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Blackest Night: Superman #1 Blackest Night: Superman #1

Blackest Night: Superman #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 19, 2009

Cover date: October 2009

"A Sleepy Little Town" - Part One

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Eddy Barrows
Inker: Ruy Jose

Neal Bailey Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

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Kal-L of Earth-2 is turned into a Black Lantern, and rises from the grave.

In Smallville, Pete talks about the price of grain with locals. They scan the skies, and think they see something in the black clouds, but decide they see nothing after all when it disappears.

A policeman talks to his superior about leaving for Metropolis. As they do, a black blur smashes through the superior and kills him. The power levels of Black Lantern Superman go up to 3.44 percent as he watches the policeman turn yellow in the spectrum of fear.

A local diner filled with patrons talk about a local man losing a few fingers. We see them turn yellow from Black Lantern Superman's POV, and the diner goes dark.

A drive-in is assaulted similarly.

Superman, Conner, and Ma talk over dinner. They hear something, and Superman and Superboy go to investigate. Kal-L has dug up Pa.

Kal-L takes Conner toward space, saying Conner should be dead. Conner turns yellow with fear and green with will. Superman, in pursuit, turns to many of the colors of the emotional spectrum, fear, will, rage, love, and hope.

Krypto rushes outside in the absence of his two masters, and is thrown hard back into the house by Lois of Earth-2, now a Black Lantern.

Kal-L mocks Superman for not saving Pa. Superman lashes out, taking out a chunk of Kal-L's face, which grows back. Superman lets Kal-L go to save Conner from re-entry.

On New Krypton, Zor-El rises from the dead in front of Alura and Kara.

Superman and Superboy seek Ma when they find the farm wrecked. In town, they find her, in the hands of Kal-L and Black Lantern Lois.

4Story - 4: There was a little excess, in that it's established a bit much that Black Lantern Superman is killing people in Smallville (two scenes is excessive, three is a bit much), but beyond that, most of the story is compelling and scary as hell. The emotions running through Superman and the other characters plays really well, and the idea that Lois and Zor-El are back from the dead as well makes for an absolutely creepy experience.

I'm a bit perplexed as to a few things, but they're things the story will evolve, like how the hearts are taken, if they're eaten, etc. There's also the question if the power levels are for all of the Lanterns, or each individually.

But as an opening gambit, taking Ma and messing Smallville up is a pretty good opening act.

I have a few continuity issues that may have already been resolved. Kal-L was buried on Mogo, was he not? That's one thing. The other thing that baffles me is that the Kent farm is just fine. Wasn't it destroyed a while back? I could be wrong on that one. Regardless, a good story beyond that, easily.

2Art - 2: There were pages that took me wholly out of the story and made me laugh. Seriously.

Turn to the page where Superman is gritting his teeth after Kal-L digs on him for not saving Pa. Count the bottom teeth. Count yours.

Look at the left hand on the first page.

Look at Pete Ross' expression on the second and third page. First off, it doesn't look like Pete, second-off, why does his expression never change?

But the worst part is the splash where Superman says, "You're not Kal-L!" Just look at Superman's body. Look at it.

There are others, but that's enough.

5Cover Art (Smallville Cover) - 5: Creepy, sinister, and a good preview of what you're going to get here. I like the color scheme, and I like the image.

5Cover Art (Grave Cover) - 5: Creepy, but doesn't give away too much of what's going on. Also a very nice pose, with good coloring. Both covers are winners this time around. Though I may have nightmares...

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