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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #3

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 4, 2009

Cover date: April 2009

"Look Up In The Sky!"

Writer: Landry Q. Walker
Penciller: Eric Jones
Inker: Eric Jones
Cover: Eric Jones

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Lena and Linda are discussing the fact they seem to be segregated from the rest of the boarding school. When Linda points out if they made an effort to integrate they'd make more friends Lena is livid and to make matters worse Belinda interrupts and continues to be a thorn in the side of both girls. Luckily an emergency steals Supergirl away and into space where a giant red meteor is flying towards the boarding school! Using all her might and a gigantic tennis racket she is able to smash it back in the opposite direction.

Success is short lived and Linda is hit be a meteor storm of the red rocks and into a dumpster where she lies helpless for several hours. When Linda finally does wake it is to the sound of Principal Pycklemeyer calling out for her at a school meeting! Linda dashes over and presents herself to the Principal only for him to demand that she shows everyone her superpowers!

With Great Power...

When Linda hides her powers the Principal orders her to stay with the boring students... well... Lena. Belinda meanwhile reveals that everyone has superpowers now! Lena and Linda were feeling banished before and now that everyone is a superhero they feel even worse, especially when they are enrolled in a 'special ed class for the superheroically challenged.'

Miss Bigglestone the most boring uninspiring teacher at Stanhope is teaching their class and as expected, the more interesting subjects are already taken - by the more interesting students! Before Linda can fall into depression she uses her powers to detect a terrible emergency, the students are becoming powerless and putting themselves in danger!


Linda acts fast and pretends that someone with bizarre invisibility powers is kidnapping her, but once out of class she is free to be Supergirl! After several hundred rescues, Linda dozily arrives back in her dorm room fit for sleep. Instead she's greeted by a large machine taking up half of the room. Lena reveals she cobbled a machine together to help them fit in - by rendering everyone powerless draining the meteor energy! At the same time Belinda is soaring around the school re-energizing people with a chunk of meteor!

Confronting her double Supergirl confiscates the rock and flies to the lab where a piece of kryptonite is being kept. Using the red and green rocks together Linda tries to activate new powers like the students, the power to talk to fish, the power to stretch elasticated feet, the power to overcook waffles... and the power to travel though time!

Linda returns to the day before and creates a new timeline where the meteors never came to Earth. But as a Superwoman she sports several changes in appearance, with no telling how long she was really gone for...

She murmurs something about warning her past self about the principal but as time realigns itself, this Linda dies...

When the argument replays itself and this time Linda doesn't have to slip away, she manages to alienate both Lena and Belinda...

Far away in Principal Pycklemeyer's office, bubbles of time float around him...

One shows Belinda as a masked villainess, one shows a depressed Linda, another shows Supergirl in a red headband and yet another shows a little red cat...

The Principal gloats... "The worst is yet to come..."

5Story - 5: If you haven't picked this book up already, you really should. None of the silliness currently effecting the DCU here, just pure GREAT storytelling, GREAT art and an emotive book that you can read and appreciate, and so can other generations.

You remember - back when comics were comics.

By the way I was hoping for happy dancing monkeys inside despite the disclaimer!

5Art - 5: If ever there was an argument for a new Super family cartoon show - this is it. The art is growing on me with each read - I am really sad this book only has three more issues to go. Eric Jones is delivering some fantastic art here and it is constant and though simplistic - so very rich in detail, if that makes sense...

2Cover Art - 2: Just when it seems like a home run...

The cover is very reminiscent of the silver age style but the fantastic story inside isn't really sold to me. As a mature reader I wasn't drawn to the book at all... (if I didn't already now it was going to deliver). In my unique position here at Superman Homepage dealing with the books aimed at family entertainment or the 'Adamated books' I often take time to garner the reactions of the target audience, sit with them and see how it affects them and try out the games and puzzles - so I've been instructed to give it a 5/5 because 'It's VERY cool, and the bestest (big) kids book ever.'

So the kids have spoken, HOME RUN folks! I just hope the DC sales team, Landry Q Walker, Eric Jones and Dan DiDio are paying attention!

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