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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #25

Justice League Unlimited #25

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 6, 2006

Cover date: November 2006

Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Rick Burchett
Inker: Rick Burchett
Cover Art: Ty Templeton

"The Devil May Care"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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A fire rages through a building and a mother and her child are trapped inside. Daniel Cassidy aka The Blue Devil comes to their aid, however he is shocked to discover they are more terrified of HIM than the danger!

Shayera flies in and they accept her angelic appearance escaping in the nick of time.

All is not well however.

Blue Devil feels scarred emotionally and decides to see the doctor - Doctor Fate.

Entering Fate's unique sanctuary Dan explains his origins, his earlier experience and how he no longer wants to be the Devil. Fate explains that even hero's hero Superman experienced the same problems.

Sadly for Dan, there's no cure for his condition - or so Fate flatly announces, Blue Devil will just have to deal with it.

Harsh even for the Doctor... however they have no time to deal with it as a JLU emergency arises and Martian Manhunter summons them for a briefing.

Doctor Destiny has escaped prison and is holding a town captive with his power to make nightmares real. Destiny demands to be allowed to leave the country with no extradition laws. Teleport in the JLU!

Immediately the heroes are confronted with extreme force each facing embodiments of nightmares. Dan takes the opportunity to vent his frustration and rage perhaps even to a dangerously unstable level.

While the JLU attempts to combat these nightmare phantoms Blue Devil is shocked to find Doctor Destiny has made his headquarters a grammar school. Taking no prisoners Devil smashes his way through the nightmares until he arrives in the Principal's office.

Destiny is cocky and attempts to make Dan's worst nightmare come to life to destroy the hero - bad for him. Dan's ALREADY living his nightmare!

With Destiny KO'd the nightmares vanish back to the subconscious and Dan is prepared to face a school full of screaming children, instead he's surprised to find they adore him!

Doctor Fate arrives having seen Devil's violent outbursts agrees he may have been dismissive of a cure for Dan and that he'd do what he could to cure his friend.

Dan smiles but declines Fate's offer.

Some people may fear him but some don't, coupled with that he can do a great deal to help and that's a fair trade.

Dan Cassidy is now happy with who he is - The Blue Devil!

5Story - 5: What a great story! I really enjoyed this issue! With all the rocky and dubious changes going on in the mainstream universe its great that here the heroes stay "classic" Seeing a heroic Booster Gold and a happy Elongated Man doing what they do best in the background was great. Back to the story and it had the essential elements - an 'up to speed' origin flashback, nice character interactions, a decent adventure with no plot holes! I have to recommend you buy it - especially if you enjoyed DCAU books prior to The Batman.

5Art - 5: CLASSIC! Just like an episode! This is what works best so pay Rick Burchett whatever he wants to stay on the book!

5Cover Art - 5: Grab factor is high - this is wonderfully eye catching!

REVIEWER'S NOTE: If you had asked me ten issues back whether this book would still be around I would have laughed in your face and said NO! HELL NO! IT'S BABYISH CRAP!

HOWEVER - Now it seems to be a must have title! The stories have slowly gotten better and the art has come along leaps and bounds. Considering the upheaval in the DCU it's amazing how JLU has made itself embraceable featuring now dead, or screwed up beyond belief characters in Golden Age style stories is where this title's strength now lies. It's taken time for the team on the book to realize this but now this book is a gem. I hope as long as it capitalizes on the fact it has this strength and stability that the title stays in publication. So reconsider cancellation and buy JLU!

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