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Superman/Gen13 #1

Superman/Gen13: Part 1 (of 3)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 5, 2000

Cover date: June 2000

Writer: Adam Hughes
Penciller: Lee Bermejo
Inker: John Nyberg

"The Never-Ending Prattle"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

(Important Note: I know nothing about Gen13. This is who they are, if you know nothing like me.)
Girl #1 has ginger hair and a large chest (I mention this detail as it is used as a joke later) and is called Caitlin Fairchild.
Girl#2 has black/brown hair, says "mmmm-boy" a lot. Her name is not revealed.
Girl #3 has a pink fringe and her name is not revealed.
Lad #1 has blonde hair and his name is not revealed.
Lad #2 has floppy brown hair and pair of goggles and is called Percy.
They also appear to have an adult "leader" called Mr Lynch.

The Gen 13 gang are not impressed when they are told they are going to Metropolis. Mr Lynch tells them that as they are never able to agree on anything by voting, each of them gets to choose where to go, and this time it's Caitlin's turn. Before they leave, Mr Lynch gives Caitlin enough money for them to be getting on with. Percy is not pleased that she gets the money, but last time they went away, he spent it all on something much to the annoyance of the group.

They load up on a train and begin the long and boring journey to Metropolis. When they get there Girl #3 is unimpressed by the art deco buildings, but Caitlin is totally in her element. She's always wanted to come here. As the group decide whether to head to their hotel or look around they are interrupted by Caitlin who spots a "flying car". Caitlin quickly asks a local what's going on. The Metropolis dweller is unimpressed, and casually suggests it's Superman stopping an alien invasion. Caitlin, in her excitement runs down the street towards the disturbance calling her friends after her. "Girl #2" figures out why Caitlin wanted to come to Metropolis, but Percy doesn't get it.

Ahead of them a policeman tells them all to keep back, while above them in the sky, Superman watches as a giant cyborg ape comes towards him. Superman flies into action, and the crowd below scream in terror as the ape throws a car at them. Superman swoops down and stops the car before anyone is hurt. Caitlin pushes through the crowd and runs past the policeman. The rest of the group stand and watch as the ape punches Superman and sends him flying into Caitlin. The pair then crash through twenty blocks worth of buildings and street. When Superman gets up, he is horrified to discover a "civilian" has been hurt. Using all his supersenses, he discovers, miraculously, that she is unhurt. Covering her with his cape, he promises to come back for her. With that he leaps up into the sky.

Back in the crowd, Gen 13 go about their business. Percy pulls on his goggles and Lad #2 turns to flame, as they attack the ape. Smashing through the ape's "eye", Percy discovers a brain in a glass. Suddenly rockets fire and the jar and the brain, fly off. Gen 13 are having a go at Percy for letting the brain escape when Superman arrives with it tucked under one arm.

Elsewhere, Caitlin comes to. She gets up with Superman's cape wrapped around her and not knowing who or where she is, she even walks in front of a fire engine which smashes straight into her. The firemen ask her if she's all right and who she is. All she says is that she thinks she knows who she is. She gets up and walks off, leaving the fire crew to deal with people crashed into the back of them.

Gen 13 ask Superman about their friend. Using his telescopic vision he can see that she is no longer there, and that a fire engine has had an accident there. The group meet up with the fire crew and discover Caitlin's bag. The fire officer fill Superman in, and explains that the girl just walked off. Suddenly Superman hears trouble and has to leave. As he flies off, he tells Gen 13 that they can reach him at The Daily Planet.

Gen 13 all split up and try to find her. Percy buys food with money he found in his shoe. They all meet up on a small park outside a shop called "Cliff's Costumes". They decide what to do, they won't call Mr Lynch. He won't be happy. They'll get Superman's help. They aren't pleased that Percy is stuffing his face.

Inside Cliff's Costume, the woman behind the counter wants to know if Caitlin is paying by cash or charge. Caitlin hands over a huge wad of cash and leaves the shop.

The receptionist at The Daily Planet looks somewhat shocked when Gen 13 arrive looking for Superman's pals. Jimmy Olsen arrives and tells the receptionist that he'll handle this, and that she should hold his calls. As Jimmy shows them to the newsroom, Percy takes the mickey behind him, but as Girl #2 points out, he could whisper a little quieter.

Lois Lane is sitting on her desk reading PC Repairs for Clots whilst having two phone conversations; one on her desk phone and the other on her mobile. Lois hangs up when she sees Jimmy and the gang, and then sends him to make her a coffee. The gang fill Lois in on the situation, but she can tell that they aren't telling her the whole story about them being superheroes. Clark arrives and Lois calls him over. He's worried about where Caitlin is and what she is up to.

Across town a group of masked robbers are holding up a bank. Caitlin arrives and she's dressed as Supergirl!

5Story - 5: This is one of the most entertaining comics I have ever read. I probably didn't do it justice above. This book is very funny, and if Gen 13 is like this (can anyone out there answer that?) then I would be very tempted to pick up a copy. The group work really nicely and all have distinct personalities. My only complaint is that we don't know over half their names. The tale was very well weaved together, from the fact that Caitlin is obviously a big fan of the big red S to waking up in Superman's cape with no memory etc etc. As for Superman, he does what he does and does it well in this story. Jimmy Olsen is very funny, especially as they can all see straight through him. Lois is the Lois of old that we know and love, and Clark is, well, Clark. The book doesn't fit continuity exactly as Lois and Clark don't appear to be married and Metropolis is pre-Y2K (as it says in the back) but I don't care. This book was great fun. I can't wait for issue #2.

3Art - 3: This was the sort of art that I would not particularly want to see in Superman, but it complements this book very well. It's quite heavy on the black inking and the colours are not as bright as we might expect from your usual Supes comic. I assume this is what a Gen 13 book would look like.

3Cover Art - 3: The cover itself is not particularly attractive, and it would probably not attract a non Superman/Gen13 fan. Superman strikes a typical Superman pose with an eagle, whilst we see Caitlin ripping open her shirt to reveal a Superman top. This kind of spoils the "surprise" ending.

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