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Justice #3

Justice #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 21, 2005

Cover date: February 2006

Writter: Jim Krueger and Alex Ross
Penciller: Doug Braithwaite
Painter: Alex Ross

"Justice: Chapter Three"

Reviewed by: Nick Newman

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Brainiac continues to talk to Aquaman as he prepares for brain surgery on his captive.

Martian Manhunter searches the world for Aquaman. Transforming into a dolphin, he tracks Arthur though the ocean.

Elsewhere in the world, the Toyman continues to use his skills to develop prosthetic limbs for people in need. News reports around the world confirm that many villains are helping to solve the world's problems.

J'onn locates the structure that Aquaman found and enters. Inside, he finds a deserted city. As he begins to explode, a psychic attack sends him flying. As he struggles to his feet, flames surround him. J'onn falls to the ground as images of Mars burning fill his mind, courtesy of Gorilla Grodd.

At a conference held by Wonder Woman, Cheetah sneaks in and prepares herself. As Diana gives her speech, the Cheetah prepares to attack.

In Arkham, Joker demands that Riddler tell him what is going on, but Riddler just tells him that they don't want him. Luthor suddenly teleports into Riddler's cell and the two escape. Joker yells that he only stays in Arkham as long as it's funny, and it's not funny anymore.

In the satellite, Red Tornado discovers that sea life is forming a target that shows where Aquaman is held. Before he can do anything about it though, someone teleports onto the satellite. Suddenly the android begins to tear himself to pieces.

Grodd tells his allies that he has taken the secrets the satellite held, and he now knows the identity of all the Leaguers. Luthor announces that it's time to make a statement about the good things they've been doing for humanity.

4Story - 4: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, more than the last one, but I have to say that I am getting sick of nothing happening. I understand that they are building to the story, but this is a bi-monthly book. We're five months into the story and we've seen very little happen in the grand scheme of things. I enjoy the focus on the individual characters, but I'm also eager for the League to do something.

Apart from that, there isn't much to say on this issue. I felt that J'onn was written very well, and Grodd's dialogue was quality too. I'm also a big fan of Joker pissed off at being excluded from Luthor's club.

Good stuff is coming in this book, I just wish it would get here a little sooner.

5Art - 5: The art in this book is once again spectacular. Of course, that means I've got more of the same to say. One thing I'm very impressed with though, especially in this issue, is the use of different color schemes for different areas. J'onn's dive into the ocean is, logically, very blue. The scenes of Toyman are much brighter. Brainiac's exceedingly creepy scenes are very monochromatic and Arkham is a world of gray. It's an effect seen more commonly in television and movies (for you Battlestar fans, you'll recognize it from Caprica), but this book shows how great it can be in comics as well. The story may be great, but even if it wasn't this book would be great just for the pictures.

5Cover Art - 5: I really love this cover. J'onn looks fantastic, and if there is one thing that looks best in paint, it's fire. I also really like the glowing eyes of Grodd in the background. As a final touch, all of the villains fists really complete the whole image.

I really like this cover because it accomplishes two things. First, it is very eye catching. Ross' art always grabs attention, and a scene of someone caught on fire... this cover definitely gets noticed. Second, and more important to me personally, this cover still shows the overriding danger of the series with all of the members in the background. This was my favorite cover of the week, and on Infinite Crisis week that's saying something.

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