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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #30

Justice League Unlimited #30

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 7, 2007

Cover date: April 2007

Writer: Mike Baron
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Bob Petrecca
Cover Art: Ty Templeton

"Heavy Mettle"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Superman has discovered a cube of super dense metal beneath the foundations of his Fortress and has placed it into antigravity stasis until the League can analyse it. Disasters and emergencies cause the dispatch of the entire JLU - well except for Speedy; Green Arrows protégé, Skeets and Booster Gold.

Speedy is moaning and groaning that the JLU Watchtower is a boring place to be.

Especially since the core League members aren't on duty. His friend Green Arrow assures him that Booster and Skeets will support him in the impending emergency - should it even happen.

Speedy and Skeets are so busy with 'annoying' introductions that they don't notice Polaris crash his ship into the Satellite.

Polaris makes short work of Speedy's steel arrow tips and demands to have Superman's cube. Booster is nowhere to be found and Skeets suggests they sneak into the air ducts and find their way to the mysterious cube or Booster first.

Despite sneaking away Polaris always seems to be right behind them. Speedy walks straight into Hydroponics and a melon patch, strangely Polaris doesn't follow.

Skeets joked that Booster loved to 'punt' the melons like footballs. Speedy moans that Superman would have saved the day by now and Booster is a useless hero that always spent his time studying history or messing around.

Skeets barely has time to retort before a gigantic omnibot crashes into Hydroponics after them. Speedy barely fights back the robot, nothing he does seems good enough to fight back. Taking inspiration from Booster Speedy kicks melons at the robot till it explodes and Speedy is launched far out of Hydroponics and out of the base.

Using his grapple arrow Speedy is able to pull himself back inside and straight to his team mate Booster.

Polaris has discovered the cube and the force shield keeping it in stasis. Analysing it with his powers he discovers he can use its properties to pull Earth out of its orbit and by turning the force shield off he can implode the cube and the Earth with it!

Polaris is slowly succumbing to his reversing brain polarities and if the dynamic trio don't stop him nothing will be safe!

Booster tells Speedy that intelligence, study and football will be all they need to succeed and it turns out he was right! Polaris is able to effect metallic objects so his metal tipped arrows are useless, historically, people used stone tipped arrows and those are the true key, as well as a well strategized play.

Using Polaris' imbedded ship as the goal, they trick him and his newly repaired omnibot along with the cube and the forceshield into it for the touchdown!

With the ship hurtling towards the sun and away from the JLU base, they watch as it explodes, trapped in the gravitational pull of the sun and its solar flares.


Just as the three heroes bask in their glory and renewed team spirit, the trinity arrive and they are far from happy with the damage to the base!


2Story - 2: Not a great issue. I understand the struggle of the writers having to focus on two heroes at a time but it was a real stretch that they left Speedy and Booster in charge.

Speedy being utterly annoying doesn't help things either!

4Art - 4: Good art does not a story make but still it has gotten better with each issue!

4Cover Art - 4: OK, so me ranting about how cool Ty Templeton is won't change anything.

It's still awesome even if the robots aren't consistent in design!

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