #41

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 5, 2000

Cover date: May 2000

Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: Drew Geraci

"World War Three: Part Six"

Reviewed by: Michael Lum (

Zauriel rethinks the events that sent him back to Heaven. He walks through the Shining City and confronts the Pax Dei, to plead humanity's case before the courts of light.

At the JLA embassy, The Flash introduces Glimmer, the last survivor of Wonderworld that has come with Wally to help save earth. In the distance, Kyle is kneeling before his ring, trying to will it to work again. Finally, the ring glows back to life.

Wonder Woman, Steel and Animal Man land on Easter Island where Blue Beetle and Black Lightning are awaiting their arrival. They all begin to put Animal Man's plan into effect. His theory is that Mageddon is stimulating the primitive back brain, the R-complex inherited from ancestors which is causing the aggression and war. The plan is to construct a ray that will release all human's future evolutionary potential, giving everyone Superhuman powers. When everything is in place, Black Lightning begins to power up the ray.

In the shining city, Zauriel continues to seek help for earth. Without any cooperation, Zauriel is turned away. With his last few words, a lone angel steps out from the crowd, and tells Zauriel he will fight by his side. More angels decide that they will join Zauriel and fight for earth.

Near Mageddon, Aztek finds Orion drifting in space. After Aztek heals him and heads on into Mageddon, Orion awakens with rage and heads towards Mageddon as well.

With the help of J'onn, Batman tries to telepathically link with Superman. J'onn tries to shield Batman from full contact with the Mageddon program while he contacts Superman, who is wrapped in chains and confined by Mageddon.

Orion blasts out of the Boom tube and into Mageddon. He fires powerful blasts all around but Mageddon is too powerful and Orion is encased within the techno-active terrain. Close by, Batman is trying to get Superman to break free of Mageddon. Aztek confronts Superman, telling him that Mageddon is just a machine and that a weapon was designed to stop it, the weapon called Aztek. Aztek presses a button on his chest and an enormous explosion erupts through Mageddon. Aztek is destroyed but Mageddon is injured, giving them more opportunity to attack.

On Easter Island, Black Lightning is unable to create enough power to charge the ray. Glimmer and the Flash finally arrive and Glimmer is able to lend his energy. Glimmer reaches down grabbing the ray, and purple beams of energy shoot out from the Easter Island statues. The purple bolts of energy travel all around the globe. With her telepathic link, Oracle is able to tell people all over the world that they now have superpowers and that they must help to destroy Mageddon.

Wonder Woman heads off into space towards Mageddon and behind her are thousands of people ready to use their superpowers. Inside Mageddon, Superman is finally able to break free. He comes up with an idea and heads towards Mageddon's Anti-Sun. He enters the core, takes hold and absorbs the anti-sunlight. When it seems that Superman might have failed, a light emits, and Superman is shown undamaged and has disabled Mageddon.

Inside the damaged JLA Watchtower, Morpheus, Orion and Big Barda leave the Justice League, with Earth no longer requiring their assistance. When everything seems settled down, Oracle alerts the Justice league of a threat from "Doctor Destiny" in Detroit. The Justice League head out to save the day once again.

5Story - 5: This was an incredible JLA issue. Grant Morrison did a great job to finish his run on the JLA. It had a great surprise ending and didn't leave me disappointed.

5Art - 5: I couldn't see anything bad about Howard Porter's art in this issue. There is a different inker but the artwork still looks good. A lot of great action shots and detail. (Pages 29 and 30 are awesome).

5Cover Art - 5: This cover was pretty good, with Superman smack dab in the middle. The thousands of superheroes in the background looks really cool.

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