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Superman: 80-Page Giant #3

Superman: 80-Page Giant #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 13, 2000

Cover date: November 2000

Writer: Jay Faerber
Pencillers: Yvel Guichet, Ron Lim, Paul Ryan, Justiniano, Sunny Lee, Mark Bagley, and Carlo Barberi
Inkers: Walden Wong, Joe Rubinstein, Chris Ivy, Scott Hanna, and Keith Champagne

"I, Witness"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman (

Inspector Sawyer and the SCU take statements from the crowd after a break in and robbery. However, none of the eyewitness accounts seem to match up.

Clark Kent remembers Superman fighting a giant skeletal monster. The monster knocked Superman around a bit, and then escaped into the night. Superman then followed it.

Perry White remembers a giant lizard attacking. Superman and the lizard battled before the Man of Steel pursued the reptile into the night.

Lois Lane says that Superman battled an Amazon woman who commanded lighting. She also escaped through a hole in the wall with Superman in pursuit.

Jimmy Olsen claims that a giant robot attacked the museum. Superman and the robot fought before the attacker again disappeared with Superman on its tail.

Lex, on the other hand, thought that a huge alien crashed through the roof and begged for help before Superman arrived and began to hurt the creature for no reason. The creature got away and Superman left in a huff.

Lois and Clark realize that the only thing consistent in the different stories is a security guard. Lois bribes another guard to get the address and Lois and Jimmy go to his house. In the basement they find the guard tied up and held prisoner by a woman that was at the party with Jimmy. The two reporters head into the basement and subdue the woman, but not before the monsters from the museum show up. Superman zooms in and taps the creatures away. They are simply holograms. Superman walks over to a cabinet and finds Doctor Spectro hiding inside. He used his illusion powers to create different disasters while he stole the goods.

2Story - 2: It would have been a three, except this story stole six of my hard earned dollars. If they are going to keep doing 80-Page Giants, then they need to come up with a better idea than sticking a random creator and a bunch of pencillers together and hoping for the best. This story was pointless. I would like to see the 80-Page Giants used for something more important than this. Maybe they could have old creators back (I wouldn't mind seeing Jurgens do an issue, but that's not very likely now is it?) to show their stuff again. But just sticking random people to do a pointless story and then charging us for it just because it's longer isn't going to cut it.

2Art - 2: First off, the inconsistency is a pain, even though I guess it does fit for this issue. I am of the firm belief that an artist should be able to finish a giant by themselves. Also, the artists were not that great either. With the exception of Ryan and Barberi (who I don't like anyway) there were no decent artists. Come on DC, there is tons of talent out there that would love to do Superman, can't we see some of it.

2Cover Art - 2: This cover is horrible. Superman looks crappy, the title is in a plain font, and its lacking colors. There is nothing that would make me want to buy this issue, but then I guess the only people psycho enough to buy these things are the die-hard fans that are going to buy it no matter what the issue looks like. Not a good cover.

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