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Superman/Gen13 #2

Superman/Gen13: Part 2 (of 3)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 3, 2000

Cover date: July 2000

Writer: Adam Hughes
Penciller: Lee Bermejo
Inker: John Nyberg

"Get Off My Cape"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Reviewer's Notes: Since my last review I've done in a little "research" into the characters of Gen13, and even bought the comic. So here's the cast.

Caitlin Fairchild AKA Fairchild: (the one dressing as Supergirl)
Powers: Super streangth, invulnerability and she's smart.

Sarah Rainmaker AKA Rainmaker: (the one with long dark hair)
Powers: Weather control (just like Storm in X-men) She's also a lesbian.

Roxanne Spaulding AKA Freefall: (the one with pink in her hair)
Powers: Increase or decrease an object or person's weight. Making them fly or fall.

Bobby Lane AKA Burnout: (the one with short blond hair)
Powers: You know "The Human Torch" from "The Fantastic Four".

Percival Edmund Chang AKA Grunge: (the one with the chest tattoo)
Powers: Let's say he touches a glassdoor "ZAP" - His body, clothes and any friend he touches turns into glass. He is also a martial arts expert.

In Harley's Diner, Lois and Clark try to find out some more information about Caitlin Fairchild and her disappearance from Gen13. Clark suggests that maybe she ran away, but the gang soon point out that she is too "centred". Lois suggests contacting Mr Lynch, but they really don't like that idea and say they would rather get help from Superman. When Lois asks what they mean by that, it comes across quite clearly that they don't want to been seen with the Man of Steel as he's so uncool. Clark is shocked at first, and ends up being a little hurt.

On the Subway Caitlin "Supergirl" Fairchild tries to buy a ticket for the train. The people around her are surprised. Why isn't she flying? She can't remember how, she can't remember anything. The two men she's speaking to put the idea into her head that Red Kryptonite has robbed her of her memory and changed her appearance.

Above ground, Lois tries to get Clark to open up about what is bugging him: What Gen13 said about him. Lois does her loving wife thing and cheers him up.

Back below ground, Caitlin tells anyone who'll listen that soon the Red Kryptonite will wear off. Suddenly a member of the subway staff informs the public that they have a runaway train coming through. Fighting her way through the crowd, Caitlin jumps down onto the tracks and waits. She's told she's on the wrong track. She quickly changes and jumps right infront of the train causing a derailment and the effects to be felt above ground.

At The Daily Planet building Lois gets off the phone, and tells Gen 13 that Superman will meet with them in 10 minutes. The gang are amazed that Superman can be reached on the phone. Jimmy walks in showing off his latest photographic scoop. A photo of Caitlin as Supergirl. Gen13 instantly recognise her.

The police and ambulance clear the area after Caitlin's "attempt" to stop the train. A policeman tells Caitlin that maybe she should keep things simple until the Red K wears off. She then over hears a fireman talking over the radio about a cat in a tree. Surely she can handle that?!

Superman arrives on the roof of The Daily Planet and meets Gen13. Jimmy tells them about a Supergirl sighting at the subway. Superman goes to investigate.

Turning up in a taxi, Caitlin goes to the address of the cat. Caitlin begins to explain to the old lady about the taxi, and then climbs the tree, only to have a branch snap and fall back down. Trying a new idea, Caitlin shakes the tree very hard, until the cat falls out. She hands over the cat and walks away. Behind her the tree falls over, crashes through a building's wall and causes an explosion.

Turning up at the subway, Superman discovers that he is too late, and hears about the new havoc "Supergirl" has caused. He flies off, leaving Gen13 standing.

At the burning homes, Rainmaker and Burnout are forced to help Superman save a young girl trapped in the building. Will, they change their minds about Superman?

Across town the real Supergirl reads the newspaper and about how she has been messing everything up. She's annoyed!

4Story - 4: Once again a fun outing. Lots of jokes and very funny scenes that I haven't bothered to re-create here because I couldn't. At the back of the comic is an interesting piece written by Hughes saying how he wanted to develop Superman inside the series (having to deal with the fact that Gen13 think he's a prat) and how that was not usually acceptable in a mini series. I for one am glad that he did so. The trouble with miniseries is that they don't usually make an impact on the "timeline" and in that respect the stories seem somewhat pointless to me, even though I still buy them. Superman barely appears in the issue, which wasn't a problem as I am more interested in finding out about Gen13. However, the same old problem exists. None of the Gen13 characters have been named still, besides those in issue one, though we have been given a good glimpse into their characters. What I find odd is that in the monthly Gen13 comic we are given a roll call just like JLA telling us who everyone is. This comic is clearly aimed at G13 fans rather than Superman.

3Art - 3: Last month I said that this art doesn't belong in a Superman comic, but that it did suit the story very nicely. I stand by that judgement and that isn't to say that I didn't like it. Bermejo is the master at facial expressions. Sarah Rainmaker often shoots evil looks at people, whilst Grunge looks like an idiot. The backgrounds look really good. Having had it drawn to my attention, I had a good look. Metropolis (in its old form) looks wonderful.

2Cover Art - 2: Sadly this was a bit of a let down, and I didn't really get the point of it. Clearly it's meant to show the divide between G13 and Supes. Why is Burnout in the middle, looking away from G13? Is it because now he's works with The Big Red "S", that he feels ashamed of the opinions the gang voiced earlier?

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