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Superman Adventures #40

Superman Adventures #40

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 15, 1999

Cover date: February 2000

Writer: Ty Templeton and Dan Slott
Penciller: Neil Vokes
Inker: Terry Austin

"Old Wounds"

Reviewed by: George O'Connor (

In Mr. Mxyzptlk's lair, the fiendish imp plans another strategy against the Man of Steel. His latest decision is to bring back Krypto, Superman's dog that perished when Krypton exploded, and bring it back to Superman on Earth, knowing full well the trouble the dog will cause with its super powers.

In no time, the Imp has traveled back in time, taken the puppy, and put him on Kent's apartment doorstep. Kent decides to take the dog in until he can find another home for it, only to return home one evening to see the dog destroying his apartment.

While Kent changes to Superman and saves some tenants in his apartment building, the dog goes on a mad rampage in Metropolis while the SCU are called in to deal with the situation, with terminal force if necessary. Superman saves the dog from being blasted even after the dog has viciously destroyed sections of Metropolis and attacked Superman with its powers.

Finally, Superman carries the dog into space, causing the dog to lose oxygen and drop into unconsciousness. When the Man of Steel returns to the ground, he finds Mxy waiting for him, explaining his scheme and how Supes should be glad he got his dog back temporarily. The Man of Steel, in a rage, screams at the Imp and trounces off, the Imp disappearing back into the past and Metropolis returning to normal.

Later, Mxy is sentenced to be a fire hydrant stuck on Earth for the next ninety days by the Council of the 5th Dimension.

2Story - 2: This story was really fairly pointless and seemed to be nothing more than filler. The idea of there actually being a super-dog in the animated series continuity that goes on a mad rampage instead of serving as a sidekick is interesting and a nice twist. However, the idea was executed poorly and the action dragged on to the point where it got tiring. Besides, as much as I like Mxy, it hasn't been that long since we last saw him. How about something different now?

2Art - 2: It's Vokes. Whooppeee... While Voke's art seems to have improved from the last issue it was featured in, it still is very weak and completely non-dramatic. The action scenes are formulaic and the art does not help to spur the story whatsoever.

2Cover Art - 2: Bleh! Very weak job by Manley this time around. The cover is not interesting in the least and what's with Superman's feet? Did he have them amputated or something?

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